Multiplayer Updates/October 2012

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  • Candy Dragon now available in the Elite Shop. One more source of tricks and treats.
  • Basic Construction Nanomagic coded.
  • Kitsune can now set their fur color to Yellow to get a yellow/gold color scheme.
  • Searching while dead now returns an error that you are in no condition to fight, corpsey.
  • The 'location' readout on the web interface can now be clicked to go to the travel menu.
  • Unpredictable and Toughened recipe mods coded.
  • Deathly Cut commissioned for a private power. The public version will be Headshot.
  • Everliving and Rebirth each just got their cooldown cut by 35%. Woo!


  • Instead of silly things like 'th^normal^ey', one can put [they] to escape the description auto-pronoun replacement system.
    • For example, '[they] look too long for their body' will be returned as 'they look too long for his body'.
  • The seventh or eighth best thing ever has happened: There is now a cow avatar ready to go on the Who's Online page!
  • Items that have fully expired can now be repaired.
  • Power type and power target should once more be recorded in statuses (internally) for distills and inherent statuses.
    • This should mean that after a while, distills and such will no longer fade when out of combat.
  • Recipes with more than 3 skills needing Top Tier Crafts will no longer be shown as craftable.
  • Having the Internal Penis merit causes your avatar to not display their wang.


  • If a Devourer or Coyote shifts someone while either the target or shifter is under the effect of the nanite status, code will use the lower of the shifter's and shifted's nanite statuses for energy cost. (If either is lower than -100, shifting will fail.)


  • Inherent repeat attacks now run alongside normal repeat attacks, meaning one power can cause multiple repeat statuses to be applied.
  • When doing a web patrol mission, the location it needs to be completed in is now listed with a mouseover of the name.
  • Anyone who put points recently into a pool has received some retroactive supporter points.
    • Yes, you can have fractional points. Every mako put into a mako pool is .1 supporter points.
  • Anyone with 5 or more supporter points now has the Supporter badge on all their characters.
  • Template infections now use the previous infection for their avatar on the Who's Online page.
    • Unless, of course, there is a specific avatar for that template.


  • You can no longer leave a womb when the carrier is standing in restricted areas, like faction shops.
  • Fetal Care Transfer (allows you to transfer pregnancies from one person to another) now for sale in Zephyr's basement.
  • Skunk and lizard avatars installed on Who's Online.
  • The heroic aura one gets for beating up the Ragnarok Beast is now a permanent 5% (upgradable to 15%) cred bonus passive.
  • Hardening added to the Polyethylene Dragon's loot table.
  • Supporter Points now available in the elite store for 40 mako. Instantly gives the user 10 supporter points, as detailed here.
    • Also gives 1 high octane reward point.
  • When donating mako to mako pools, you now receive 1 supporter point for every 10 mako you spend.


  • Liquid Latex Breath placed on Polyethylene Dragon.
  • 'craft upgrade' option finally removed from the game. It's been the appendix of the craft system since levels were removed from it.
  • +womb command updated to be able to set the defaults for name, description, and the yellow text of the obvious exits.
  • 'search kill web' will halt any and all web combats you have going at present.
  • The main heal on Tears of Life went from 10 to 18 base healing.
  • The damage (healing) upgrade on Milk Chug has been strengthened.
  • Lion Within power created, and placed on Bastet Disciple form.
  • Hardening and Sharp modifiers coded.


  • Modified players with no modifications currently installed can now equip items.
  • Characters with All Natural should no longer see the AI try (and fail) to use mutant powers.
  • Statuses from Inherent sources (such as Modified mods or pets with statuses crafted into them) will now stack properly.
  • There is now a confirmation message after you successfully repair something.
  • Staff updates:
    • +rp now works with strings, negating the need for +rps.
    • +rp also now works with floats, negating the need for +rpf.
    • +monster now allows you to spawn many different kinds of feral!
  • The 'Dedication Sealer' for sale on the Buy Mako page (It's listed as the 'Permanent Dedication') has been implemented properly.
  • Liquid Latex Breath coded but unplaced.



  • The RP logger now informs the room when you stop logging.
  • Swapping modifications (as per the Modified trait) now incurs a penalty similar to swapping roles.
    • Having the Survivalist subscription level, being a Gemini Cyborg, or just doing it at a bind point will skip the penalty.
  • +request/view is a bit smarter about requests your alts opened now.
  • The mako market now only accepts prices in denominations of 1,000. It will round down on its own.
  • Having 'verbose' mode enabled in editplayer means that when you start a web battle with the 'search web' command, you'll get a summary akin to when you type +health at the start of the battle.
  • Pets will now show up much more promptly in web combat.
  • Underwear getting you down? No more! Just get some X-Ray Specs (Available at the elite store for 20 mako) and enjoy unrestricted ogling of your fellow agents no longer private parts!
  • When getting a new web mission, it will prefer to get a DIFFERENT one from the one you're currently on.
  • Monsters in web missions will now have the right name if they are a templated monster.
  • Clicking on the 'fight' tag when editing missions will now spawn a test fight of you vs the fight setup (note: no loot or ANY rewards will be given out, also, you will not use patrol points).


  • New option (21) added to editplayer To receive 'verbose' combat spam. At the moment this just makes the 'pre-defense' damage from attacks be visible after the damage (in brackets).
  • Gemini Cyborg is now available! Speak to Caeli to be upgraded.
    • Beep! ^_^
  • Whoops! Kitsune now actually *does* have Tail Wrap, and it's on the butt.
    • Mirage was moved to the arms to make room.
  • Fenrir Wolf boss infection vials are now for sale in the elite store.
  • Arm Dividers now cost half salvage, to bring them in line with Tail Dividers.
  • If you die in Fairhaven, you die in the real world! combat, and then respawn, your powers all cool down instantly. This does not apply to when you are brought back from the dead via resurrection powers.
  • Infection Model: Packmind and Infection Model: Cordyceps Fungus written.
  • +reward should now be much, much, much faster when it awards schematics.
  • Because computers are jerks, we're back to using CAPTCHAs on new registrations.
    • On the plus side, the wiki software has been updated!



  • Powers that utilize builder nanites (such as What is Mine) will now properly consume nanites, even in web combat.
    • When you are low on nanites, the AI wills top trying to use them.
  • The 'tt' command (ToolTip; gives a summary of a power; I forgot about it too) now gives energymod a much stronger weighting when it reports how strong the effect is.
  • Mission helper code changed to be more generous. Anyone who is at your step of the mission OR FARTHER(including those who completed the mission before) can show up to help when you repeat a failed mission battle. This far increases the pool of potential helpers.
  • In theory, enemies should heal with less frequency.


  • New help file with tips and tricks for writing monsters. See help monster writing for details.
  • The 'repair' command has been implemented. It can be used to renew an item with an expiration date so that it has the full month remaining, but uses a percentage of the salvage, xp, and cash required to make it the first time.
    • Distills will be preserved, but there is a chance, calculated per distill, that you might lose it during repair work.
    • Please ignore any feels of deja vu. This is obviously and totally a new thing.
  • 'info' will now work as well as '+rpinfo' when you are trying to come to grips with the confusing things in this world.
  • Nuku nyas, "New, sudden, purchase item created, Support a Player in Need. Kilsa got in a car accident and needs 500$ to pay insurance deductable. Can you help? -- 90% goes to her. You get supporter points for doing so(1 per dollar, see help support). Thank you in advance for your compassion."
    • Nuku nyas, "Want to send a paypal directly to them? Who am I to object! *Omitted*"


  • Exact matches when trying to use web move are now honored over partial matches.
  • Badges added for Womb for Rent usage.
  • In a silly bit of pretty code, clicking the hero refill button on the page makes the cell flash to let you know something happened.
  • Pet arrival spam will now only be seen by the pet owner.
  • The +rpinfo for Flight has been revised to make more sense in this setting.
  • Acidic Backlash's secondary effect is now properly spread-type.
  • Recipes and modifiers can now add a hard floor for loadout on a piece of crafted equipment. This happens before distills are applied. It has been added to the Weighted modifier, so Weighted gear can't be less than 10 loadout before distills. (prop name is 'Min Loadout' and works just like regular loadout).


  • Modified flaw added. Allows you to throw away roles to instead apply modifications to you.
    • Modification added to Zephyr's nanite workshop in a new store.
  • Womb for Rent item added to the elite store for 25 mako.
    • Enables access to the +womb command.
  • +mlotto added; it's like +lotto with mako!
  • Talakai boss vial added to the elite store for 10 mako.
  • Fox avatar added to Who's Online. A kitsune butt adaption is also in the works.


  • Partymentor command now also affects the person typing it.
  • Hot and cold environmental damage now scale with level.


  • Desperate mission battles should now proceed on loss.


  • AI should no longer stop functioning when over 200 AI blocks have fired without the fight ending or you leaving auto.
  • Posthumous powers firing automatically now make a special combat spam to let you know they fired.
  • Nuku nyas, "Rolling code that is unused and undocumented has received unspecified adjustments."


  • Prime fights should now have reinforcements show up so long as 3+ players are present.
    • Reinforcements will have the summoner's level / 2 chance of having a template.
    • Pets involved in a prime fight will now count toward there being extra things spawn based off the pets rank.


  • Medical Hypos that AoE should no longer deal damage to allies.
  • New command: think (or echo); it just echos back what you type.
  • The 'watchfor' program will now announce if anyone on your list is logged in when YOU log in.
    • Watchfor list display on login can now be disabled via @set me=_prefs/wf_login_showlist:no


  • There is now a readout for your upkeep when you type 'eq'.


  • Canine avatar created and assigned to most wolves, dogs, and foxes.
  • Dying no longer clears all your cooldowns.
  • The Infertility power is now NoAoE. Whoops!


  • You can no longer use the Nanite Control Extender on people not in the room with you.
  • The latex toy factory has been activated, located in eastern Fairhaven. 'rtrace latex toy' to find it from your current location.
  • Chance to get templated (horny, weak, etc) monsters is now (your level - 10) * 2%
  • "Rugged" monster template added.
  • In theory, when you lock a rented room, it will be locked in such a way that you, the person who locked it, can still pass through.


  • Players and monsters with posthumous powers (such as Everliving) now fire automatically on death. Get up and move!
  • You can now use items while in chargen.
  • The Repair Reminder item no longer exists. But you already trashed yours, right?



  • The circus is in town! Look due north of Zephyr, on Main Street.
  • Security update on string parsing. Player object descriptions (the one you set in editplayer) will no longer be able to delve past the base propdir (except mutation/) when displaying and checking props. Also, owned by, is present in, possessed by and equipped by are restricted.
    • Checking of items on players is now restricted to only the player they are located on. (This means you can still have your own desc check for your items).
  • Dragon template available for use in the avatars for the Who's Online page.
  • Price of pre-paid avatar rendering increased due to how much artists actually charge for their stuff, but we do have an artist, so now is the time to snatch that up if you want your favorite species rendered next!
    • Avatar purchase reduced from 75 to 50 dollars.
  • Talk script can now check for account stats with 'Requirements'. EG: /Requirements:Account/Total Form/Skunk Girl=1
  • Binoculars recipe added to jack's hardware store.
  • Bloodthirsty perk coded.
  • Direct purchase items that benefit the game, such as avatars, now gain you 'supporter' points equal to the dollar cost of the item.
    • Supporter prizes are visible here.
    • Supporter points are now visible in +register.
  • Retirement JP no longer shows up in +register. Not surprising, since the stat hasn't worked since the game stopped being about flare spells.
  • Kaiju gained Call of Gaia to make up for stats lost in their recent changes.
  • Ghastly Wraith and Werezompire added to the elite store for a limited time.
    • Trick or Treat coded and added to both forms for holiday incentivizing.


  • Mystery of Balls is the first research pool to be completed. Turns out they're held together with nanite fishing line. Who would have guessed?
    • This was immediately followed by a new research topic into the magic of fishing line! 'research nano tubes' for details.
  • The research page now lists the top financiers and researchers for a project.
  • VTOL Lady added to the Woodfield Theta Base.
  • Hell Forge discovered in northwest Woodfield. Harbors Mountain Man, Villainous Gnome, and Gargoyle Sentinel infections.
  • M1A1H has calmed down, and instead of just using a Heavy Smash, they can now Careful Aim.
  • The 'quote' command works, though it's barren of good lines at present.
  • Converters now actually *do* grant mastery over a form, assuming the target was a pure-breed.
  • Funnels now work on no funnel forms, provided the funneler has a vial of the infection on hand. The vial, and 7 funnels, are destroyed in the process, and the target is super zapped(more than enough to master the form).
    • Super funnel action only happens on no-funnel forms.


  • Pet arrival spam can be filtered with the same option (18) in editplayer that is used to filter out players.
  • Craft salvage confirm now shows and purchases only the difference in salvage needed to make.
  • Gift of Story is now properly a defensive adaption.
  • The token market now takes a 3% cut off of all sales, just like the other markets.
  • "Social Favor" added to the research display. Currently unimplemented, but looks like it'll be important later.
  • [Public] Nuku tantalizingly says, "Chance of research progress now ranges from 22% to 49%"
  • There is now a help file for research.


  • The second greatest thing ever has happened: Pack Leader has been outfitted with powers!
    • Coordinated Work coded and placed exclusively on the arms! Best day ever? I think so.
    • Sick Em and Soft as Fur both coded and placed on the arms and skin respectively, though they might find use elsewhere, too.
  • On the salvage market, the mako market, and the token market, the order lists will combine orders of the same value, giving you a better view of the market.
    • This also now applies to +mako/list.
  • Major New Toy: There is now an extraction machine in the cafeteria of Zephyr that can take your mastered forms and make vials out of them for a small mako fee. Resulting vials are level 0 and can be used by anyone.
    • Extra Credit: If a monster you wrote is extracted this way, you get 20% of the mako as a royalty payment from the game, thanks for helping make the game awesome!
    • If you wish to have a form protected from extracting, please file a +request and it will be done.
  • Two new research topics entered: Mystery of Balls and Decipher Alaska Message!
  • You may now use +gresearch #focus to spend 1 mako to advance your current research project by 1 point.
  • Gift of Story coded and placed exclusively on Namidian's skin.
    • Coincidentally, the shape is now up for sale in the elite store for 10 mako.
  • Expansiveness and Triage are now set to work on your next power, rather than for the whole round. This is primarily to deal with their extreme power outside of combat.


  • Locked powers, such as those on liberated children, now have a * next to the respective number on a player's sheet.
  • Coyote/Devourer shifting of others no longer pretends to be adept shifting.
  • Confirm button added to auto salvage purchase when crafting on web.