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Salvage is used in crafting, and is commonly obtained by mining, defeating ferals, completing certain missions, RPing next to a source, or being rewarded by a player judge. It comes in five types (Mechanical, Electronic, Energy, Edible, and Chemical), each of which is available at four different rarity levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Elite). Uncommon and higher grades of salvage can also be purchased for Reward Tokens or Mako.

The rarity of the salvage depends on the source:

  • Defeated ferals and mining both yield common salvage
  • Mission salvage rewards are uncommon.
  • Rare salvage can come from player judge rewards.
  • Player-placed sources can give common, uncommon, or rare salvage.

All salvage is capable of being converted up to the next tier of rarity at differing costs:

  • 100 common to 1 uncommon
  • 25 uncommon to 1 rare
  • 10 rare to 1 elite

The command to do this is 'convert <amount> <rarity> <type> to <rarity>'. As an example, 'convert 600 common edible to uncommon'. This works both ways, however breaking higher grade salvage down to lower grades carries a small tax.

Another wonderful way to get salvage is by RPing next to a salvage source. Up to two sources can be placed in a room, but must be of different types. For example an Edible Source and Chemical Source could both be in one room (and each gathered from simultaneously), but attempting to place two Energy Source will not net you twice the salvage per RP tick. The source can give out common, uncommon, and even rare. Sources can either be crafted or purchased with mako, and whoever places the source gets a cut of the salvage recovered from it.

Two related ways to get salvage are by Mining and investing Influence. Both require an area that has salvage already in it, such as Fairhaven Wastelands or Chemical Factory. Once you have found an area with the salvage you wish to acquire, you can either Mine to spend Builder Nanites or Patrol Points on getting a random amount of salvage, or 'inf #spend <amount of influence>' to add your name to the list of 'investors' of the area, getting a percentage of salvage gains from people fighting there.

  • An example of mining is, say you are fighting ferals in the Toy Factory. Typing 'mine' there will show you that you can gather Mechanical, at a Density of 10/XXX, for XXXXX mg of builder nanites. The number before the slash represents the quality of the mine there while the number after is how much is currently left; the density remaining controls how many mg of builder nanites or PP it will cost. Each time the location is mined the current density drops, and each feral defeated raises it. How quickly it recovers and what the current density is capped at are dependent on the mine's quality (the number before the slash).
  • An example of using influence is, lets say there are three people already 'invested' in the area. Each has 100 influence there, giving each a 33% chance to gain salvage whenever the RNG for fights indicates that one of the invested players should get salvage. If you spend 100, then you get added to the list, gaining a 25% chance and lowering everyone else down to 25%. Similarly, if you spend 300, you get added to the list at 50%, because you have 50% of all the influence in this area, the remaining three getting set to about 16% each.

Salvage rates from combat, from RPing next to a source, and from Judge Rewards can be increased by training your crafting skills, effects from powers, and by your knowledge skills:

  • Survival increases the rate of Edible salvage
  • Installation increases the rate of Energy salvage
  • Research increases the rate of Chemical salvage
  • Computer increases the rate of Electronic salvage
  • Design increases the rate of Mechanical salvage
  • The Scavenger combat skill increases salvage odds when a feral is defeated.
  • Various status effects can grant a bonus to the rates of individual salvage types as well.
  • Player-placed source payouts are heavily affected by each individual's crafting skill for that type.

Salvage can also be traded between players using 'give <#> <rarity> <type> salvage to <name>', and is limited to whole number amounts. Some crafters prefer to make items 'by hand' rather than suffer the cooldown time for web crafting.

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