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Will do....eventually.

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(As seen from Youshou's IC point of view)

  • Prometheans: Caring, and understanding for what has happened. Since P-Day, when I was on the run from Zephyr, they took me in, and taught me what I needed to do to live on.

  • Zephyr: After escaping the labs after being used as an experiment, Zephyr wants me, dead, or alive. Am I really worth that much to them?

  • RSX: Apparently they do not agree with me using their employees as a healthy food source. No harm was done, so I don't see why they want me captured. But, they do taste yummy.

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RP Hooks
I am up for most things. Please view my details in game for more information.

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Nothing to put here....yet...maybe...idk.

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  • Nanite Adept

Gender: Female
Group: Sensual Healing
Group Role: Leader
Faction: Promethean
Main Form: Goo Girl

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No logs found.

Other Information

I use the Mudlet 2.1 Client to connect which you can obtain from:

You can also obtain the chat script I use to separate the chat from my Google Drive:

Script Install

After installing the Mudlet, and connecting to FS, you can open up the package manager, and Install that script from where ever you downloaded it to. You should then close the program and safe the profile on exit. Relaunching the application, and launching the profile should now show the tabs. This script has been tested for Windows, and Linux versions.

Group Not working

By Default, your group tab will be there, but not working. You need to open up your triggers menu, and navigate to the Group Tab Item. In the lines at the top you will see 0, 1, 2, and so on. I have left my groups information there as an example. Replace that information with your group, and save and restart. You will now see your group information inside.