Kitsune (dedication)

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The best way to get more style than a Tanuki.


You can follow Inari and become a Kitsune yourself for 30 Mako in the shrine to Inari in the Southwest corner of Fairhaven.


Kitsune can summon a Forest Wisp as well as use their nine tails in a Tail Fury against their enemies.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Magatama A small wooden token with a distinct shape. Make an offering at the Shrine Caves in order to gain a Companion Wisp. Note: This requires you to have the kitsune dedication, and allows you to use a weaker version of the forest wisp, when not kitsune. 25

Thematic Information

The sacred messenger foxes of Inari. What are they doing here in America? Some say they came because the Tanuki were already here. Jealous? They claim not. They have a great many tails that are said to be a sign of their power, but can be hidden at will. They can summon forest wisps, and strike with their many tails.

Form Profile

Kitsune (dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Mirage Height: ? ? :Mass
Tail: Marsh Wisp, Tail Wrap Breasts: ? ? :Breast Size
Groin: - Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Hypnosis Cocks: ? ? :Cock Length
Legs: Feline Agility Balls: ? ? :Ball Size
Skin: Furry Hide Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Vitality Gender: ? SayVerb: ?
Flags: ? Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Tail Divider Supports Leg Splitter Supports Kemonomimi
Forms: ?
Description: The Kitsune (dedication)'s