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- Meeting at the entrance to the highway is the usual human Promethian wearing blue overalls known as Smithson. Standing next to his heavily-worn truck, he waits for everyone to gather before speaking: "Zephyr has hired me again to help you all drive out into the ruins of America to gather something-or-other. This time we are heading back to a town called Paradise where some ex-military group is looking to trade some of their Military-Grade Plating for supplies. Everything Zephyr is offering is right here..." He points to a trailer hooked to the back of his truck, loaded with crates and such. "...so all we have to do is take it out there, negotiate, and bring the armor plates back. Any questions before we head out?"

- Ebreus glides down to the meeting place, clad in his usual armor but now sporting a belt-fed gernade launcher and ballistic shield instead of a Flamethrower. He smiles and looks around seeing Smithson and his truck. "Hello Smithson, it'll be nice working with you again." he says and waits leaning against the truck.
Once the rest of the group arrives and Smithson explains the mission he nods and says, "We're after Military plates, right? My team and I have been needing 'em for the project."

- T'was a foggy day, a shitty day for sure, the shady cityscape shrouded under the cover of dense mists, wretched workings and foul machinations running rampant, unobserved and protected by the haze. A bleak outlook to be sure, one as seen though the eyes of a golden-furred jackal with a thirst for danger.
Stepping heavily towards the meeting place, clad in steel from nose to toes, the canine carried himself boldly, his stance stoic and firm, though to those more perceptive, he would appear troubled... that glint in his eyes faded, gaze darkened, in a way... his brows furrowed lightly, lips lacking that typical smarmy grin...
Once Otto nears the meeting point, he rolls his shoulders and cracks a few joints, then sighs heavily, as though the armor he carried was twice, nay... thrice it's weight, yet indeed it was not. His arsenal was much the same. Several automated firearms lining his body, a long and deadly looking chainsword perched upon his back, heavy gauntlets concealing leathal battle claw attachments... and gods knew what else the canine hid under there.
He flashes an unsteady smile at Smithson and greets him with a nod, "Nice to see you again." he states firmly, then glances at Ebreus. "Hey Eb. You too. How's it hanging?"

- Pelle is flying to the meeting place as she spots three figures and truck and lands beside them all, she shifts into a Saber-toothed Bard having all her armor and weapons change to her now size,
she has a bow and a rocket launcher on her back with a quiver of arrows on her hip and an around 5 rockets strapped to her back and a chainsaw on her belt, she gives them all a wave as she wakes up to them "hello Ebreus and hello otto" she says then looks to the person next to the truck "and hello to you as well, in Pelle" she says and gives him a small bow before looking at them all. "so this is the meeting place?" she asks

- Smithson replies "Yep. just need to get going now." He then gets everyone in or on the truck to make ther way out. And riding out to Paradise is a smooth trip, nothing out here causing any trouble. It is only after pulling into Paradise that something seems wrong: A few columns of smoke rise in the distance. "That can't be good." Smithson says as he drives through the streets. "That smoke looks to be right where the meeting point is supposed to be. I'm going to pull over about two blocks over, then your ride home won't get caught up in what may happen." He stops the truck in a side street, then motions for everyone to get out.

- Ebreus smiles brightly to see Otto was on this contract too. "Hi Otto!" he barks happily. He then notices his soured mood and his smile partially fades. "Something wrong Otto? We're headed out on adventure." he says, hoping to cheer the Jackal up a bit.
He waves when he notices Pelle aproachig... or rather having aproached as it isn't easy to see someone the size of a large beetle in fog. He says, "Hi Pelle, nice to see you're coming along and well prepared." As he pats his own Ammo packs. He quietly tries to judge their weight and make sure he hasn't lost any 'nades from the spare magazines he has with him.
Ebreus nods as Smithson carrals them into the truck, "Right, off to our newest adventure." he says. He rides quietly, spending the time inside the double double-checking his equipment and making any necessary spot-fixes with his Nanomagics then when he feels the unpleasant sensation of the bubble being cut off he says, "Pelle, you running Regulation or shall I?"

- "Adventure!" the jackal replies with a forced smile and a raised fist, then nods a greeting to Pelle. Well, everyone seemed well armed for this. Perhaps they'd need to be... Climbing into the truck, the canine takes the time spent traveling to ensure all his equipment was accounted for, weapons loaded, primed and ready. He remembered... not so long ago, the ambush that they'd suffered, one that'd claimed the lives of two poor survivors. Such things were hard to forget.
Leaving the bubble was nothing new to Otto. He'd done it so many times by now that it felt just like home. Silent throughout most of the trip, he keeps his eyes and ears sharp for signs of trouble, even as they drove through the streets towards their destination, nay... ESPECIALLY once they were within the lion's den. "So many windows..." he rumbles quietly "Potential sniper nests all over the place... I hope Z knows what they're doing..." perhaps they did, what were three mooks to a corporate giant like Zephyr anyway?
Once the smoke comes into view, and the truck comes to a halt, Otto is the first to climb out. "That's a good idea, take care of the payload." Otto tells their driver, then arms himself with his semi-automatic rifle and looks towards Ebreus and Pelle. "I'm going through the alleys to check things out. You two make your approach however you'd like, but do take care." he nods, then departs, finding the nearest pathway to safely approach their destination.

- Pelle activists her Regulation nanomagic the moment she feels the unwelcome feeling from being outside of the bubble. "I can keep it up" she says to Ebreus and the moment she spots the smoke she looks to Ebreus. "you may want to activate yours I'm going to fly over and look at whats happening and then come back to you" she says to Ebreus and gives Otto a nod when the truck stops and starts flying up into the sky, she flyes as fast as she can to get to the meeting place and to get a look at how is there or what has happened

- Coming across the scene of the billowing smoke, it appears that a group of soldiers have somewhat fortified a position in a local diner, like a temporary outpost. The diner is practicaly in ruins however, like multiple explosions blew out everything and everyone inside. A transport truck lies on its side, torn open by something that looks to be another explosion, and there are bodies all over the place. All of the dead look to be recent, clothed in military fatigues and in various male and female bunny forms.

- Ebreus spies the smoke and nods as Otto decides to scout ahead. He hums a tone as he's left the only one not-scouting. Activating his own regulation field he walks forward down the right-hand sidewalk toward the meeting place, keeping his Shield angled so that on an instance notice it could be on his left or in front of him. Making good use of having an extra set of arms he carefully keeps his 40mm launcher trained on the window that would be worst for him if it were a snipers nest. Once he reaches the meeting point and sees all the corpses and damage he sighs and moves into the building, doing his best to determine cause of death for the corpses. Predicably explosives and gunshots. He glances around for any of his compariots and seeing Otto he says, "Any of them breathing?" as he continues to watch the windows of the other buildings.

- The jackal weaves through the battleground, his weapon raised, senses sharp, body armored and steeled for the unexpected, ready... yet nothing happens just yet. Thankfully, he makes his way to the turned over truck without having his brains splattered every which way by a sniper round. There, the jackal happens to take a peek at the front seats, or rather what was left of them. There, he spots the two drivers, one of which seemed to be in far better shape than the other. Perhaps the poor lapine was alive?
Leaning in through the window, the jackal checks for a pulse, a small smile tugging at his lips once he feels the faint thumping of a beating heart. "Here." he calls to Ebreus, then gets to work. The jackal puts his strength to good use, prying open the part of the dashboard pinning the poor soul in place, then unhooks the seatbelt and adjusts so as to pull him out through the broken windshield. Taking care not to cut the lad on any glass or sharpened metal, he frees him from the crushed car prison and lays his body on the ground.
There were no traces of blood upon the lapine's uniform, which was most reassuring. Perhaps the canine's medkit was unnecessary? He couldn't tell, his medical training not only lacking, but completely absent. "This one yet lives, but he is out cold."

- Pelle starts to write on a piece of paper she has fished out of her backpack "saw a military looking truck go east following. yours truly Pelle" written on it and sticks it to an arrow, with she shots down at the ground when she passes the meeting place hoping somebody sees it, she then goes to follow the truck from a distance trying to get a look at who is in the truck and going closer if needed

- As Otto pulls the bunny boy soldier from the wreck, he starts to stir, still groggy and replying slowly. "Huh? Who are you? What happened?"

- Ebreus glances over to Otto when he calls and watches him retrieve the Lapine driver. He pulls his attention back to the windows, "He stable?" he asks as he scans for motion in the windows, ready to put a shell through the first window to have motion in it. He doesn't look to the soldier when he speaks but replies to them, "We're from Fairhaven. You were, apparently, ambushed." Hearing the arrow land he glances toward it and sees it laying there. He sidesteps over to it and grabs it with his free hand, he opens the note and reads it. "Hope you can move, or be without us. Truck headed East. Possibly with our prize." he says. He stretches his wings and texts Pelle, "Texting works, can you stop them?" as he makes his way back toward the destroyed section of the building.

- The jackal looks over the poor lapine soldier he'd rescued, relieved to see the lad stir awake. "What my comrade said. Zephyr dispatched us here, we just sorta... walked right into this mess." he sniffs around for the telltale scents of blood, but detects nothing. "Where does it hurt? Can you stand on your own?" the jackal asks, keeping his tone down. Nodding at Ebreus, he states firmly, "Go take care of that, I'll catch up."

- Pelle looks to her comms unit as she hears it peep and text Ebreus as fats. "ok" back to him before taking her rocket launcher of her back and ready the rocket that's in it before aiming for the front part of it and thinking a bit of the speed it's going at and what speed she is going at as well and fires a rocket at it

- The soldier still speaks slowly: "Ambushed? By who?" He then looks around ad the destruction, his adrenaline spiking as he screams "AAAAHHHH!" and flails around, almost hitting Otto in the face. His outburst doesn't last long though, as he is soon clutching his head an whimpering in pain.

- Ebreus looks back to the Jackal and the downed Lapine with a smile and nod, "Alright. Get 'im back to our truck." he says. He then crouches and leaps into the air using his large demonic wings to carry him higher into the air. He orients himself around to be facing East, he spies the truck dives to pick up speed as he begins to persue the truck.

- Taking a step back once the lapine freaks out, Otto is at the very least relieved to see his able to move around some. "Calm down. Look, my name's Otto, alright? You're safe, you're alive, the ambush is over." the jackal sighs and glances towards where their transport was located. "Listen, I'll bring you to our comrade from big Z. He's waiting to drive us back into town." That said, the jackal carefully wraps one arm around the downed lapine's back, the other under the cleft of his legs, and carefully lifts. Were all to go well, he'd take the soldier over to the truck as agreed, and deposit him in Smithson's care.

- the rocket hits the ground just shy of the truck, causing it to swerve and come to a stop. One of the tires looks to be torn up in the process
the rocket hits the ground just shy of the truck, causing it to swerve and come to a stop. One of the tires looks to be torn up in the process
Pelle is hovering for the moment and wondering what to do now that the truck has stops, she desids takes out another rocket and reloads her rocket launcher, she fires it at the truck again hoping somebody survives the explosions she is making, she waits for her rocket to hit and go off and if she hit and the truck desids to blow up waits for that to happen

- The soldier does nothing to stop Otto from picking him up and carrying him off, still clutching his head. "Big Z? Who's that?" he asks.
In the distance, Pelle's second rocket flies off to hit the back of the truck, about to blow appart the back of it. Moments before the rocket hits, figures jump from the driver and passenger seats of the truck while a thrid dives from the back, narrowly missing getting hit by Pelle's rocket. Then a bright light can be seen flashing from a weapon the third person is holding, and a searing beam of light tears through Pelle's left wing.

- Ebreus swoops diving until there is just enough time to recover without hitting the ground so as to build up speed as the races after the truck. Just as he behins to loose momentum he flaps his wings, flying low and fast at the wrecked truck and three hostiles. Recognizing the weapon used he texts Otto, 'The SOBs from Tahoe were in the truck. Pelles hurt. Get here now.' Unsure of wether or not his Shield could withstand that sort of lazor weapon he adjusts course so as to me more easily able to be harder to notice.

- "Zephyr." Otto answers quietly, going silent as he walks the lapine over towards the truck, where Smithson was waiting for them. "We have a survivor, Smith. Take care of him, would ya? I'm gonna..." and then it catches the jackal's eye. That flash of light, not too far from where he was, albeint far enough that going on foot would take too long. While it was not a clear sign that it's where his comrades were, it was a worthwhile thing to check out. The canine's comm unit beeps, and the message only made the jackal groan with exasperation. They had an injury, and it would likely become a casualty like this. Showing the message to Smith, he places a paw on the driver's shoulder and asks "You gotta get me over there."

- Pelle freaks out a bit when she gets her left wing shot throw my a beam not sure what that was and tries to get her self to crash land on the nearest building but don't really make it in time as she only manages to get a hold of the edge of the building and falls down the on one below her she feels the sickening feeling when her mini bubble pops she gets her comms unit and sends a text to Ebreus and Otto "I'm fine pain but fine bubble popped cant fly left wing broken like hell just go and get them for this" she lays her self down a bit trying to fight throw the pain she is having

- Smithson takes no time in starting the truck, letting Otto get the soldier into the passenger seat next to him. "If Zephyr losses these supplies, I doubt they'll let us off without paying for them." He still doesn't hesitate, driving down the streets the moment Otto gets in.
The three people from the truck immediately get into defensive positions, taking cover.

- Ebreus flaps his wings as hard as he can to quickly gain altitude and land on the rooftop of the building closest to him. He quickly scrables away from the Edge and aims his launcher to fire like a mortar, raining 40mm Shells, hopefully, onto MA-X and his allies.

- The truck comes to a screeching halt a short distance from the source of the chaos, and Otto is immediately off of the vehicle. Firearms put away as he runs towards the source of that familiar scent, the aroma of blood gushing from a fresh wound guiding Otto towards the rooftop where Pelle was lying. The jackal keeps his head low and his motions swift, monkeying up the side of the building with ease, thanks to a conveniently placed ladder of all things! He monkeys his way up to the roof and locks his gaze onto Pelle.
The poor lass was hit hard, but her situation was not hopeless. The canine's keen eye spots the three who had immediately dashed under new cover to avoid the blasts Ebreus had put down. Thinking quickly, Otto raises his automatic rifle and fires, the sounds of gunfire flood the area as a barrage of lead comes down from Otto's perch. Despite emptying a clip, the attackers' new cover makes it difficult for him to aim true. Two of the rounds pierce one of the men's legs, while another round strikes a different person in the shoulderblade. Otto ducks for cover immediately after and reloads, readying for another attack.

- Pelle gives Otto a wave when she spots him, as she sees that he goes to fire his gun she starts to remove the harness she used to keep her rocket launcher on her, she reloads it and shoves it to Otto and tries to get his attention without saying a word, she then point to the rocket launcher

- Because of Ebreus's grenades hitting walls at odd angles, two of the three enemies had retreated to other cover while a third climbed into the back of the truck, avoiding the potentially deadly blasts. Those two that stayed out were the ones who got hit by Otto's spray of bullets. It seems that getting shot they just retreat into cover more, not firing back. However, it must have been the one in the truck that was most dangerous, as a loud BING! BING! BING! starts ringing out from the back of the truck.

- Ebreus ceases firing after a short burst, not wanting to waist all his 40mm Shells. He takes freezes once his launcher falls silent, when no death rays come for him be begins to breath again. He takes mental note to take that rifle from MA-Xs corpse... should he ever get the opertunity. Hearing the, strangely reassuring, sound of Ottos ballistic weapons he smiles and texts him, 'How far off did they land?' as he tries to keep the launcher steady so as to be able to lay down accurate morter fire once Otto responds. He keeps his shield ready, just in case. He adjusts his 40mm Launcher and prepares to rain hell on this new, assumedly hostile, noise. He takes a breath as the beeping continues and texts Otto, 'Can you do anything about that thing?'

- The jackal was largely unamused once he hears his comm unit beep, his paws already busy reloading a new clip into his firearm. He does flick it open and reads the messages though, then flicks it back down without a response. T'was not the time to be texting. As the rounds enter his automated rifle, he peers down at Pelle and the weapon she offered. The jackal shakes his head. "We came here for the plating. I am not blowing that truck up." he looks at Ebreus and and gestures that he was going in.
The jackal then disappears, shrouded by his vanishing nanomagic, a mere specter, a gust of wind that creeps its way towards the truck, weapon in hand. Once he reaches the back of the truck, he moves in for the decisive strike. Wrapping one arm around the man there, he starts to asphyxiate them, squeezing with enough force to completely close up their windpipe, and before long, they were unconscious.
Setting the lifeless ragdoll aside, Otto breathes a sigh of relief, a short-lived one to be sure, as mere moments later he can hear a device trigger beside him. The jackal immediately looks over the electronics thereupon, and identifies it as a mini-server. T'was where his expertise ended, and uncertainty came with the fight or flight response, and within an instant, the canine had taken a roll away from the potentially hazardous device.

- Pelle nods to what Otto says and grabs her rocket launcher and lays on the rooftop not knowing what she can do to help the two, she sees that Otto disappears from sight and sends a text to Ebreus "Otto disappeared and I don't know what he's going to do" when she has sent the text she goes back to trying to suppress the pain so she can get her own bubble back up

- The device in the truck activates, and immediately the area around the truck starts to fill up with a thick fog. It doesn't seem to be pouring from the truck, more like it forms from the very air around it, then spreading out to fill around everyone in the vacinity.

- Ebreus watches Ottos signs silently, making no exteraneous movements. He waits a minute before beginning to text Otto, 'Are you still alive?' Then when he sees the fog beginning to manifest around him he goes 'oh shit' silently to himself. His Contol Foci roars to life, the tiny device trying to defend his mind from the fog as he quickly texts Otto everything he'd need to know to turn the server into electronic salvage.

- The fog engulfed Otto first of all, the poor canine being so close to the device, he takes the brunt of its influence. Immediately, everything fell silent, the very world around him disappearing as blackness engulfed his mind. He tries to fight it, but the effects are very real nonetheless... that... familiar feeling, the creep around his wrists, body devoid of any sort of protection, bare... vulnerable... he felt small, a dwarf in a giant's world, bound, immobile...
What was that?! Hissing... in the distance... nay, it was nearby, a sickly, wheezing sound, serpentine in a way, but unearthly. Chittering surrounded him, the gentle footfall of many legs, encircling, surrounding... there was nowhere to run... "No. No no no fuck this." the jackal snarls, his mind crying out in defiance against what he was perceiving, the terror fighting his iron will for dominance, thoughts of fangs slipping through the flesh upon his neck, body growing cold, lifeless as... "NOOOOO!" the canine cries out! THIS HAD TO STOP! THIS HAD TO STOP RIGHT NOW! That infernal machine, that's what was doing this, he had to stop it, RIGHT NOW!
Ebreus' page falls on deaf ears, a mind taken back into a very dark place, fracturing, buckling under the pressure with each passing second. Otto struggles to make sense of his surroundings, his vision barely functional as he fights to find his way back to the truck. Sensations, thoughts and emotions scattered every which way as he frantically searched for the device that was causing this, he swings his armored fist and with all his might *SLAM* crushes the delicate electronics under the weight of his swing, terminating the server... ending the horror. Wide-eyed and gasping for air, the jackal remains paralyzed for a moment... shivering slightly.

- Pelle felling her pain go away she does her best to crawl to the edge of the building, she look down to the truck trying to see what was happening but when she starts to remember her friends their faces but not their names, a moment she feared since she started getting new friends and something she has thought off, she starts to fish throw her command unit but before she gets to the file she wants, the names of her friends come back and she looks back to the truck, she thinks for a moment and takes her backpack off to rumble throw it and get out a few things from her backpack, as she starts to try and fix her broken wing so she can use it in a mini bubble not to fly but to glide

- The two remaining enemies, taking advantage of the momentary distraction caused by the Fog's effects, have taken Otto from behind in the truck and managed to drug him with a syringe. It slowly takes effect, Otto's body starting to go numb while the two of them drag the third out of the truck, trying to retreat.

- Ebreus begins to take deep breaths as he begins to hear Debbies voice in his head... worried about him. He begins to tremble lightly as the fog closes in around him. Then something happens. He remembers something... this fog makes him hallucinate. Just as he realizes this the fog begins to dissipate and he grows angry. He peaks over the edge of the roof in time to see the two of them... draging their friend away. That won't do at all.
He gets to his feet and with a running leap he is in the air, swooping down onto one of them like a Hawk attacking a field mouse. His paws connect with his targets upper torso and he rides them to the ground. With his large demonic wings spread wide he turns his head and exposes the last Child of Tahoe standing to his piercing gaze, his black scylera and bright irisess looking through him. He brings himself to his full standing hight and looms over the him, all four arms crost. "Your cybernetics are impressive. I think I'll take them if you don't surrender. Now!" he demands.

- "MOTHERF..." the jackal rouses from his shock once he feels that needle jab into his back. He turns sharply to take a swing at whoever did that, but was just too slow... Body and mind started to turn numb, senses dulling as the venom took hold. The jackal was effectively incapacitated for a short while, his noggen struggling to devise the obvious solution. By the time Otto'd taken a hearty chug of his revitalizing energy juice, Ebreus had stomped his way in and scared off the competition. "Buh..." the canine grumbles as he gets off of the truck, mind still hazy after the shock, and the venom currently battling it out with his energizing concoction. It felt like he'd had a short of tranquilizers and adrenaline at the same time, despite neither substance having an effect so potent.
Otto wobbles unsteadily, weapon drawn in one hand, aiming at the last of their enemies. "Sh...f...goddamn..." the canine slurs out, his body still in a state of chaos after that injection. He aims at the last human and pulls the trigger once, releasing two rounds that split his kneecaps and topple him over. "Tahoe... son...bitch. I'm..." the jackal puts his weapon away and leans against the truck, trying to recompose himself as the toxins battle it out. "Getting too old for this shit." he mumbles.

- Pelle gets her duct tape from her backpack and start to path her wing up and when she is done she looks it over, she shines after looking at it for a bit and starts to remove the work she started with and lays down on the ground again, she hears the voice of Ebreus and Otto down at the truck and begins to crawl over to the edge of the building again to then looks at them she then gets her comms unit and sends a text to Otto and Ebreus. "some help up here? can't get down" she crawls a bit back send sends another message to the two. "and I want one of their armors, and I want to look at the thing with hit me in the wing" when she is done with texting she lays back on the ground

- It is at this time that one enemy is unconsious, one crushed beneath Ebreus, and the last has a blown out kneecap and laying on the ground. Despite this, none of them are making a sound. No yells of pain, no cries for help or mercy. The one with a blasted leg reaches to his back where it can be seen that they have the energy weapon that injured Pelle, and instead of firing it, he tears out what looks to be the weapons's power cell and a dangerous-sounding beeping is starting to alarm.

- Ebreus sees the last one grab his gun and imediently begin to disassemble it. His hands rush forward as he begins to try to wrestle the thing from this Child of Tahoe. "You hivemind asshole. Mother Tahoe! After this you YOU'RE NEXT!" he exclaims. After a few seconds he snarls and turns, leaping as far from the, assumedly high explosive, that he can get.

- Otto hears the beeping, his attention instantly drawn to what was happening. "That ain't good." he murmurs, and as Ebreus struggles to pry it from the hands of... whatever that thing was, he takes a step back and a dive behind the nearest cover, where he'd be safe from the blast.

- Pelle starts to hear the beeping and crawl to look at wats happening down there and spots Ebreus trying to get something from one of the hostiles before leaping for cover and sees otto do the same she tilts her head a bit not sure wat is happening

- A flash of light. An incredibly bright flash of light. Even turning away from the blast and closing your eyes it seems like the whole town block lit up like it was noon. As vision starts to clear back to the low light of late sunset, all that can be seen from the three enemies is bleached bones and a huge scorch mark. As for Ebreus... the whole lower half of his body is charred. and with that level of trama there is no way Ebreus can keep up his regulation bubble either.

- Ebreus looks up, in great pain, to see Otto. He smiles and tries to move only to find his charred body parts hardly capable of motion. He reaches toward his nearest friend, Otto, and says, "Otto..." he says. He forces a shuttering breath and continues, "You... can fix.. this... right..." he says, passing out from the pain of the burns and trying to move.

- The jackal approaches, his face scrunched up as he watches the full extent of what'd happened to Ebreus. He covers his muzzle and feels... a little sick... There were some places one did NOT want to get burned like that, and it was among what the poor bastard had suffered. "Ah jeeze... Eb, you nutter." There was a time and a place to play hero, and the poor vulpine had done so in the wrong place and at the wrong time. He was on his way out, this much was perfectly clear.
Focusing on his connection with the mother phoenix, the jackal surrenders to his inner fire, letting it flow outward, washing him over and changing him as he paces around Ebreus, the inferno that'd consumed him fading promptly to reveal a fully formed male phoenix in its wake. "Buddy..." the avian crouches down and sighs, "Get ready, because you're about to take a dive into the river of souls and come back from it." His words unheard anyway, the jackal was not serious, ofcourse... Ebreus was in no danger of actually dying, but hey. Dramatic flare...
The phoenix rises from his crouching position, his wings extending outwards as he calls upon his mother's power to mend the critically injured. Flames engulf the large vulpine, though they do not sear his flesh, rather they coat him from head to toe, the fire intensifying, growing brighter and brighter by the moment, the processes happening within concealed... that is until Otto fans his wings abruptly, the fires pushed away, fading in thin air, revealing the vulpine beneath, his wounds almost entirely cured... or so it would seem, his heart beating strong, but his state of being? He would feel the worst kind of sore, his body taxed from the resurrection process to the point where every motion causes pain and discomfort, but they would be functional, at the very least...

- Pelle gets to her feet after the explosion is done and her sight is back she looks back down to the two and spots the state Ebreus is in. She goes over to the ladder Otto used to get up with not going to fast to make the pain doesn't come back but as fast as she can go and begins to climb down the latter slowly so not to hurt herself more than what she already have, she gets to Otto and Ebreus or at lest she thinks it's Otto since Ebreus looks to be better, she points to the person she thinks is otto "your Otto yes? how is Ebreus?" she asks and looks to the truck "and I see if i can get the armor plates we were going to get off the truck," she says and walks over to the truck and starts trying to find the Armor plates and get them

- With what is left of the military truck, the armored plates can be pulled from the back with extreme effort, Ebreus there to help once he awakens from the effects of the phoenix resurrection. Smithson pulls up in his truck for everyone to load up the armor, making space for what they can with the supplies already on there and the extra passenger. And with everything packed Smithson's truck starts to make it's way back to Fairhaven.