Ancient Tome

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Ancient Tome

Quest Giver: None
Starting Location: Grey Abbey Library
Creator: Wahn

Flag Restrictions

This page details how to obtain the Ancient Tome.

The Ancient Tome

Obtaining the Ancient Tome

  1. In order to get the Ancient Tome, the player must recruit Eric from the Tenvale College Campus and bring him to the bunker.
  2. If Eric is familiar with the player and has not found the Ancient Tome yet there is a chance Eric will have found the tome when the player returns to the bunker room of the Grey Abbey Library.
  3. Take the tome immediately or let Eric keep it for a while. The player can give it back to him later if they take it, or retrieve it from him later if he keeps it.
  4. Carry around the Ancient Tome for a while and it will prompt the player to use the tome. Do this up to three times and the player will be able to fully read the Ancient Tome.

Ancient Tome Content

  • If Eric keeps the Ancient Tome the player can watch him get used by tentacles in his sleep.
  • The Ancient Tome can be used to experience scenes with Egg-Laying Tentacles and the Demon Fox if the player is full-male.
  • The Dullahan enemy can be summoned after learning the ritual from Xaedihr.
  • It may be possible to be soft-locked out of the tomes content if the player is regarded as Female when they read the tome, even if they become male later. (needs confirmation)


  • No matter how many times the player takes the tome away they can give it back to Eric if the player never tells him about the tentacles.
  • The player can only ever have one Ancient Tome at a time. If they somehow end up with two, the game will remove one of them.
  • The Ancient Tome has a cooldown before it can be used again.

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