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Born and raised in the northeast United States, Ciana was born into a middle-class family in 1987, working much of her life on studying the body, brain, and general human health. While being uneventful, she didn't have an easy life in the beginning. In school, she'd be berated by her classmates for wanting to stick out of extra-curricular activities, instead deciding to study with her many books and few friends. Her parents weren't always doing well, either. Most of the time, her father would be out of the house for work, leaving no time for them to bond. Her mother, having to pick up the slack, also didn't spend much time helping her, but more just with her. When Ciana, at the age of eight, got news that her mother was pregnant, she was ecstatic. She'd no longer have to spend her days sticking to the shade with nobody to talk to. Of course, for her parents, this was going to be a nightmare. The amount of meaningful time that Ciana spent with her parents already being minimal, she'd barely ever see her dad, and her mother barely ever talked to her unless it would be to check in with her. Once the child was born and given the name of Percy, Ciana tried to help out all she could with her parents by attempting to be able to take good care of herself, doing anything for money which she would then give to her struggling parents. Eventually, when Ciana was age twelve, her parents finally got out of the rut they were stuck in, having better jobs and being able to take care of their children more. Ciana also tried to be more social, realizing she was a near-complete shut-in. Life more just continued as normal. Eventually, Ciana got a job as a field medic in the military, taking medical supplies to those on the battlefield who needed them. Percy got a job as a lawyer, his track record staying nice and clean. On P-Day, Ciana and her family all watched the television, thinking of what to do. Living in the Northeast United States, New York was a big release point, so Ciana and her family eventually decided to pack their bags and head across the country in an attempt to keep from getting mutated, not knowing that everybody in the United States was infected with nanites. Eventually, her family started to break apart. A few years after P-Day, Ciana's dad leaves in the middle of the night, an argument erupting from the preceding day being the reason why. Obviously, the rest of the group wanted him to stay, but he just thought that enough was enough. More years later, Ciana's mom has to enter into a town in order to do some important task and gets slightly mutated. In order to keep the rest of her family safe, she left without a trace. More years later, about a month before November first of 2017, and Zephys kidnaps Ciana while she's asleep, bringing her to the lab, restraining her, and doing tests on her for a 'prototype cure' to the nanites. Eventually, an 'army' of ferals overrun the building, allowing for Ciana's escape. She ran and ran, while her mutations just started to kick in. She shrank, grew huge ears, wings, and a cock. Eventually, she stumbles across Cerl and Zixis at the Hare Town waterfall, the both of them offering to help her current situation. She is taken into their hospitality, this hospitality including getting knocked up with Zixis' children and having Otto claim her as a pet. Now, she wears her collar proud, looking for anybody who can help her take revenge on Zephys for doing this to her, and to anybody else.

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Zephyr, Prometheans, RSX, Survivors - She has no particular sway towards any company, focusing on her battle with nanite infection and Zephys.

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Otto - Her former Master. Will be remembered forever.

Samii - Her first mate.

Cerl - Otto's mate, and one of the two who found her at the Hare Town waterfall.

Zixis - Her first child was had with hir. Everybody's pet!

Borneo - Her former Master, now close mate. Past packmate of Otto.

Wurtzite - Helped Ciana de-stress the first day. Leader of The Press, now a close mate.

Ebreus - Met at the Goblin Festival.

Laquera - A shy lizard girl she met at New Dawn with Wurtzite.

Talia - Met with Zixis and Ciana at the Zephyr Cafeteria.

Clef - Her hypno buddy and pet.

Natasha - Taught her some useful lessons on being a pet.

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Age - 30

Place of Birth - Northeast United States

Gender - Prefers to be called female, physically hermaphrodite

Primary Form - Fennec

Faction - Zephyr

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She currently has no dedications, but plans to study Coyote, in line with Otto.

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