Charming Glance

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Charming Glance stats
Type Attack, Small AoE Target Small AoE Enemy
Description Locking eyes with an opponent, you sap their will to do battle with a gaze that promises better alternatives.
Based on Holy2-en Slot:
Cooldown 3000 Charge time 400
Energy 10 Accuracy 75%
Damage 1 Positive at level 0
100% chance of DamageBuffDebuff at magnitude 15 for 3 rounds.
50% chance of Instantcooldowndebuff at magnitude 1 for 1 rounds.
=== Unusual Modifications ===
Damage Type is modified by Psychic.
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage No damage at level 0
Secondary Type None Secondary Target None
Secondary Statuses
No Secondary Statuses

Found On:





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