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Salvage is one of the primary ingredients of crafting, along with builder nanites.
First and foremost, there are five types of salvage, being Electronic, Chemical, Edible, Mechanical and Energy salvage. Each recipe will require a different mix of salvage.
The other subdivision is salvage-rarity, with the following classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Elite salvage, in order of rarity and value. Common salvage is the easiest to obtain, with a chance to get one after every enemy you defeat. Uncommon salvage can be gained at the end of a daily mission, finishing a web salvage mission, recieving one from a PJ-reward, or buying a Silver Plated Supply Crate with tokens. Rare salvage can be gotten from those same sources, however, to recieve one from a mission or web-salvage-mission, a salvage-booster is required, and the required crate is the Gold Framed Supply Crate. Finally, Elite salvage is currently only available directly by buying a Platinum Studded Supply Crate for mako.
Finally, any rarity of salvage up to and including Rare can be obtained by roleplaying near a salvage-source of the corresponding salvage-type. Once every fifteen minutes, everyone who is RPing near the source will obtain some salvage of either Common, Uncommon or Rare quality.
Now, if you want to collect more salvage, there are a few ways to achieve that. Firstly, by raising your crafting-skills, you can improve the odds of recieving salvage from any salvage-roll, as well as increase the amount you get from RPing near a source.
The other ways of increasing your odds of recieving salvage are:
Raising the Scavenger combat-skill through roles.
Equip an item that raises a specific salvage type's chance.
Raise a salvage-type-specific knowledge-skill through professions as follows:
Computer skill increases electronic chance.
Research skill increases chemical chance.
Survival increases edible chance.
Design increases mechanical chance.
Installation increases energy chance.
Okay. But what if you have ten uncommon salvage, but really need fifty common salvage? Despair not, because you can always convert different grades of salvage of the same type into eachother, using the convert command, or alternatively, the website.
100 Common becomes 1 Uncommon, 25 Uncommon becomes one Rare, and 10 Rare can be combined into 1 Elite salvage.
When doing these conversions in reverse, 1 Elite becomes 8 Rares, one Rare will give you 20 Uncommons, and one Uncommon will net you 80 Common salvage.
Note: Looking for salvage? Check out to sell and buy some. You'll also notice that the price goes up when people buy, and down when people sell, just like a real market.