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Renting Rooms

Currently in the Flexible Survival world, there are four locations you may rent a piece of land, costing you 3000 freecreds for the first three days and 1000 a day after that. These locations include faction bases, and are at Zephyr Inc. Headquarters, New Dawn, and the RSX building. Finally, there is the Wet Bitch at the east of the city. Players may also buy and create individual plots of land that then may be rented out to other players. Anyone who wishes to rent an apartment or dorm room should take into consideration theming their description to fit the surroundings. For help with the actual commands in game, type +re in game.


Zephyr Inc.

Zephyr Inc's dormitories should be 1-3 room apartments at the most, although you have much more freedom in the way of decoration. Being the most resourceful corporation still around after p-day, their ability to scavenge new furnishings and set up plumbing and electricity is state renowned. If you're looking for lots of freedom in the creation of your dorm or apartment, Zephyr is the area to set up.

New Dawn

If you wish to rent a place in New Dawn, you should be expected to live in a 1-3 room apartment, with little plumbing and no electricity. Candles are essential to have set up in your apartment, while you should probably take your pick between a shower or a toilet. Furnishings are similarly restricted, try to take simple, wooden items, or other things that you might find at any old superstore. Having new, hand-built but rustic furniture is also an option.

RSX Building

RSX's barracks are designed with the American Military person in mind. They are to be simple, 1-2 story town houses with 3-5 rooms, and should be decorated simply with an all-american theme. Think suburban home in a neighborhood you'd leave your doors unlocked in, if not for the constant threat of others stealing your food. While running water and space is plentiful here, furniture is mostly supplied by RSX, and is quite samey from building to building.

Wet Bitch

The Wet Bitch was once a country club, and now offers the comfort of many studio apartments. Similar to Zephyr Inc, this location allows a greater freedom in the rental of rooms. While your room is/should be only that, one room with the addition of a bathroom, you have the freedom to use whatever furniture you can scavenge, and the comforts of a nice, hotel quality bed and running water.