Solar Dragon (Quest)

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Name Solar Dragon Dedication
Quest giver N/A
Faction Independent
Start location Mountain Path: Scaling the Cliff
Quest area Mountain path
Requirements Quilled Tousky Form, Patience

Note: This quest does not actually appear in your quest log.


In the NE area of Fairhaven, just over the River, you'll find the East Forest. Upon entering the forest you need to head East twice, North three times, East once more, and finally Up the waterfall to reach the Mountain Path.

Quest Guide

Start your climb up the mountain by going Up once more and West twice to reach the Rocky Landing. You'll need to be in the Quilled Tousky form, which you can get from this location. Once you have the form, head South to get the Marp!(badge) badge. Heading South again will take you to A Dark Grove, but we don't need to go there yet. From the Rocky Landing, the rest of the climb should be pretty clear with the directions stating "Climb" after the direction. Your first stop on your climb with be to reach the Dark Crevice, where you can go North East into a hidden area, A Small Cave. Inside you'll see a Glyph and a Pool, with the Pool being the main point of interest. Interact with the pool via the Check command, you'll get a Celestial Attendant infection and the "NotThirsty" effect, which you'll need to be rid of before you can drink again. Keep interacting until a Celestial Attendant appears to challenge you in battle, upon winning you'll obtain Sky Defiant(badge). Exit the cave and continue your climb to the top where you'll find Stargazer Peak. There you'll find a set of stones, use the look command on them and remember the star sign they give you, as you'll need it for the next step. Head back to the Rocky Landing and head South again to jump over the edge, you'll need to be a Quilled Tousky again in order to jump over the edge to reach A Dark Grove, then head North. Normally, this would be blocked off, but with Sky Defiant(badge) you are able to pass. You'll now be in Celestial Cave: Planetarium Dome, where you'll need to touch your star sign from earlier. This will teleport you back to Stargazer Peak where you can now look at the sky, choose yes to ascend into the sky and obtain Sky Ascendant(badge) when you arrive at Celestial Void: Nebula. Here you'll do battle with a Radiant Avatar Dragon. Defeat it and you'll obtain Sky Triumphant(badge) as well as be able to Dedicate yourself to the Solar Dragon. Be warned that you'll need to fight the Radiant Avatar Dragon again should you choose not to dedicate at this moment.

Quest Synopsis

  1. Head to the Mountain Path and become a Quilled Tousky
  2. Reach the Rocky Landing and head South to get the Marp!(badge)
  3. Climb the mountain to Dark Crevice, head North East to enter A Small Cave
  4. Check the pool until a Celestial Attendant attacks you, win to get the Sky Defiant(badge)
  5. Exit the cave and climb to Stargazer Peak
  6. Look at the stones and remember the star sign given
  7. Return to Rocky Landing and go South again (will need to get Quilled Tousky form)
  8. Head North into the Planetarium Dome and touch your star sign
  9. You'll be warped back to Stargazer Peak, now look at the sky to get the Sky Ascendant(badge)
  10. Defeat the Radiant Avatar Dragon to get the Sky Triumphant(badge)