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Roar stats
Type Attack, Direct Damage, AoE, Knockdown Target Small Enemy AoE
Description The bellowing roll of a lion's roar can knock low the wills of foes and show the might of its user.
Based on Sound Breath Slot:
Cooldown 6000 Charge time 1200
Energy 17 Accuracy 75%
Damage 12 Sonic at level 0
50% chance of Knockdown at magnitude 5 for 1 rounds.
25% chance of CriticalKnockdown at magnitude 3 for 1 rounds.
100% chance of Damagebuffdebuff at magnitude 3 for 5 rounds.
75% chance of Taunt at magnitude 1 for 5 rounds.
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage No damage at level 0
Secondary Type None Secondary Target None
Secondary Statuses
No Secondary Statuses

Found On:


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