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I'm still trying to figure out how I fit within the world others have written long before me. I might have even avoided this in the past because the perceived main themes don't quite mesh with my true self.

Ketsueki, the OOC interacting bits

I'm just me. The idealized form of me is my Fursona, Ketsueki. Ketsueki is what I'd be in any other realm if I were my true self there. Part of coping with the issue of time passing in multiple places while I'm stuck IRL has always been some knowledge that they aren't in the only universe. In less strictly in-character places this has been just knowing that IRL exists and that this is another face of my singular existence. In more in character places I tend to just ignore the past in one way or another. Frequently that includes either not having memories of the past, or knowing that there's something, but it's not of this current world and others just don't like talking about it very much.

When thinking of the time gaps involved a classic situation (E.G. like Eric Nylund's "Pawn's Dream", or somewhat like an RPG system I briefly got to play in "The Strange") of passing out or otherwise loosing time when someone isn't present to puppet IC might work, but not having the memories from "the other side" is an impossibility to stick to. Remembering them OOCly, but merely considering that those things were strange nightmares while passed out is closer to my standard "heavy IC" archetype.

As far as memories of the world go: I wasn't there a decade plus ago. That may be this world's past but it isn't mine. Just like many today (myself included) weren't alive during "The Great War" (WWI) or "World War II", for me those events are a history I had no part in. Bad things happened to everyone. I'd prefer that my skills didn't just come out of nothing, because those too are a part of my real self (which is why I've included things that are me among the skills I picked). I can see three types of sources for those skills. 1) (In FS) I really am part of a being that spans multiple realms. 2) The belief that is covered in 1 is a set of fake memories engineered by ( random permutations of problem solving | a research entity | an unspecified force ) to try to make something out of the unchanging stasis (stagnant death) that exists in the world. 3) Other: The unknown holds unquantified potential, and I am but a small fragment of a very large whole that is society.

Major (mechanical) things, that the guide didn't cover

This guide New Newbie Guide

  • Control (of my form), making my outward self look like the me that is my true form Ketsueki as I am on IRCs, Tapestries and F-chat, etc
    • Having exact control of the size and shape of my body and parts
      • Vixen Nurse (SP) wasn't quite me, but was the closet one to me (so I picked that PREPACKAGE )
      • Roughly 'anthro' height (I assume this to be about 2- meters)
      • Very modest (but still normally-ish sized) sexual parts
    • Having parts that look like the anthro fox I have in mind
      • Canine male parts, more human-like female parts (but not weird cut and paste, more natural)
    • Some uncertainty of parts based on better fitting the needs of a given moment or place
      • How many digits / fingers do I have?
      • Are some of those male parts internal?
      • Am I in a rarer all M or F mode?
  • "Battle", I don't want to use guns or hurt others, not even NPCs.
    • I want to enjoy the flavortext of submitting to them...
    • However I want a more "succubus" like ending, where I acquire a 'sample' in some controlled way and in the process sate their desires. With the lore/story focusing on doing this in the hope that it allows the rampant insanity regressing them to primal urges to recede far enough that they 're awaken'.
      • I'm not sure how this would work with the current game mechanics, is it possible some kind of flirting/tease/sex based "weapon attacks"? Or would that contradict my do no harm self-mandate?
      • I do want to "catch them all", and wouldn't mind using that power to help others express their true selves as part of interacting with users... Just not via unbirth. Given my own fetishes this might take the form of either controlling nanites that completely encase them in Latex bondage, or (if they're more in to this) an egg of Latex?

Doing research, the hard way

Answered Questions

  • Dedications:
    • help dedications
    • Yes: Is more than one dedication possible?
    • No (but free recall of prior dedications at their focal spot): Active at the same time?
  • Can't find any monsters with search
    • help mentor && +haz
  • Skills question - Can you keep these without the forms they come from?
    • Yes, if you train for Mastery of a given Talent/Mutant Power? (in places, see sales menu)
    • Some cannot be mastered at all (form specific)
    • Some must be fully in a form to retrain
  • Once an ability is acquired (I assume by having the infection from part of a monster that provides it), can it be retained without being in that monster form for that body part?

still open questions

  • Forms seems to have _some_ possible answers for my body control needs, but at the same time...
    • Mako - all the methods of control relate to real money transactions
      • $ $ $ $ $ Big one time payment: Nanite Adept (dedication) also, FFS, who do I need to talk to for planning out finding all the pages that have Prefix\((.*)\) and making it so that E.G. Nanite Adept the badge isn't what is found by default?
      • $ $ Incremental approach towards that big one time payment Recursion (via Library skunks)
      • $ Small Mako payment (depleting battery, loss over time, but maybe more approachable for fully free players?
      • Just going out and fighting the one monster you want to be in that one form? (However there's no control at all here here)
    • Are those the only options?
      • It looks like 'freecred' offers temporary solutions.

PS: I __HATE__ the lack of inline style elements... those should be added to the whitelist tbody tr:first-child { text-align: right; }

Item based (temporary) solutions (which cost freecred)
Cost Type Desc
225 -- Birth Control
225 Drug Male Infertility Drug
225 Drug Condom
564 Drug Sexual Fixative
125418 Drug Nanite Schema Nativizer
112878 Drug Nanite Adaptation Cleanser
1128781 Passive Gear Nanite Filament Kit
11287815 Drug Nanite Adaptation Assimilator
4515 Drug Universal Antidote
11287 Drug Neutralizer - F
11287 Drug Neutralizer - M
16931 Drug Excess Remover
27090 Drug Breast Remover
564390 Drug Discount Nativizer (Is it?)
500 Drug Mojo - F
500 -- Mojo - M
1000 -- Form Fixative
8000 -- Compatibility Charm?
10000 -- Darwin's Pass
100000 -- Fertility Torque
112 Drug Moist Towelette
225 Drug Birth Control
903 Drug Sexual Fixative
4515 Drug Universal Antidote
5643 Drug Nanite Funnel
16931 Drug Excess Remover
100000 -- Targeted Nativizer
2257 One Use Growth Pill - Ball Size
2257 One Use Growth Pill - Breast Size
2257 One Use Growth Pill - Clit Length
2257 One Use Growth Pill - Cock Length
2257 One Use Growth Pill - Cunt Length (what? Depth?)
2257 One Use Shrinking Pill - Ball Size
2257 One Use Shrinking Pill - Breast Size
2257 One Use Shrinking Pill - Clit Length
2257 One Use Shrinking Pill - Cock Length
2257 One Use Shrinking Pill - Cunt Length (what? Depth?)
11287 One Use Burgeoning Boobalicious Bust Boost Bolus
11287 One Use Minimizing Mammary Mastery Medicine
22575 One Use Growing Pill
22575 One Use Reduction Pill
22575 One Use Weight-Loss Pill
22575 One Use Weight Pill

The following links seem close to, but not quite exactly, what I want. I could use more help/suggestions.

  • Nanite Adept (dedication) seems to have a LOT of self control, and the most Wiki documentation... I'm not sure what the other dedications offer, just that the Wiki is frequently incomplete.
  • Kitsune (dedication) I love foxes, I love being a fox, might be this more than just Fox (dedication) (seems battle focused) or Kangaroo (dedication) (pouches don't sound so nice).
  • Uber Fox (dedication) sounds closer to the succubus methods at a glance, but uses the powers for evil (like drain touch in KonoSuba is 'intended' to be used as).

Early Draft

  • other skills?
    • Clever Paws (Salvage, You might also choose to interpret this more like pick-pocketing / handling armor segments)