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Species: Human Dog
Gender: Male
Location: Mike's Home: Dog Kennels
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Dog Walking
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Originally one of Mike's dogs, Ares now is a young human male of just about nineteen. He has closely cropped red hair and a very well-developed physique, with muscular arms and legs. All in all a very handsome guy with an aura of untamed energy - but no matter what he looks like - there's still only a dog's mind behind his eyes, so he walks on all fours and only uses barks and growls as communication.


Ares can be found after Helping Mike and Lea. He's located in the Dog Kennels attached to Mike's Home.

If the player walks East from Mike's home, they will find a dog named Ares in the Dog Kennel.

  1. Ares pleads for a walk when talked to.
  2. If the player takes Ares on a walk, they may end up in a fight with a random monster. Ares will act as your pet for these fights.
  3. Ares may attempt to trip and mount the player. If the player consents, Ares will assume a dominant tone toward the player in future encounters. Even if denied, he will try again on later walks.

Once Ares has been met, the player may speak with Helen or Xerxes in The Grey Abbey Library and initiate a dog walk with Ares and the player's human dog. This will initiate a sex scene between Ares and the player's chosen dog, which the player may put a stop to, join in, or allow.


Ares is currently only a temporary pet.