Multiplayer Updates/December 2011

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  • Minor re-wording: "Hand-filling" sized breasts are now "large"!
  • [Public] Somewhat, Damaged softly churrs, "Mary in the library has had her talk script updated (some of my first code I ever wrote) she now gives all low level people who have helped her friends not just a hp buffer but also a LONG duration health regen :D"
  • Due to technical issues, pets no longer get the Mastermind bonus from their own self-buffs.
  • Typing 'slots' will give a summary as to what slots you're using, and help you find any overlap.
  • Badges are now visible in your web profile.
  • Endocrine Overdrive coded. It's another Special Adaption!
  • Abundant Supply coded. It's another Offensive Adaption!
  • Nothing else was coded.
  • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "It begins:"
  • People who trust you can now be picked up whenever you want. (If someone has you on their trust list, they'll hop on as soon as you use the 'handup' command.)


  • A mysterious bar has appeared under your mako battery in the web interface. Expect it to do cool things in the near future!
    • Bar demystified! The new bar compares your freecred income to that of the 90th percentile player, plus 20%. Plans are being made to adjust freecred income, possibly by boosting income for those below the threshold and reducing it for those above.
  • "Defensive Adaption" slot created! Current powers: Feathery Hide, Furry Hide, Crystalline Hide, Metal Hide, Plated Hide, Rubbery Hide, Scaled Hide, Jellied Hide.
    • Yes, this means a whole bunch more redesigns. Check your +rpinfo!
  • Gills totally redesigned, and added to the "Special Adaption" category.
  • Tumble, Defiance and Stonewall have been touched up and added to the "Defensive Prep" slot.
  • In non-slot news, Regen effects can now only provide 40% of your max HP per turn. Not that anyone was doing that much beforehand.



  • Venus Mantrap added to Hotel Oblivion, Floor 3 Woodfield Park.
  • Web inventory display now at least twice as useful. Displays the inventory number, proper rpinfo on click, and has its own set of scroll bars.


  • You should no longer get messages stating that you gained or lost powers while web grinding. The mutations still occur, however.
    • Messages that you are at the XP cap are also gagged.
  • Auctions now display item level, as well as if the reserve has not yet been met.
  • If you have Female Preferred or Male Preferred, sexual mutations will bring you towards the 'ideal mate' of that mutant now. That is, your vagina will head towards their cock length, or vice-versa.
  • Pets now use their own passives instead of your own if theirs are stronger. Rejoice!
    • They will still get the mastermind bonus on top of this. Rejoice harder!
  • For those who would prefer a more black-on-white wiki design, log into your account, go to "My Preferences" and set the theme to Vector. Its tables are readable now. Please continue rejoicing.


  • Lunge, Frenzy, and Ice Shards coded.
  • +prove now obeys the trust system, so you can block someone from proving things at you.


  • Needy and Team Player merits, adding to the multiplayer nature of web grinding.
  • The 'who' command now tracks location. Two-letter country code at the start of the line. To hide the IP address' location, input '@set me=_prefs/geoip:no'
  • A real auction system has been implemented! 'auction #help' for details!
  • Body part descriptions have gotten a lot more vague. On the plus side, the total size cap for most parts has gone way up! Take a look in the mirror, you may find a new surprise.


  • Keen Vision power coded. It has since been placed on Eagle Girl.
  • Honey Bear added to Hotel Oblivion, floor 4.
  • The group level cost of any <salvagetype> Mastery group perks has been reduced. Instead of costing 8 group levels in total, the perks only cost 1 group level for perk level 2 and 3, making the total cost 6 group levels instead.
  • Cyclic Heat merit added.
  • The wiki should now automatically fill in merits. Hooray!
  • Nanite Absorbing distillation added.
  • Merits/perks are now being indexed by the web interface. One step closer to the wiki evolving beyond the need for humans.


  • Salvage just got simpler! All salvage is now the same level. Types (Edible, Mechanical, and so forth) and rarities (Common/Uncommon/Applejack) are still in place.
    • The High-Quality modifier is being re-evaluated. Currently not available on new gear. Old gear with this tag is grandfathered in.
    • The new "Elite" grade has been created for salvage. As with other ranks, it can be converted. 10 rares > 1 elite, or 1 elite > 8 rares.
    • Yes, your salvage has been condensed. No giant vat this time.
  • You are now notified of salvage found in web combat when assisting others.
  • Web combat now obeys difficulty settings. Whoops!
  • Critters summoned by powers (Forest Wisp, etc.) no longer have human descriptions.
  • You can now craft beyond what your skill levels would normally allow, though there is a significant salvage penalty. Maximum possible skill requirement is 75.
    • Penalty appears to be doubling the salvage cost of the same item created using group Craft Mastery perks. Thus, it's cheaper to have a member of a crafting group do the job.
  • Fake Pouch added to the elite store. 25 mako, makes summoned kangaroo pets their full Boss rank, instead of the lowered Mid-Boss. This does not require you to ever possess the Kangaroo dedication.


  • Salvage collection buffs now cap at +40%.


  • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "Healresist is now harder to debuffclear"
  • XP needed to gain a level is now displayed in the web interface, next to your current XP total.
  • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "Cooldowns -should- now be preserved through death."
  • Golden Tanuki Leaf added to elite shops.
  • Oh my god, you guys, Namidian is totally live, oh my god oh my god.


  • Huge Nanopack added to Mako Store. 50 extra inventory slots? Where do you carry all that?
  • A dark alley has been opened up in northern Fairhaven. Among some old favorites, it brings German Shepherds to the grid!
  • Fire Dance, Incite Riot, and Endless Flow coded.
  • Winged merit added and coded.
  • HealResist is now capped at 40% in either direction.
  • Zealously Conserved recipe modifier added (It's in the mall). Furthermore, modifiers with negative skill costs are exempt from the general rule of adding at least +15 to the skill required.


  • Fishing added!
    • Fishing Rod and Mashed Bait recipes added to Jack's Hardware.
    • +fish to view fishing interface and instructions.
    • Currently, the only available fishing location is at the Woodfield pier. More to come!
  • Damage resistance now caps at blocking 40% for each source.
    • General DamageResist, such as that from Juggernaut is one source; can only provide 40%
    • Specific resistances, such as PhysicalDamageResist (Solid Frame), or EnergyDamageResist (Conductive) can block another 40%, stacking to 80% total resist.
    • Please note that this is a PERCENTAGE cap, despite the fact that damage resistance is 1:1. You will need far more resistances against a boss than you will in normal combat.
  • Camera added to Elite Store.
  • Slip Beneath and Down Bitch coded.
  • Very nearly all toggle and passive abilities have been stamped NoAoE. You have been warned.
  • NoAoE abilities now pass through to children, though they are weakened by half. The mastermind combat skill improves this up to 65%. Normal splits still occur.
  • "Quick Battle" option added to web interface. Starts a battle with auto already enabled.
  • The General Hospital has been populated, bringing Mad Doctor and Evil Nurse to the grid!
  • All mutant powers are now being updated by the very game itself. Skynet will be operational within the week.


  • Salvage Experts group perk added! Increased chances of finding common salvage!
  • Your active effects now show up in web battles; look on the right hand side.
  • New default skin applied to the wiki. To change away from this design, you'll need to log in and go to My Preferences > Appearance, and select a new theme.
  • Helpful merit added.
  • Rapid Cooling recipe modifier added; drops from the mountain path.
  • Polearm recipe added; sold at Jack's.
  • Heavy Beam buffed a little; it sets stuff on FIRE now!
  • Web updates:
    • Web combat assist notices now only give a short summary, instead of a huge pile of messages for every combat.
    • Buying hero points in the web interface now uses 100% battery charge, instead of 1 mako. You also can't accidentally buy points twice.
    • Web travel now indicates how many agents are in an area.


  • A fistful of web battle bugs involving inflated damage were fixed.
  • Web travel zones re-examined; some areas removed. Your comms no longer work inside the hotel. D:
  • Duration on summoned children boosted to 76 rounds base, with a max of 144.
    • Energy cost increased to 20.
    • Cooldown increased to 7500.
  • Terminal Download and Salvage Boosters added to the elite stores.
  • Magnetic Personality coded.


  • Sharpening, Bear Hug and Pummel made more awesome to compensate for their inability to help anyone except you, the user.
  • Mechanical Drone and the as-yet-unreleased Repair Drone given useful powers and combat skills. Should now have some reason to equip instead of children.
  • Dreidel infection now for sale in the elite shops. No, really. We're almost out of holiday forms!
  • Template infections, such as Automaton and Plushie, now have standardized rules, and can properly use infection code, are impacted by heat, etcetera.
  • Automaton parts on children will now turn into giant robot parts.
  • Badges have been added for assisting in web combat!
  • Cooldown and Charge times can now only be pushed to double duration. This should help in the face of heavy knockdown or -haste effects.
  • Group Chat tab added to web interface.


  • Human infection added to the elite shops.
    • The resulting badge does NOT get added to the list of free Recursion forms, like the other purchased (holiday) vials. It can be bought as such, but at the regular 5 mako rate.
  • Clawed, Avian, Insect, and Animated Flags added.
  • [legs] added to string parsing; spits out the full leg description.
  • Kangaroos have lost Roo Aura; being pouched now simply gives 50 rounds of change resistance.
  • Fortifying distillation created.
  • Shifting and recursing now ignore TotalChangeImmunity status.


  • Snowman infection added to the elite shops. We're almost out of holiday infections! Really!
  • Hard boss and final boss monster ranks are now much harder to knock down.
  • Repeat attacks should now fire properly, instead of losing one or two attacks on the way.
  • A whole bunch of cool extensions were added to this wiki, but nobody here knows how to use them quite yet.
  • Scattershot 2000 recipe added to the Elite shop for 20 mako.
    • Many powers have had NoAOE added, as a result.
  • Auxilium feels it is very important to share that they have put little flags on every "knotted" or "barbed" dick on the grid.


  • Christmas Elf infection and Nanite Grenade added to the elite shops.
  • Covering now drops from ferals Deeper in the East Forest.
  • Self-Cooling and Self-Heating recipes added to the magazine rack in the mall.
  • "Spread" can now be applied to powers, making them dilute less when spread over more enemies. Milk Squirt and Overpenetrate now both use this mechanic.
  • Infection code overhauled. Ultimate Infection Resist now resists ALL attempts to change your shape, even dedication-based shifting powers. Abilities designed to bypass immunities (such as the Joey shift or the Christmas boss vials) now bypass form fixatives, EMP gear, and even native resistances.


  • Boss vials now grant the Total badge upon being used
  • Festive Reindeer and Santa infections added to the elite shops.
  • [hp of [player]] added to string parsing; returns the percentage health of a target, so you can check for a target being wounded or at full health.


  • Terrible Pun's upgrades have been rebalanced.
  • The Consignment store now sells Mako Batteries for 15 tokens, and Mako for 30 tokens.
  • Mall Rat tails have been augmented.
  • DoTs now degrade ten times faster out of combat.
  • You will now be told when you can volunteer next if you try to volunteer too soon.
  • New mission editor feature: 'Desperate' fights, which do not end just because you lost.
  • Death now turns off auto-battle.
  • Losing a fight in a web battle no longer inflicts the 'injured' status.
  • Litter Inducer added to the mako shop.
  • HUGE target button added to web combat screen.
  • Recursion dedication added.
  • Mako batteries and Mako can now be purchased using Reward Tokens, for 15 and 30 tokens each, respectively.
  • Battles in the web interface now have a chance of summoning an online player in the same area as you to assist in combat. The summoned helper fights automatically using their own AI settings, and will receive experience, freecred, and any other loot as if they're actually there.


  • Mall Rats just got cooler, gaining the Luck of the Rat and Too Cool powers. These are built into the form, and cannot be mastered. You must be cool to have these abilities.
  • Terminal now able to be checked remotely at the cost of 5% mako battery.
  • Circus Clown added to Woodfield Park.


  • Repair costs now are calculated for the level of the user in cases where the level of the item is higher than that. This should reduce costs of repairs a lot, especially for people who always max their item level to 50 while being dozens of levels lower.


  • Resistance against damage returns was halved.
  • Targeted Nativizer added to the New Ireland store.
  • New options added to 'morph' command. You can now associate a morph to your current infection. Every game tick updates your morph if it finds a match for your current infection.
    • This can be to a specific mix of parts, not just a pure infection.
    • Shifting in any capacity forces your morph to be checked immediately.


  • Covering 0 damage no longer produces any output in combat, cutting down on cover spam, especially at low levels.
  • Infusing gear with builder and boss vials revamped:
    • You can now fill an item up to 50% of the red band using normal builder vials
    • Boss vials can go all the way to 100%
  • Room exits are now color-coded. Yellow exits are safe, gray are easy monsters, white are normal monsters, and purple monsters will kill you.
  • Self-Heating and Self-Cooling modifiers coded.
  • The Ragnarok Beast on top of the Hotel has had its spawn method altered; to summon, go to the room and type 'fight rag'.
    • After a few embarrassing incidents involving three beasts at once, the Beast was nerfed, then less nerfed after he got beaten by a bunch of kids. Twice.


  • Fleeing mechanics changed significantly. Instead of removing all the monsters from your location, it now leaves them there while moving you to a randomly chosen adjoining room with no chance of ambush. Supposedly, party members are able to flee from a battle individually and at any time now.


  • Mall Rat dedication was added to the main room of the Fairhaven Mall.


  • Leveling up past level 30 via the web no longer allows you to skip the boss vial requirement. In progress, you now drink a boss vial before attempting to level instead of consuming it in the scary, scary menu there.
  • Pure Breeding merit added.


  • Two new possibilities added to +reward: A free equipment upgrade, and 2 reward tokens.
  • Kangaroo God dedication massively upgraded. Roo Aura added as a third power, as well as the Pouch command: turns players into Joeys (permissions apply), giving them both the Maternal Love and the Protective Pouch powers.
  • Long-standing bug removed: Powers with secondary effects now activate them even if the primary attack killed the target.


  • A long-standing bug with passive effects falling off has finally been squashed! You will no longer forget you have Muscle Mass for a few brief moments, etc.
  • A bug of resists capping too hard was fixed. This should result in properly decreased damage for players and monsters, depending on resist and defense.
  • Resist amount is now displayed during combat for each hit.
  • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "Water penalties suck like the old days." Should be Charge, Recharge and energy drain if you don't measure up.
  • Negative EnergyBreak statuses applied to NPCs now act like Knockdown instead. No change on players.
  • Hot and cold environments added to the game! Heat causes a small energy DOT and negative EnergyBreak. Cold causes a small energy DOT and negative Recharge.
    • HeatAdaptation and ColdAdaptation statuses added. Water Flask supplies a small HeatAdaptation. Icy Hide and Fiery Hide implemented. Furry Hide can be upgraded with either. Assorted armor equipment give negative HeatAdaptation.
    • Heat Immune and Cold Immune merits let you ignore the respective environments.
  • Damage toggles Slime Toss, Quill Wag, Biting Wit and Electric Field energy cost reduced.


  • Treasure Hunter profession created
  • Negative statuses no longer increase in magnitude from High Quality or StatusMag modifiers when crafting.
  • Use of the +reward #gift command to give out a +reward to the whole MUD only costs 40 mako for the duration of December!