Multiplayer Updates/March 2012

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  • The 'give' command is now a little smarter, warning if an odd target is chosen." Hurrah, no more giving to the wrong person accidentally!
    • Also, Damaged says to stop using the asterisk.
    • This is a lot more powerful, also gives confirmation dialogs before giving something to players not online and in the same room.
  • Hinoserm found some memory leaks, and patched them.
  • Pack Loyalty revamped; it lost much of its DebuffResist, but gained EnergyBreak.
  • Defensive toggles adjusted; costs went down just a little bit (say, half), and upgrades made more enticing.
  • Secret April Surprise added. Shh.
  • Toggle tax increased. Starting at 4 active toggles, there is a stacking penalty to energy used by *all* active toggles. The pattern goes 10%, 20%, 40%, 80%, 160%, etcetera.



  • The child training services now allow you to set a gender for genderless children (such as kitsunes or cat girls). Costs 25% mako battery to change your mind.


  • Water Flask had its Debuffclear effect reduced to match its lower energy recovery, compared with Rest.
  • Powerthirst coded. Sati is very, very sorry.
    • Its schematic has been placed in the elite store for 30 mako.
  • New option in Editplayer. Makes it so that people not partied with you, who try and use a power on you, will not be able to. Use to combat buffs with energybreak, for instance..
  • Token shop added to the Shopping section of the web interface.
  • Celestial Attendant re-added to the grid!
  • +gear/condition no longer adds a finder to builder vials.


  • A few minor tweaks to web creation of characters. Free perks are free!


  • Rooms can now have talk script that fires on entry.
  • Attacks that are not deflected at all (the ones that show 0% at the start) no longer deal extra damage due to bonus accuracy.
  • AI: Ranked added to the token reward stores. Targets the highest 'ranked' ally or enemy. Always hit the prime! Or the highest-level player!
  • Mako pool success stories!
  • Web inventory now shows a larger box if you click in the smaller box of an item.
  • The Installation skill no longer boosts mechanical salvage rates. This has been handed off to Design.
  • Crash and Burn coded.


  • Boxing bags can now have specific physical and energy damage resistances set.
  • The Spread distillation has been brought in line with current AoE standards.
  • Humanitarian role coded.
  • Nanite Bottler added to the elite stores.


  • Tweaks to appearance of web interface buttons and dropdowns, to match general theme.
  • Cred Energy Rejuvenator added to elite store for 5 mako. Resets your cred energy.
  • Items with custom names will now display their base item when traded between players, as well as their customized name.
  • More pregnancy messages! With string parsing! Hooray!
  • Erotic Dance has been redesigned to be an accuracy debuff with a chance of confusion, energy damage, or a chance to buff your enemy's damage.
  • Credits gained from RP now follow the same cred energy system as everything else.
  • RP XP no longer drops off after a while.
  • Shield Drone overhauled.


  • The way Maximum HP is calculated was changed. More health for everyone!


  • You can now just type the name of an NPC or interactable object to check/talk to them. For example, 'rob' will get you a mission from Robert.
  • Reviving consumables now work even through large negative hit points.
  • Foot Stomp power adjusted.
  • Kitsune now can be set to have black or red fur instead.



  • Combat has been sped up considerably.
  • Betraying powers (powers that inflict damage on you) no longer care about your DamageBuff.
  • Infuse Blood buffed, Bloodletting tweaked to hopefully not totally kill everyone who uses it.
  • Supernova redesigned into a fair-sized hit with a chance of fun damages, followed by a chance to restore energy. It can be upgraded to be vampiric, but is still very random.


  • The questline at Hotel Oblivion has been revised. Heavily. Apologies for all who lost progress on it.
    • Note that the Lazy series of badges are no longer obtainable.
  • Expiring items now actually tell you how much time they have left when viewed in +gear.
  • Shred the Moon revised. A little less damage return and HP buffer, a little more debuff clear.
  • Self-damage such as from Fire Dance now bypasses HP buffers.
  • Self-damaging powers also cannot trigger damage return or vampiric features.
  • Delicious Treat is now a minor AoE, and can be upgraded to be shared with more people.
  • Penalties on the Basic Spread modifier reduced, and Extreme Spread coded for more fun down the road.
  • The web interface now sorts gear into categories! Hooray, OCD!


  • AoEMod is now a flat +1 target per rank, for both friendly and hostile powers.
    • Fractional remainders are now a chance for an extra target. 1.4 has a 40% chance to be +2 instead of +1.
  • The energy cost on Scattershot 2000 was tuned to 1.5 (up from 1.0), though the Damage, Accuracy, and StatusBoost penalties were removed.
  • Today is a good day I think for massive friendly AoE revamps!
  • Mission inflation! Web missions are now worth 5, 15, or 30 mako depending on complexity, up from 3/5/10.
  • Hey, how about some dedication power buffs, too?
    • Heartfelt Support has received a heartfelt buff, giving you much better upgrade options. Evolve today!
    • You can now train Scrotal Flail to have vampiric attributes. Vampire balls!
      • It's also now a minor AoE. Tanukis got the biggest balls of them all.
    • Reconstruct is now a minor AoE, with the now-standard +2 AoE upgrades.
    • Don't forget Lustful Musk! It's not only a large AoE now, but it got upgraded! You're never getting that smell out of the couch.
    • Fiery Feathers got its own buff, and the upgrades for Rebirth were tweaked.
    • Extreme Omnivore is now a large AoE, and can effect the user! Eat your own troubles while you're at it.
  • Fine, we'll look at AoE attacks, too!
    • Jelly Whip and Flamethrower got their AoE upgrades changed to +2.
    • Strike can now be upgraded with AoE. The rest of its upgrades have been made insanely good, as well!
    • Snap completely redesigned as a potentially AoE vampiric strike.
    • Bullet Spray and Skunk Blast gained some damage due to changing formulas, and had their upgrades overhauled.
    • Wild Swing is now a heavy-hitting power.
    • Wing Dust completely redesigned as a semi-random pile of lots of fun defensive debuffs.
    • Terrifying Visage gained some more fun statuses to inflict on your enemies.
    • Crazy Eye now works harder and longer. It's useful now!
    • Egg Toss redesigned. Does a little damage and slows a medium amount of enemies, then gives you a significant heal.
  • The Accuracy combat skill now also makes the target of an attack (either a single-target attack or the primary target of an AoE) reduce the 'dodged' portion (25/50/75% reduction when you don't hit for full power) by 5/10/15%. So if you miss the first time, but hit the second time, and have three ranks of Accuracy, they'll only dodge 10% of the damage.
    • It's complicated to explain, but really cool! Honest!
  • Bloodletting and Field of Dread placed on Anubis Servant dedication form.


  • Hurrah! More inventory bugs squished!
  • Items from global shop and +rpinfo now show little descriptions on how various stats compare. Useful, really, it is!
  • Pets are now once again healing their wounds when out of combat. Sorry about the mix-up!
  • EnergyBreak on Howl, Honey Gift, and Moo has been cut from -7 to merely -4. It is now possible to completely remove the EnergyBreak you apply to your teammates, or even go positive on Honey Gift!
  • Lifestealing is back up to +25% Vampiric from +15. Sorry, too weak. Power still under review.
  • Combat Helmet and Armored Vest buffed.
  • Energy cost on Forced Milking increased.
  • Swallow the Sun redesigned; it is now fully vampiric, with no regen component. It's all repeat-type now.


  • When crafting things that expire (either by Intricately Wrought or Zealously Conserved), their expiration now rounds down to an hour, so you can build a big stack of things and have them stack.
  • Mentoring no longer applies to the web client.
  • Items can now have a slot, limiting them in the same fashion as hides.
    • This is not expected to hit any current gear; this is planning for the future!
  • People who have both Single Sexed and either Always Male or Always Female will now have those perks removed and replaced with Male Preferred/Female Preferred (as the case may be).


  • Matron actually works instead of not.
  • Web combat much faster and will display results longer.
  • using Hero Revive will call a 'startaction' like web combat, firing all your buffs and summoning all your pets.
  • Morning Song buffed.
  • Nasty Insult added to Feesh, on the ass where you can actually get it.
  • Lifestealing is down to merely +15 Vampiric, instead of +25. Sorry, too strong. Power still under review.
  • Web combat has gotten way faster. Again. No, really.
  • Laser Emitting redesigned.


  • Web interface contains a market for builder vials.
  • Web interface reorganized, now contains a separate Shops category with links to each shop.
  • Intricately Wrought recipe modifier changed.
  • Some hides reworked:
    • Icy Hide upgrade added to form a defense-boosting shield of ice.
    • Fiery Hide gives EnergyBreak.
    • Abrasive Hide can be upgraded with StatusBoost, increasing the magnitude of all statuses you apply.
    • All three of the above are now self-spread. Their effects now spread out amongst your party.
  • Not a hide, but the Long Ears toggle includes StatusBoost.
  • Lifestealing recipe mod added to Elite Store for 10 mako.
  • Mirrored Flesh and Smooth Hide coded.
  • Upgrades for Poison Bite, Scratch, Masochistic Fury and other stacked-dots powers repaired.
  • Blade Flurry more focused: NoAoE means you can only stab one particular hapless fool at a time.
  • Blocking recipe mod created.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Turns should no longer get skipped in manual. Please report if they do (in which case I will burn the game down to the ground and salt the earth)"
  • Quick, Intricately Wrought, and Cheap added to the web stores in a mysterious new location!


  • If you have Transform level of trust with someone, your pets will grant permission with the fuck command. The word of the day is Pimpin'.
  • Group leaders can now assign a group quartermaster as the leader in their place. Leaders can also disband the group.
  • You can now downgrade items in your inventory through the web interface. It costs half as much as the upgrade did.
  • Drain Vitae and Forced Milking redesigned in the face of the Vampiric stat.
  • Cake. CAKE. CAKE!
    • In entirely unrelated news, talk scripting works on expendable items.
  • Labor-saving device: typing the name of a power or weapon in combat will activate it. Putting 'use' in front is unnecessary. If the item name is a command, the command will take precedence.


  • Chat channels are now color-coded for your convenience.
  • Faction Exchange Paperwork added to the elite stores.
    • 3 badges added in connection to this item.
  • Badge added to use of the Rename Token.
  • Navigational Beacon added to the elite stores.
    • Badge added to this. Beacon Deacon.
  • Group Name Reclassification available in the elite stores. Hey, Balina! Fix your stupid group name already!
  • Vampiric is now a status for powers, and is now granted at 5/10/15% by the combat skill. Soft caps at 25 and 50, hard capped at 75%.
  • You can now go 'all in' on a marp-off.
  • If you are at least trusted by another player, you can list their forms. 'list forms of <name>'
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Provision added for a single 'egg' within the players to result in MANY resultant eggs being made"
  • Losing to the Mass of Tentacles can now have a very interesting effect if you're fertile at the time.
    • The previous two lines are /probably/ related.
  • Phoenix Tears added to the elite stores. Grants the Rising Inferno power to Phoenix dedicants.
  • Failing to recurse due to having insufficient mako battery charge will give an error message instead of sullen silence.


  • Cover effects no longer bounce down to pets.
  • Bloodletting coded.
  • Pure Eggs and Pure Seed perks added.
  • Status effects from powers that have less than 100% accuracy (such as everything Vine Torrent can do to enemies) now have their chance modified by evasion and accuracy.


  • Nova Meteor power improved.
  • Maximum level in the Church of Promethea raised to 50.
  • More optimizations.
  • Overclocking distillation added, provides StatusBoost effect.
  • Pet levels are now adjusted to match your mentored level when you change rooms.
    • 0-HP pets will be cleared when you change rooms as well.
  • New power type: Unmodifieable. These powers cannot be altered by things such as StatusBoost or DebuffResist.
  • By default, +register or +account do not show your recent mako history.
    • '+register history' will, however.
  • Descriptors for organ sizes diversified again.
  • Organ size changes now care about the relative sizes of the creatures involved
  • Those subscribing at the Wasteland Warrior level can now set mako titles that do not have asterisks on either side.
  • Excess Remover's mako pool completed; they are now for sale at your local RSX Mart.
  • Rename Tokens added to the elite stores.
  • The 'stop' command can now only be used if the power you are interrupting is not only charging, but also on cooldown. Once you commit to the real charge, there's no turning back!
  • Pets now flee with you when you run off in combat.
  • Judges can now use the +beast/copy command to create their own temporary mobs that use templates of other mobs for rapid deployment in a scene.
  • Scattershot 2000's StatusBoost restored after fix was applied.


  • RSX Operative buffed in fun new ways!
    • Measured Breath - EnergyBreak now lasts 30 rounds, making it possible to keep this up at all times with upgrades, and almost all the time without.
    • Practiced Haste - Haste removed, replaced with Charge, InstantCooldown, and Accuracy.
    • RSX Connections' mako pool completed. The finished item adds +10 resources while you are dedicated to RSX, and gives you +15 loadout when the dedication is inactive.
  • New status: StatusBoost. Increases the magnitude of active power statuses.
    • Howl is an active power, and would be impacted. So would the negative statuses applied by Crippling Bite.
    • Juggernaut or Furry Hide, being a toggle and a passive respectively, would not.
    • This has soft caps at 25 and 50, with a hard cap at 75. This goes both ways.
  • The Scattershot 2000 now inflicts -10 StatusBoost on the wearer.
    • The common energy salvage requirement has gone from 25 to 15, by way of apology.
    • StatusBoost penalty removed due to apparently causing issues.


  • Fiery Hide upgrades improved.
  • Skunk Beasts now beget Skunk Girl babies. Somewhere, Daisy is shaking her fist angrily.
  • Racing updates:
    • Racers now earn greater or fewer racer bucks depending on their level.
    • You can now purchase reward tokens with racer bucks.
    • When using a metabolism spiker, the racer is immediately marked as unfed, allowing them to recover from crashes or indecision more readily.
  • Oh lord, subscription changes! Please, do not panic.
    • Everyone who has donated prior to the writing of this message is now Old School. This is a flag on your account, and not something you'll immediately see.
    • The rules have changed! You now get different bonuses for how much you pay every month.
      • Full details available here
      • Donators who have been putting in less than $30 a month? Nothing has changed for you. At all. You get the Survivalist level despite your donation amount. Continue on as if you didn't notice this.
  • Dedications can now be swapped around in the Character tab of the web interface (or here.
    • If you have a Training Respecializer will pay one hero point to use this shortcut, just like using it in a bond point.
      • You can also opt to simply pay 5 patrol points, instead.
    • If you do not possess one, it will cost 25 patrol points, but no hero points.
  • In the wake of cheaper dedication swapping, the Training Respecializer has had its cost cut in half. Now only 25 mako at participating stores!
  • You can now buy (most) dedications on the web interface.
  • So many optimizations. So, so many optimizations. Your inventory, missions, web battles... pretty much everything is running much smoother now.


  • Web Combat is full of colors. FULL!
    • And water. Environmental water/cold/heat penalties should apply to web grinding.
  • Debuffs should announce when they expire. Only active ones, not toggles n' such.
  • Fighting in direct control in the area you have a web salvage mission going? Each battle will give some progress and deduct two patrol points.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Overhaul of out of combat effect ticking. Now, items and passives/toggles are not processed every tick out of combat. They are activated initially (eg, if you get a new power/new gear/turn on a toggle) and after that, only debuffs and dots are actually processed and ticked down in duration (note, makoXP effects will be turned OFF out of combat.)"
    • Removing an item will cause its base-recipe statuses to fade instantly. Like Underwear.
    • Damaged softly churrs, "Game tick system: appendix 7. Only other player's effects (AoE ones), debuffs and dots will tick down, your own powers and equipment will just sit there, at full duration. AoE ally effects will hit friends in the same room and when you leave, they will disappear. Taking off equipment will INSTANTLY remove it's effects. Wearing an Experience Enhancer out of combat will not cause you to drain mako battery. (phew)"


  • Plushie now comes with Stuffed, because you are so squishy! And fluffheaded.
  • Stretchy, a new offensive adaption, created and put on Latex Fox and Latex Snow Leopard legs.
  • Prime bosses will only appear at the top of the area's level range, instead of the greater of that and your unmentored level.
    • Prime Specimen Primers will warn you if you are too high-level to get a reward from the boss.
  • Status effects no longer act while out of combat.


  • Hits that you take thanks to cover now count for Outnumbered and Rage. Stacking just got a lot easier!
    • Please note that you must take 2 or more damage from the hit, first.
  • You also no longer provide cover while at less than 25% health. You're not stupid, after all.
  • You can actually PLAY Marp-Off now! 'help marp' for details!


  • String parsing can now make comparisons using 'is'. For example, [if Damaged is [player]].
    • Also, [infection Fox of [player]] will now return the number of infections a player currently has that involve the word "Fox". Partial matches are allowed.
  • NPCs no longer need nanites to use naniteuse powers such as What is Mine.
  • The buffs from Outnumbered and Rage combat roles now last for 1.5 rounds, to make them easier to stack.
  • Cheetah had its powers revamped, making is less brokenly powerful for that point of the game. It got Camouflage, though.
  • Tokens gained from web missions turned up a bit.
  • Inventory code upgraded. This should mean it works a little faster now.
  • Some lunatic coded a bunch of new (currently unplaced) powers:
  • Typing 'list forms' now gives a total of how many forms you have mastered.
  • Almost every merit had its description updated.



  • Chemist and Paladin roles added.
  • Silver Leaf mako pool finished, and added to the elite store! When carried by an active Tanuki dedicant (or someone with the dedication inactive, but has a golden leaf), all body part powers will get the full bonus, even for parts you do not explicitly have.
  • String parsing function added: You can now test for number of infections. For example, [if infection Fox Boy of [player] > 5] will return true if you have at least five body parts that are Fox Boy. You can also do partial matching; just leaving it 'Fox' would work with Uber Fox, Fox Girl, Cat Fox, etcetera.
  • String parsing is also now capable of doing basic math. Check 'help string parsing' for details.
  • "Parent" AI block added to the token stores.


  • Jerk and Blitz Leader roles added.
  • New prime type: Perplexing!
  • Salvage rolls now never go below .5%.
  • You can now upgrade items (that is, raise their level) using the web interface.
  • Mako market added to web interface.
  • Updates are now also visible here!
  • Field of Dread got even cooler, but still isn't available. :(