Ostara (Dedication)

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Located in the Hidden Glade in Maplewood Retreat, one can dedicate themself as an Ostara dedicant for 50 Mako.


Ostara (Dedication)

Arms: Flutter
Groin: Deep Healing
Head: Peck
Skin: Feathery Hide

Ostara have the ability to summon loyal wildlife companions with Beast Call, or rejuvenate and replenish their companions with Light of Spring.

Ostara dedicants also gain the effects of the Lay Master perk without gaining the perk itself.

Thematic Information

A fattened hen, ready to yield what will sustain more families than just her potential offspring. A rabbit, eager to be fruitful and multiply. These things come together in the worship of Ostara and celebrating the largest egg of them all, the world itself, incubating humanity to perhaps hatch some day.