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The Terminal is a computer database, accessible IC at both Zephyr and RSX. It acts as a repository for the reports of hundreds of operatives, containing details of what creatures were encountered on patrols and expeditions. If it exists, this is where it is recorded.

It can be found immediately upstairs from both RSX and Zephyr lobbies, and to interact with it the command is 'terminal <form of infection>'. After querying the database, the terminal will supply you with details as to where the infection can be found.

This command can also be used remotely for a cost of 5% of your mako battery's charge. There is a Terminal Download available as well, which causes your comm to provide an on demand readout of ambient infections. It is worth noting that this feature is best combined with the Use 'rtrace roomname' and 'atrace areaname' commands An alternate method for finding particular information on forms is the Power finder