Lion Modifying

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Lion Modifying

Quest Giver: Boris
Starting Event: Lion Modifying
Event Area: State Fair
Creator: SarokCat

Flag Restrictions

Flags: guy, girl, furry

Lion Modifying

The quest opens when you meet up with Boris, the mascot lion at the State Fair. Having once been a employee working at the Fair, the unnamed human tell you how he found himself wearing his 'work uniform' when the infection began. While struggling to deal with his character's identity trying to take over his own, he's left with another problem as well. Despite being a large, anthropomorphic lion-man, he lacks the proper anatomy, or rather any anatomy at all, to prove his masculinity with. Won't you help a poor soul out?

  1. Speak to Boris and listen to him lament about what's happening at the Fair. Upon choosing to 'Fuck' him listen to how Boris complains that he doesn't have a gender anymore because of the costume being family friendly for patrons of the Fair.
  2. Now go out through the Fair grounds and look for a scene (hunt "Lion Modifying") where a plush lion is going about and equipping himself with a faux-cock toy and gaining a new rod to use to terrorize fair-goers with.
  3. Head back to Boris and then tell him about the scene after choosing to try and 'Fuck' him again. He'll ask you to then find something like what the Plush Lion had around the fair for him to use.
  4. Go through the Fair grounds once again (hunt "Lion Modifying") until you fail to find anymore of the faux-toys like the one the Plush Lion was once using.
  5. Return to Boris and then give him the sad news. Upon hearing this he refuses to admit total defeat and asks you to go out and try to find something within the city that he could use. [Hint: Boris asks you to try the seedier part of the city]
  6. Head out of the Fair and then find Lisa the mouse at the Porn Store. Talk to her and she will give you a dildo to take back to Boris. Apparently a rather big one at that.
  7. Head back Boris and then try and talk/Fuck him and he will take the dildo off of your paws/hands. Very grateful for your efforts he then tells you to come back in a little while as he wants to test out the new toy on himself to see if things will work out as he hopes.
  8. Giving the anthro lion the time he needs, maybe 8 turns or so, come back and then try and Fuck Boris. Apparently this guy is really picky because he refuses to do so with you unless you are Christy, Boris' lion girlfriend. Boris will then tell you he will only fuck you after giving you a key to the locked rooms within the Fair and then going to fetch the Christy costume.
  9. Go find Christy in the locked rooms, retrieve the suit and then return to Boris.
  10. Boris will then ask you if you want to become Christy, if player consents then you can put on the suit and Fuck Boris. If not then he will just wait and ask you again to put it on next time.

Warning, play end if you put on Christy!!!

Gain two water bottles and two foods after helping Boris out with his predicament.