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Pelle was born before P-day at 1 of January in 1989 and was born male. he in a vacation trip when P-day begin and was found in his room with his pants down as they where preparing to go to sleep and got infected after that, luckily for him, he managed to escape after fighting them off and fled into the city after a few day of trying to avoid contact with anything until he came in contact with another feral as was knocked out after that they woke up in a tent and found out he was saved by the Promethean with no memories of her old self and that he was now a herm leaning more on the feminine side.

she worked with them for some time before they left Promethean to work on her own after getting back some of her memories of who she was, and continues her journey to get her memories back

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Zephyr: they made a few fun toys I have used though. I cant say muth of the people

RSX: have only met a few so I cant say to much of them

Prometheans: worked for them once, they weren't that bad

Survivors: no two persons are the same, and it shows if you look

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RP Hooks

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Group: Mellow Club

Faction: Survivor.

Form: is mostly seen in a draconic form, be it small or large. can at the moment be seen as a pocket dragon most of the time

sex: herm can be mistaken as a female at first glance.

Place of Birth: somewhere in Norway.

Birthday: January, 1st, 1989

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