Bouncy Castle Rescue

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Bouncy Castle Rescue

Quest Giver: None
Starting Location: Beach Plaza
Starting Event: Snared Vixen
Event Area: Wild Fringe
Requirements: none
Bonus Time: none
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Furry, Girl

In order to bring Bubble back to the library, you must complete this quest.

Saving Bubble

  • View the "Snared Vixen" event at the Beach Plazas Wild Fringe area.
This starts a timer. If you take too long, Bubble will dissappear from the game.
  • View the "Findingboat" event or the "Gill Fruits Tree" event (you must eat the Gill Fruit) in the Wild Fringe Area.
  • The Bouncy Castle will now be a navigation point you can travel to.
  • Navigate the Bouncy Castle gauntlet and reach the Castle Throne Room. Details on this in the next section to avoid spoilers.
  • Type the command "Check Dolphin #" where # can be any number between 1~12 until you find the vixen. Some Dolphins will trigger Bottlenose Toy fight, others will trigger a Bound States that can cause a game-over if the player fails to break free.
  • Once Bubble is free, the game will ask you if you want to escape east or west. Going east triggers a small fight, going west triggers a simple "resist or enjoy" sequence. Failing the fight, or choosing to enjoy will cause game overs.
  • At this point the game will ask if you want to cut the rope, setting the Bouncy Castle adrift at sea. If you do, the Bouncy Castle navigation point will be removed and become inaccessible. Otherwise it will remain.
  • Bubble will ask for you to take her back home with you. If you agree, she moves into the Rec Room of the Grey Abbey Library. Otherwise, she disappears from the game.

Bouncy Castle Gauntlet

Bouncy Castle Map by Amuse

The bouncy castle is filled with traps to spread infections to a player and waste their in-game turns. Below are the required obstacles and skill checks. Remember, the undo command exists!

  • Bouncy Castle - You can return to the beach by going north from here
  • Toy Room - check vs 17. Failure results in losing 1 turn. (Subtracts 5 from your roll if you have the Anime Babe infection)
  • Fencing Room - Fighting back or going west costs 1 turn. If you fight back, the toy swords will remain inert for ? turns.
  • Bouncing Play Room - check vs 14. Failure results in losing 1 turn. The yellow seal takes ? turns to recover.
  • Ball Pit Room - No traps.
  • Punching Pillars - Accepting the pillars embrace results in a game over.
  • Knights Chambers - Obtain Ducky Swimring item. Wearable.
  • Great Hall - check vs 15. Failure results in Inflatable Orca fight. Losing the fight results in a Bound States event.
  • King's Chambers - No negative effects upon first visit. Returning to the room and sitting in the chair results in a game over. Refusing the chair has a check vs 10. If failed, lose 1 turn.
  • Lower Tower - No traps. Leads to the Upper Tower.
  • Upper Tower - No traps. Leads to the Lower Tower and Tower Turret.
  • Tower Turret - No traps. Leads to Upper Tower.
  • Upper Hall - No traps.
  • Easter Parapets - Sea Lion and Orca Toys fight. Losing results the player being moved to the Castle Throne Room and into a Bound States event. Fleeing the fight sends the player to the public beach or a previous room.
  • Western Parapets - Entering causes a Bound States event.
  • Castle Throne Room - A random Dolphin in the numbers of 3, 5, 9 or 11 will have the vixen inside, checking the wrong one will either cause a Bound States event or a Bottlenose Toy fight.