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Zixis is the type of person that wouldn't know how to make a proper introduction. Shi would be the one to give a polite bow and a friendly hello, but let you dictate the conversation. This doesn't mean shi is shy or embarrassed, shi simply likes to let others lead. Shi is a natural follower, and quite submissive. Shi doesn't shy away from lewd acts and actively encourages them, for in the bed sheets, true natures are laid bare. Zixis holds no shame in telling everyone that they like to be the bitch in sexual activities. Submissive probably to a fault, shi loves it when hir partners are rough, taking what they want from hir, even if that's just an affectionate cuddle. Hir body is marked by nanite tattoos, permanent proclamations from everyone that has had their way with hir. A personal goal of hirs is to obtain hundreds of marks, a living showcase of all who have had a piece of hir. You may think hir promiscuous, and you would be very correct, but their IS one shi is sworn to, one shi has declared hir body and soul to.

Violet is both hir mate and mistress. Hir lover and master. Zixis has declared hirself entirely to hir. What Vi wills, Zixis does. This does not mean Zixis cannot play. No no, shi can have all the fun shi wants, and shi expects Vi to do the same. Do not be afraid to tease and flirt, Zixis will respond quite in kind. Do not expect breeding rights however. Zixis is almost always pregnant, and when shi isn't shi's getting hirself ready for the next. Zixis has a mind to be a brood mother, and that brood be of Violet. Hir womb is owned by Vi, gestating generation after generation of Violet's spawn.

While it's usually sex with hir, when shi isn't doing naughty things, shi is dabbling with machinery and robotics. Hir preferred method of combat is to let pets, friends and drones do the talking, whilst shi cheers them on with fervor. Shi loves getting crafty, creating hir own problems and making hir own solutions to those problems. Shi is also an avid explorer, wishing to see the changed world, and hoping to make it better in hir own way.

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Violet: Love of hir life. Mate and mistress.

Ciana   : Good friend and fellow submissive.

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Mall Rat

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  • Pet play
  • Breeding
  • Eggs
  • Submission
  • Being Dominated
  • Making Friends
  • Friendly People
  • Almost Anything


  • Disrespect to Hir Mate
  • Mind Control
  • Loss of Sanity
  • Hard Vore

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