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You stand at the back, avoiding attention. Decrease aggro generation by 10/20/40% and multiply the result by the same. (You do something worth 10 aggro, it becomes 9 aggro, when the critter checks how threatening you are, it becomes 8 aggro.) When faced with a power that is not directly targeting you (an AoE aimed at your tank), your defense (evasion) increases by 5/10/15. Cover effects placed on you are increased by 10% per point. Damage over Time damage is covered by 20% + 15% per back row point. When solo or struck indirectly (via an AoE at someone else), points of this skill count as half a point of Avoidance and Durability per point(even if over 3). Every point of this extends the duration of Coveredstatus placed on you by 0.5 rounds.

Available In Classes

Brawler 1
Brother's Keeper 1
Captivator 1
Cheerleader 1
Combat Medic 1
Corporal 1
Cursed Lover 1
Desk Jockey 1
Drone Master 1
Explosives Expert 1
Heroic Outlaw 1
Life Sapper 1
Martyr 2
Master Insurgent 1
Milk Maiden 1
NanoTuner 1
Nurturer 1
Pack Rat 1
Plague Doctor 1
Sniper 1
Social Agent 1
Statuesque 1
Stealth Ninja 1
Storm Caller 1
Strategist 1
Street Samurai 1
Twilight Breaker 1

Available In Roles

Big Hit 2
Big Hit AoE DPS 1
Buffer 2
Cleric 1
Concentrated DPS 1
Debuffer 2
Healer 2
Instant DPS 1
Repeat DPS 2
Vampiric DoT DPS 2

AOE attacks are aimed; when a player uses one they may choose to 'use skunk spray on Bob', and the other targets will be chosen randomly. Those other targets are the ones that would benefit from the defense of this combat skill, while Bob would have no extra defense.