State Fair

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The State Fair is a bright and flashy area full of carnival fun. With the resulting stimuli for the patrons and staff during the outbreak, the infected monsters here are particularly unusual.


State Fair



West from the State Fair leads into the State Fair hunting area.


  • CandyShop: Meet Sugar Ferret and "Sweet Tooth" candy shop added to Nav list
  • Concession Stand: if accepted offers random infections gain 1x chip and 1x soda (if accepted 4 times auto loss).
  • Fair Food Cart: Obtain 1x food
  • Ferris fun time: +10 humanity
  • Flashing fair lights: -20 humanity
  • floating balloons: (background)
  • Game crazy: (background)
  • Happy silly feeling: +25 humanity
  • Locked lockers: Part of Christyquest, Rubber Tigress fight and soda)
  • Lion modifying: Part of Boris quest.
  • Poor Kitty: Meet Artemis, a Rubber Tigress pet. Choose yes in both encounters to gain her as a pet.
  • Prize winning toss: Obtain 4 sodas.
  • Rubber tigerchase: Rubber Tigress fight and infection.
  • Salty Taffy: +20 Thirst, -1 Hunger
  • Strange barker: (background)
  • Sudden stampede: (background)
  • Sugar Shack: (accepting offer turns you into Sugar Glider, accepting again leads to game over.
  • Sweet Exchange: (background)