Nanotech Medbot

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Nanotech Medbot stats
Description Summon your own energency medical system. Fully autonomous, just be careful it doesn't remove your brain.
Cred Cost 10000 Ingredients None
Salvage Uncommon Electronic X 3
Uncommon Chemical X 1
Uncommon Mechanical X 1
Common Energy X 5
Crafting Skills Electronic of at least 30
Mechanical of at least 15
Chemical of at least 15
Item Stats Charge of 2000
Cooldown of 50000
Damage of 0
Energy of 20
Loadout of 20
100% chance of SummonMedbot at magnitude Minion for 50 rounds.
Target of Self
Type of Summon
Upgrade Cost of 30
Upkeep of 10

Known powers (all at level 1):

Known Skills:

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