New York, New York

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Basic Information

New York, New York State is arguably the capital of finance in the United States. Within its many boroughs, which are almost cities in their own right are a polyglot of cultures and history unlike anywhere else in the United States. However... Much of that glory faded with the release of the Promethean Nanites in February of 2008. As with other cities, the nanites wreaked havoc across the city, with many people mutating or vanishing utterly. Feral creatures roamed the streets, and those still possessed of their minds lived in terror.

The situation now is much changed; the infection has been controlled. Some would say eliminated, but the population of nonhumans belies that idea. Martial law is the rule of the day, with normal humans and the transformed living together, but segregated in many ways; Creatures of feral nature that prove to be troublesome are dealt with, with extreme prejudice.

Mutants who choose to live in the fortified city will be treated to the opportunity to live life much as one would expect a 20th century life to offer, but will are a minority class, and treated to less favorable things. They get worse jobs, worse pay, and the short end of the stick in legal conflicts. In short, it is a difficult existence, but arguably better than what waits for them outside the city.

Mutants and humans are strongly 'encouraged' to not socialize together, especially intimately. Mutants who cause infection in humans are punished severely. Despite this, some interracial couples persist in face of the legal and social pressure against it. The majority, however, stick to their own side of the mutant line for romance.