A treasure well earned!

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A treasure well earned!

Starting Event: noteinbottle
Event Area: Beach Plaza
Creator: Sarokcat

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Hermaphrodite, Furry

Pirate Gold

  1. Locate and retrieve the note floating in a bottle (noteinbottle event), fighting two random beach monsters to reach it.
  2. Take the note to Rod the Mall Rat so he and the others can help you decipher it.
  3. Locate a usable boat at the waterfront (findingboat event). You must successfully beat two Pirate Sharks to launch the boat. This unlocks the Pirate Island location.
  4. Explore the island caves until you find the treasure using the 'hunt for treasure' command. This may be done once per day.


  • Before finding the treasure, the player may encounter events which increase dexterity by one or lead to dirty water and/or infected items. The player may also encounter enemies while hunting.
  • If the player keeps the pirate gold until the end, there is a special message for doing so.
  • The player may give a piece of the gold to Yolanda for a special sex scene. It may also be given to Nermine as part of her Rare Item Quest

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/8464baab887aeef447f1c9e71689e8803e61ef33/Sarokcat/Pirate%20Island.i7x