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The day has come, in which the public bath is having it's grand opening... Except some of the residential crew are still on site, finishing the building. In front of it, near the stand that will be used for the speech, there's a table with a laptop on it, by which a two headed, four armed, red and golden VTOL Person and a tauric, blue and white Mechanical Mephit are arguing.

"If you are so worried about the time, why don't you go help the guys finishing the building?" Asks the mephit, looking clearly annoyed. "I would, if I hadn't been appointed the foreman for this project! Besides, we have a schedule to fulfill and it's almost time for the opening ceremony for the place, and we still haven't finished it!" The aircraft mutant responds as he points to the screen on his upper left arm, before a clockwork fox waves from atop the building, catching the two mutants' attention, and making a circle with their arms. "And it seems they made it just in time." The VTOL Person says, before starting his rotors and taking flight, going to check with the mutants on the roof that it's all done. Indeed, they had just placed the last tile and were starting to get down from the building. "Well done, guys! I'll pay for a round of drinks after the ceremony!" He shouts to the group, before flying back to the table, where the mephit is starting to put the things away. "See? I told you they would finish in time, Kar." She says with a smug grin as she closes the laptop and passes it to the other mutant, who stashes it into a rather beaten up duffel bag. "Yeah, yeah. That sass will still get the better of you one day, Pixie." The other mechanical mutant shoots back as he moves the table away from the stand.

And it wasn't a minute too soon, as a few mutants arrive when the table is left with the chatting residential team under a tent, being led by a Female Otter in a business suit. "Seems the preparations are done." She observes, to which Pixie nods. "Yes, we just got it all ready for the ribbon to be cut, miss Sierra." She says to the fellow mustelid. Nodding, the otter signals to the other mutants, who get into position as the last ladders are lowered from the building and carried away under the direction of Kar.
Everyone likes a party, even better if it's a bath party to boot! "I brought booze!" a voice rings out, along comes a hyena wearing a thick leather jacket, red undershirt and loose black slacks. Under one arm he carried a twelve pack of locally brewn ale, in his other he had a glass bottle of the same substance, already open and primed to drink. AND DRINK HE DOES, Magnus takes a big ole' swig of the beverage, before uttering a soft *urp* "Pardon my French." he snickers, and throws a glance around the room. "Oh shit, this place is brand new then. I was told there was a bath party here, and what's a party without some recreational beverages, eh? Hey Kar." The male casts one of the hosts a wink.

Magnus' gaze wanders all around the front of the building. He whistles sharply. "Faaaantsey... really puts the Eurekan bath house in its place. Looking forward to meeting the masseuses if you know what I mean." Ever the sloshed hedonist as one might expect. But now was a time for revelry, after all. "Can't imagine where you got the scratch for this place. Doesn't matter! I know a certain bunny who'd love this place, oh this is perfect... wish he were here. What ever happened to that bloke anyway?" the hyena casts a glance off to the sky, seemingly lost in thought, then shrugs and takes another drink from his bottle. "HEY! Don't be shy now. Have a bottle! Toss it if we're not allowed to bring them in!" Magnus offers the crowd to take their own glass container from the case he was carrying.
Pelle hovers over the crowd so she doesncockpit need to worry about feet's stepping on her and gives Magnus a look form all his yelling and flies closer to take a look at the bottle's "do you have one i can hold?" she asks then looks over the crowd looking for folks she may remember meeting at one point or another
A black rabbit woman stands off to the side, looking over a clipboard with a little too many papers on it. Though her clothes are a green jumpsuit with a little shirt label reading 'Luna', she is likely one of the few people on site that even wears clothes. With Magnus's entrance she looks up to give a polite wave and then focuses back on her clipboard. Just as she checks off something on the last paper her comm beeps. She answers it with a "hello", waits a minute, and then with a slightly angry look on her face she replies "What do you mean I'm in charge of the ribbon cutting?! I'm only supposed to do inspections!" She waits another couple minutes before giving a huge sigh and begrudgingly answering "Fine. But only if you pick up the next emergency cum flood cleanup on my shift." With another sigh she then hangs up and walks over to Magnus, asking "I think I'm going to need one of those."
Some of the mutants accompanying the otter set up a red ribbon between two poles, leaning a large, brass scissor on one of them as Miss Sierra climbs onto the stand. "I would like to thank you all for coming to the grand opening of the public baths and the new HQ of the sanitation team. It has been a long time we have been saving money to make this place a reality, where any mutants can come to relax, enjoy a nice bath and get clean in situations where they normally couldnnudge ." She starts while looking at the public, before gesturing to Luna. select nd I would like to invite one of our members for a few words and to cut the ribbon.square

Kar approaches Magnus, before placing a hand over his shoulder. "I see you are ready to enjoy yourself, hmm?" He says to his mate, before gesturing towards the bath house. "The workers arennudge here quite yet, but the facility is functional." He then waves at Pelle, smiling at her. "Long time no see, Pelle."
"Don't worry too much, Luna." Chuckled a dark blue panther taur, with the same kind of jumpsuit as Lune, to the rabbit. "You deserve some special attention today. You are the veteran here!" Vann pats her onm the shoulder. "It will do you some good to receive attention and appreciation. No need to think about cum floods." He pauses a moment. "Yet."
Ascii had actually arrived hours earlier on this day. Normally, she'd have attempted to join in, or butt in rather, but there was an hesistation to do so today. A human with olive skin walking in quiet to the gathering. Her black and white jacket catching the eye, along with the objects of her trade tied to the front of it still openly bared. Armor running beneath the clothing. She eyed the Hyena with a nod and stepped on past, Not feeling all too merry or talkative.
"Too right, too right, here you go love." he hands Luna a bottle, then casts Pelle a glance and realizes the case he'd brought was full of relatively human-sized bottles, "Sorry there, gonna need a firm grip for these, but here's what we can do." he produces a straw, cracks another bottle still in the case wide open, and places the straw inside, allowing small folk like Pelle to slurp up to their heart's content. "Cheers, mate." When Kar Addresses him, he winks and slyly cackles. "Ain't that always the case? Life's worth living only if you make the most of it. Damn right I will. Have a drink, will ya?" He offers a bottle to Kar, then sniffs up a certain scent, and pulls the bottle away. "Or not, I'm not gonna stop ya if ya still one one, but yeah..." The hyena takes another big sip of his bottle, then gives Luna an encouraging nudge. "Get up there, it's just cutting a ribbon. Snip that fucker in two and let's get splashing, yea?"
Korune, a large black furred and scaled chimeric whatchamacallit enters the scene armored in fairly remarkable fantasy-esque armor, complete with a badge affixed to his chest. He scans the business and pads over to the blue and white robo skunktaur. He leans over and asks politely, "I'm here to deliver the finalized building capacity placard and inspection certificate. Who shall I speak to about the presentation for this?" he asks curiously. While he does he scans the going-ons and spots the familiar red and gold pattern of Kar in some other new form, "Ah, I think I found them... Unless Kar would not be the manager as of this moment?" he asks just to reassure his guess was correct.
Pelle waves back at kar "hoi kar it has, how have you been?" she nods to magnus "thanks mind if i just rest in the case with the bottle?" she takes the straw and sips on it, she gives a glance at the ribbon waiting for it to be cut
Pixie looks up at the chimeric panther, looking a bit intimidated for a moment before she recognizes the badge. "Ah, you are with the fire fighters." She says, before pointing to the otter waiting for the rabbit to take place on the stand. "That would be Miss Sierra there. She's the representative of the sanitation team. The residential crew is just here to deliver the building." She explains, before looking at Kar. "Though, if you know him, you might want to talk with him after the inspection. He has been stressing quite a bit in the last few days."

Kar holds a hand up, refusing the drink. "Sorry, can't right now. It's not healthy for the baby." He says to Magnus, before looking at Pelle. "Been doing well, even if I'm needing some relaxation after working on this project. What about you?" He asks back to her.
The hyena reaches down and idly pets between Pelle's ears as the wee one sits there in the case. "Jus' make sure you're with us when we get in there. Sounds like a good time in the pool. Winter's right around the corner, I can see myself spending those cold after-hunt days chilling out in a warm water pit, yea?" He then casts his glance back towards Kar. "Yea-yea. Sounds about right. Can't imagine what it's like for ya, having to deal with that, but hey..." he fingerguns at the other "That just means I've no idea what it's like, so ain't gonna judge. So what's this place about, do I need like a membership card, monthly fee, some sort of contractual obligation to use the damn place?" He swings a hand around, then swigs his bottle once more. "That's how they getcha! Like the fookin' Library in Clairmont. Ya wanna yoink a book out, they make you sign a fruggin contract and grab you by the sack if you're late on returning it. Well..." he swings his hand again. "To hear Jimmy say it. Ah, context. Jimmy was a college buddy of mine way back when. Heh, bloke had a perpetual case of messy hair. We nicknamed him Cowlick. He hated that name. Massive nerd, I miss him. Think he was a bottom... we never hooked up." Magnus takes another swig of his booze. The alcohol certainly did loosen his tongue, didn't it?
Korune nods and thanks the mechamephit before padding over near the stage where he waits in an official capacity to present the certificate to Ms. Sierra when she stepped down from the stage.
Vann gently elbows Luna forward "Come on, partner. Can you see their faces? They are all waiting for you to open the proverbial gates to flowing waters and gentle hands." The panther tries to encourage her. "Besides, what is there to screw up? And even if you DO screw up somehow, how bad can it be?"
Pelle wiggles her head as she gets pats and stops sipping for the moment to give magnus hand some nibbles looking at kar as she does "i been doing well, taken a little for my self and just disappear for some time with was fun"
Luna kindly takes the bottle from Magnus, but after hearing from the announcer she just places the bottle in one of her deep pockets before heading up to the front. As she takes hold of the oversized scissors, she 'tries' to look dignified enough while she says a few words: "A-and with this, t-the bathhouse is now open!" She brings up the scissors and snips the ribbon, before sheepishly placing them back where she found them and quickly exiting the center of attention.
brown eyes scaled across the building only for Ascii to hear a somewhat familiar voice. Even if only barely. Turning to see Korune arrive on the scene. It only made it more notable how few people she really knew. That someone she met a single time was a notable interaction. Laughable. All but shrinking back from the crowd as far as interaction goes, and just standing there like a security guard more than anything.
"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Magnus raises his bottle in the air and howls loudly in celebration, but also spills some of his drink. He finshes the bottle promptly and sets it back in the case, albeit crooked. "And that's all it takes! Hol' up." the hyena takes out his comm device, turns around, sets the booze crate down and puts up a peace sign, taking what the youngin's might call a 'selfie' of himself... or rather he goes for one, but snags Kar with one arm slung over the other's shoulder for a surprise two-person self-picture. "Smile!" *snap* and the picture was taken. "Lin's gonna love this." Magnus laughs, then sends the image over towards the aforementioned comrade.
Sierra shakes her head, before returning to the stand. "Well, thanks for your contribution, Luna. Anyway, with the winter coming, we decided that some facilities would be a good addition. Besides the showers, pool and massage tables, the place has saunas, both dry and wet, and some hot water pools to relax. I request from all here present to contain the messier activities to the showers and massage parlor, so as to not overload the filters. Now, I would like to call the chief of the fire department to the stand." She says while gesturing to Korune, before stepping off once again.

Kar gives some sounding claps at the words from the otter, mostly because of the sound of metal hitting metal, before being pulled by his mate for the surprise selfie. He manages an awkward smile to the camera, before straightening himself up. "Right, let me just get into something more comfortable, now." He says, before starting the process of shifting forms, gradually losing height and gaining a tauric body, the metal of his skin giving way to scales as his body takes in the shape of his native form.
Vann pats on Luna's head a couple times and gives her a quick hug. "See, you made them happy, and you are fine and nothing bad happened." His face then quickly changes from the kind-hearted smile to a serious, grim, visage. "And now our watch begins." He takes a stance worthy of a military officer on patrol duty, with a mop over his shoulder. He salutes Luna and goes inside, readying himself for the work ahead of him.
Pelle giggles and flies up form the crate and up till she is between kar and magnus "so with way do herms go? or do we just pick one?" she points to the doors to the locker rooms
Korune blinks awkwardly at being pulled up to the stand for words... he was just here to deliver the placard and inspection certificate, not make a speech... He does keep a poker face on during the surprise however and cordially pads up to the stand next to Sierra and says into the microphone. "Ms. Sierra, on behalf of the fire department and city planning comission it is my honor to present to you the safety and building inspection certificates as well as your maximum occupancy placard" he says in his deep feline voice as he opens the pleather bound presentation binder which had the certificate signed by the mayor as well as the large plastic rectangle clearly marked with the maximum occupancy of the Fairhaven Public Baths in heavy black text reading 540 (this is arbitrary OOC, just a average evaluation based on my best guess research) persons. Korune passes the pleather bound pair to her and shakes her hand glancing about if there was anyone with a camera...
"Man, you flashed a smile that'd crack the sink." Magnus snickers, then sets his decide away and picks up the crate, plucks a second bottle, and pops the cap off, taking a swig from it. Life is good. He pecks Pelle's cheek and cackles sharply, then raises his hand and asks the obvious question. "Can I get into the women's changing room if I suddenly decide to identify as female? YOU CAN'T INFRINGE MAH RIGHTS, GENDER IS FLUID!" He snorts sharply and waves a hand dismissively. "Nah. No. I'm not like that... there's crazy and then there's stupid. Serious talk though Pelle I guess it depends if you look manly or girly. If that's not a good distinction... fuck it, pick one."
Luna straitens her hair after Vann's encuragement, then stands off to the side to watch the rest of the event, popping open her bottle and taking a drink of whatever Magnus brought. She moves her mouth a few times at the taste, then mutters something to herself about root beer being better. Then as a second thought, she starts drinking more of it to perhaps losent up a bit after such a long week of work.
Ascii realised before too long she would have probably better served showing up the moment the ceremony had completely finished. With everyone bouncing from one group to another it was all but impossible to follow anything. And so she'd relegated herself to watching in silence. Well suppose anything bad should happen at least she'd be prepared, but with how many agents there were about, it was almost guaranteed that wouldn't happen. So she just watched boredly. Watching the vtol shift forms, the interactions between the sanitation workers teasing each other a bit. The... Drinking. Bad mix that, alcohol and swimming. Assuming he got that far with how the hyena was acting. And it made her laugh gently to herself.
Sierra takes the placard and shakes Korune's hand, giving some time for anyone that wants to take pictures, before the sudden shout from Magnus calls her attention. Thanks Korune for his presence, she returns to the stand. "We used old world standards for the building, to guarantee it's quality and safety. I'm pretty sure very few people will care about the marks there." She says, trying to ease the perceived nerves, not knowing it was a joke. "Are there any more concerns anyone wants addressed before the facility is opened for the public?"

Kar elbows Magnus at his stab at the dragon. "Then next time warn me first!" He says, before the hyena's joke about gender fluidity is addressed in a serious tone, bringing attention to him.
Pelle giggles and pecks magnus cheek back "just want to make sure so i don't fly in and somebody starts yell at me" she flies and sits her self on magnus head to watch sierra
The hyena lets off a cheeky snicker, then sticks his tongue out and casts Kar a teasing glance. "But surprise pictures are the most genuine! I've been in my share of awkward snaps, can't say I'm too proud of the one with my head in the toilet taken around when I was still in college." He suddenly adopts a very vacant, cold glance wandering off into the distance, seemingly peering through time and space itself. "The ferals aren't the real monsters here. There is nothing worse they can do to us that we haven't already done to each other." But that glance quickly fades and he gives the dragon a jab back. "Or something! I dunno. Anywho, can we go in already?"
Korune steps down from the stage, now freed from his duties. He goes over to visit with Kar directly though noting Ascii watching in the distance, but he wanted to greet Kar and maybe give a cordial nod to Magnus. He and the once fennec now hyena didn't exactly leave off on the best of terms and he hadn't tried to make things better at kar's birthday. He arrives and puts a warm paw on Kar's shoulder, "Hey you" he says to Kar, and then looks to Magnus, "Pleasure to see you well Magnus" he says professionally.
*burp* is the immediate response. "Who the heck are you?" The hyena asks. "Fire chief something-or-other? Has Kar here been talking about me? Nothing unflattering I hope." He snarks softly and shakes his head. "Anywho, nice to meet you... whatever you name was." Magnus shrugs, then offers the case. "Fancy a bottle? It's good stuff, Harry's got a good taste in ale." Buuuuuut then his nose alarm goes off once more. "Ah, right... you might not be fit to drink either. Tsk... ah well. More for me!" The lad shrugs deeply and downs another swig.
Sierra looks around, before nodding. "Very well. With that, I declare the building open for public use! Please follow the rules and try to avoid making too much of a mess, but more importantly, enjoy your time here." She says, before stepping down from the stand and moving upstairs with the mutants following her, where the new HQ for the sanitation team is supposed to be.

Kar smiles to Korune as he approaches. "Hey, K. Glad you could make it here." He says with a smile, before looking at the capacity placard one of the mutants is hanging in one of the walls. "I take I did my job as foreman well, then?" He asks with a smile, before looking between him and Magnus with some apprehension.