Royal Tiger companion

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Royal Tiger companion

Species: Royal Tiger
Gender: Male
Level: 13
Dexterity: 18
Damage: 10
Event Location: Park Shrine
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: Royal Tiger
Target Gender: Male

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Ryousei is an anthro tiger - and not just any tiger, but a magnificent example of his species. Standing quite tall and strong, corded muscles ripple under his luscious, well-groomed fur and he has an undeniable air of confidence and power around him. Truly, if there is royalty among tiger-folk, this is it. Something in his proud bearing and in the somewhat out of place mannerisms he often uses tells you that this male really isn't a transformed human, but came here from someplace else.

The tiger gives you a companionable nod a he notices your attention. Seems like he's more than ready to chat - or do other things with you.


Gaining Ryousei as a companion is a multi-step process which starts by meeting him at the Shrine in the Park. He will only appear there once you reach level 11 or higher, at which point he'll introduce himself before leaving to wander the park as a random monster. Upon defeating him for the fifth time, he'll offer to accompany the player on his adventures for a while.


  • Looking at him will prompt a small conversation menu, currently with only the option to request to become a Royal Tiger like him.
  • Ryousei does not spontaneously draw the player into sex.
  • Requesting sex with the Royal Tiger companion will prompt a sex option menu, currently limited to one scene where the player receives anal. He is non-infectious during sex.