Rubber Balls

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Rubber Balls

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: - Height: 5 135% :Mass
Tail: - Breasts: - - :Breast Size
Groin: - Clits: - - :Clit Length
Head: - Cocks: - - :Cock Length
Legs: - Balls: - - :Ball Size
Skin: - Cunts: - - :Cunt Length
Torso: Rubber Bounce, Rubbery Hide, Tumble Gender: Neuter SayVerb: sproings
Flags: Template and Toy Supports: -
Description: A common and very weak monster, found roaming Fairhaven. Canine monsters often hunt these, carrying them around and playing with them as they try to bounce away.

The Rubber Balls's body is covered in smooth black rubber, perfectly formed without mar or tearing. Their head is composed of multiple featureless orbs that cluster together atop their shoulders, the only discernible features their smooth and glassy eyes and a vague facsimile of a mouth. Their body is formed by dozens of swirling orbs of all shapes and sizes. They seem to orbit in a tight-knit storm, swirling in unison or in random patterns as the moment inspires them. Their arms are a swirling storm of balls, from fingers that consist of marble-sized orbs to shoulders formed of a few heavy globes. Their legs are sleek, vibrating spheres formed in a vaguely leg-like pattern, roaming around each other in a flurry of tiny movements. made up of a handful of heavy balls, the spaces between filled by tiny marbles of ebony. A private peek would reveal that: Their groin resembles that of rubber balls.


Topic Name: Mystery of Balls
Description: How do rubber balls work? Nanites can't, usually, partition an individual out across multiple, separate, bodies like that, and yet, there's rubber balls, breaking the rules. Perhaps this is worth looking into.
Completed: 1:38 PM, Saturday, 1st day of the spring month May in the year 2012 AD.
Result: As it turns, rubber balls are not separated at all. Too thin for the naked eye, the balls are bound by delicate filaments that hold the mass somewhat together. These binds are quick to dissolve on death, but, provided the creature remains alive, can be reforged from ball to ball. While a ball is separated from the mass, it is inert. These filaments may be of use in future research and design, considering their flexibility, resilience, and ability to conduct nanites.