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What are repeats? Repeats are special attacks that deal a small hit, but leave a punishing status on the opponent that strikes many times distributed across a few turns. This gives you a wide range of options that include dealing small bursts of damage, or dealing sustained damage to opponents, depending on repeat duration. However, the nature of a repeat build grants it very high aggro. Also, repeats rarely provide any form of team support.

Combat Skills


Flurry 3 - Increases the number of repeats you hit by a whopping 40%. Flurry 3 - Have I mentioned you increase the number of repeats by a whopping 40%

Penetration 3 - One of the greatest weaknesses of repeats is that each repeat is susceptible to resists from opponents, and are easily deflected. This skill solves both problems and is very crucial.

Damage 3 - Damage.

Speed 3 - Reduces the duration of repeats, making it deal the same damage over lesser time. Also allows you to attack a lot more frequently, reducing charge and turn timers. A must have.


Readiness - Increases the amount of gear you can carry, important for that extra bit of equipment.

Sacrificial Fury - Massive increase to damage at great health cost.

Accuracy - Speaks for itself.

Vampiric - Two of the three strongest repeats in the game are highly self damaging. This helps mitigate some of that damage (though definitely not all.) Increases the potency of Forced Milking, and provides general life steal to help mitigate some damage.

Back Row - Monster threat needs to be controlled.


Fast Loading - While this reduces the cooldown on abilities, repeats are mechanically restricted to firing within a fixed number of turns. Reducing cooldown isn't always functional. (Example, Blade Flurry)

Health - A larger pool of health allows you to better survive self damage from Fire Dance, but only a luxury otherwise.

Avoidance - Take less damage! It's a lot easier for a dps to get defense than a high level of resist, so Avoidance is better.

Mutant Powers


Scent of Blood - Attack increases all hits you do by the stated number, scaling. This makes attack a core status!!!

Tooth and Nail - Attack.

Plated Hide/Furry Hide - Defense and haste? YES PLEASE! Alternatively, the energybreak on furry hide!

Forced Milking - Emergency panic button that grants heavy lifesteal.

Fiery Hide/Endocrine Overdrive - Dps boosts. Both are lovely, though the latter comes with minor penalties.

Quill Wag - Passive damage toggle.

Quad Punch or Prism Storm or Raking Claws - These are the most lovely filler skills for repeats. Each have their own advantages, but you'll need one.


Feline Agility/Skitter - These toggles can be upgraded to increase your defense greatly or increase a combat stat.

Frenzy - Large damage increase

Fire Dance - Hugely sacrificial power. Strong but very taxing on your own HP bar.

Blade Flurry - Single most damaging power in game upgraded 2 repeat 1 damage.

General Playstyle



Fenrir Wolf - Lifestealing repeat that might replace Forced Milking, provides energy. High defensive toggle.

Weapon Master (dedication) - Powerful repeat skill, and good dps toggle. Access to Blade of mastery, light and powerful weapon with team support.

Talakai - Overdrive

Kitsune - Tails. Well, Tail Fury. Also, floating wisp high dps support pet.


Why are you not taking a dps dedication D: Don't be a bad.



You won't actually be able to fit all this in, so pick and choose. They're just reccomendations. But taking these items, you can't really go too wrong.


Void Totem - Cheap recharge!

Training - Strength - Cheap damagebuff

Below Gear made useless by expensive repair bills and/or nerfs

Flexible/Insulating/Leeching Modules - Most efficient survivability increasers

Cool/Amplifying Modules - Large stat boosts that help on all fronts, very space efficient

Crippling/Fast/Sharp/Quick/Targeting Modules - Damage increasers

Blade of mastery - Stats speak for themselves, Weapon Master required.

Automated Weapon - In case you feel mutant powers don't suffice, or you're all natural.

Steroid Injecting Unit - More damagebuff at energy cost.

Blood Extractor - Lifesteal on demand.

Muscular Enhancers - Max health and damagebuff.


Cybernetic Reflex Booster - Haste and defense. The use of haste is questionable since most repeats are fast charging.

Lucky Charm - Sometimes, you'll get just what you need.

Lifegiving ArmorPhysical Armor/Light Energy Armor - Lightweight protection to increase survivability.

Overclocker - Big haste boost at large energy penalty

Ultraquench - Very costly replacement to water flask.

Scattershot 2000 - Questionable. Very heavy, and most repeats are already AoE.

Subtle Module - Learn to manage aggro D: