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Fishing is a minigame that allows you to catch different kinds of fish at various locations throughout Woodfield and Fairhaven.

How to fish

In order to fish, you will need to make or buy a Fishing Rod and some bait. The magnitude of the FishingRod effect on the Fishing Rod determines the weight of the fish you can catch using it. The weight you will be using is 2 to 6x the fishing mag of the rod. Too low and you won't be able to feel the nibbles of a smaller fish, too high and you'll snap your line. The weight of the fish listed in +fish/info is only the average size so sometimes the fish weighs a little more or a little less. You will come across fish with odd weights more often when not using patrol. Some fish require a particular type of bait which may even be other fish that you will have to catch.

Once you have the proper equipment, you'll need to equip the fishing rod and find a fishing location (see Fishing Locations). Typing +fish will bring up the following menu:

Fish V 1.4.7 by Nuku Valente.
+fish -- This help screen!
+fish/bait (Bait or Lure name) -- Declare the bait/lure you'll use.
                                  You CAN use fish.
                                  Lures are reusable but attract less fish.
+fish/info (Fish name) -- Get the description on a fish.
+fish/butcher (Fish name)=(amount) -- Slice up fish to produce edible salvage.
+fish/cast -- Fish!
+fish/patrol -- Fish! You also spend a patrol point, if you catch a fish, you will catch multiple.
Also bypasses minute cooldown, avoids random encounters, and increases the odds of a properly 
weighted fish appearing.
You are in fishing region: 5
Your fishing pole rating: 0.6
Your bait is: hare lure
Your fishing skill is: 10
Your butchering skill is: 6.5

Currently, only the +fish/bait, +fish/info, and +fish/cast options have any effect.

  • +fish/bait allows you to select your bait. So far, only Mashed Bait and Hare Lure are available to craft. All other baits must be caught or purchased from other players.
  • +fish/info will show you what fish are available in your current area, or if followed by a fish name, describe it.
  • +fish/cast will start the fishing minigame with a 60 second cooldown between casts.
  • +fish/patrol will start the fishing minigame with a 5 second cooldown, no random encounters, better odds for a fish of correct weight for the rod, and a chance to catch multiple fish.

Before you begin, you'll want to check +fish/info and make sure you have the right rod and bait equipped. Once you're ready, enter +fish/cast and prepare to reel in your catch, if any. You'll see something similar to the following:
You'll need to enter fi # where # is the number of the box that matches the color of the symbol on the line above the boxes. Each color has a different symbol, if you're having trouble distinguishing them. Choosing correctly will increase your progress, choosing incorrectly will decrease it. Your progress also steadily decreases over time. If it reaches zero, the fish gets away, while reaching a high enough value will successfully reel in your catch.

That's how it's done!

Fishing is a minigame that takes bait, multiple poles, time, patience, and the staying power to keep going even after failing when you pick the correct color/symbol and the fish still gets away. To get the biggest fish you will need multiple poles and you will need to fish up other fish to use as bait. This will suck when a smaller fish eats the fish you caught for bait and will be even worse when one gets away because it is the wrong weight for your pole. However fishing will give you a fair amount of badges, can be free, can be a slow source of additional income for active players when out of patrol, and is the only source for certain crafting materials.

Fishing locations

Currently known fishing locations include:

  • The short pier in northeast Woodfield. Travel to the intersection of Main and Short Street, then head north.
  What you will find in this region: 
  Name                |Skl/Wgt|Rare|                   Bait                   |
  Jelly fish          |1  /2  /10  |Any                                       |
  Salmon              |2  /4  /5   |Mashed Bait                               |
  Old Boot            |1  /6  /20  |Any                                       |
  Random Encounter    |1  /20 /100 |Any                                       |

  • The Beach in Fairhaven. Travel to Fairhaven chemical, then go west, north, north, west and talk to the Beach Bum.
  What you will find in this region: 
  Name                |Skl/Wgt|Rare|                   Bait                   |
  Seaweed             |0  /5  /10  |Any                                       |
  Shrimp              |1  /5  /10  |Mashed Bait                               |
  Old Boot            |1  /6  /20  |Any                                       |
  Random Encounter    |1  /20 /100 |Any                                       |
  Mako Shark          |3  /25 /50  |Dolphin                                   |
  Tuna                |2  /35 /20  |Shrimp                                    |
  Dolphin             |3  /40 /70  |Shrimp                                    |
  • The Mountain Village, located on the mountain path near East Forest and the Military Base.
  What you will find in this region: 
  Name                |Skl/Wgt|Rare|                   Bait                   |
  Smelt               |8  /2  /40  |Mashed Bait,Hare Lure                     |
  Goldfish            |4  /5  /20  |Any                                       |
  Old Boot            |1  /6  /20  |Any                                       |
  Sacramento Sucker   |9  /20 /60  |Smelt                                     |
  Random Encounter    |1  /20 /100 |Any                                       |
  • The River
  What you will find in this region: 
  Name                |Skl/Wgt|Rare|                   Bait                   |
  Frog                |5  /4  /10  |Mashed Bait                               |
  Old Boot            |1  /6  /20  |Any                                       |
  Trout               |4  /10 /50  |Old Boot                                  |
  Three Eyed Fish     |6  /12 /30  |Trout                                     |
  Random Encounter    |1  /20 /100 |Any                                       |
  • (Glenstock: 8th Street Dock) OR (Xanadu Gardens: Grand Fountain) OR (Cat Town: Lazy Lake Shore)
  Name                |Skl/Wgt|Rare|                   Bait                   |
  Crawfish            |1  /4  /15  |Mashed Bait                               |
  Small Pond Scum     |0  /5  /10  |Any                                       |
  Old Boot            |1  /6  /20  |Any                                       |
  Small Goldfish      |3  /18 /60  |Crawfish                                  |
  Large Pond Scum     |0  /20 /10  |Any                                       |
  Common Carp         |2  /25 /25  |Crawfish                                  |
  Huge Mackinaw       |5  /28 /40  |Small Goldfish                            |
  Large Blue Gill     |3  /30 /45  |Small Goldfish                            |

Bold items are used in recipes or schematics.
Italic items are used as a bait for another fish.

Fish Uses

  Tuna               Monique at the Library entrance might be interested.
Smelt Repairing modifier
Sacramento Sucker Sucking modifier
Three Eyed Fish Laser Emitting modifier
Jelly Fish Caustic modifier
Salmon Purifying Tablet item, Buffering Armor item
Huge Mackinaw Berserkers Fillet item
Mako Shark Aggressive Soup item