Multiplayer Updates/November 2011

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  • Common salvage rolls made cumulative: when you fail a check, the next one adds that percentage. When you succeed (inevitable, given it will reach 100% over time) the chance returns to its base value. Currently does not affect the uncommon check from instances.
  • Level cap is now 45. Holy crap, you guys!



  • Skitter and Feline Agility have had their defense upgrade magnitudes increased. Don't forget to retrain them!
  • +haz now tells you if a creature in that area will spawn or not. Mainly useful for nocturnal or otherwise time-dependent creatures.
  • Players under level 20 should find themselves gaining more creds and xp per fight.
    • More precisely, you will receive rewards as if your level has been averaged with 20. So at level 0, you get rewards as if you were level 10, at level 1 you get them as if you were level 10.5, then 11, then 11.5... and so forth until you actually hit level 20, at which point things proceed normally.


  • Black Friday! All dedications and all Mako Items are half off today only!
    • Offer void for dedication registration items.
    • A badge to commemorate the day has been placed in the elite stores. It will be removed at midnight, EST.
    • The sale has ended!
  • Breast Care Supplies added to the elite stores.
  • Upon using a "Hero Revive", you will have a 5-round buff to fleeing. A big one!
  • Front Row and Back Row now also provide a bonus to Durability and Avoidance, respectively, when you are fighting alone.
  • A mysterious Nanite Presence has been discovered in the military base. RSX and Zephyr have sent teams to investigate, and are soliciting donations of freecred to the cause of SCIENCE!


  • New Group upgrades:
    • Treasure Hunting, costs 6 levels to increase the chance of finding trinkets after combat.
    • Skill, costs 3 levels to add 1 level of to all members. Only once per specific skill.
  • Web battles now allow use of items from your inventory, such as Energy Snack


  • Using a monotreme activator while egg-bearing will now report how many eggs you have, without consuming the activator.
  • Liberated children can now untrain a skill to return it to level 1, allowing them to respec.


  • Repairing your gear will look for the lowest-level salvage necessary, then go up for whatever level of that type you have available.
  • Poke made way more annoying and hard to resist.
  • Small Claws are now less threatening. Who's afraid of small claws, anyway?
  • Snap base power improved, and the upgrades mostly downgraded.
  • Roleplayers rejoice! The throttle point for RP XP has been increased from 20% to 60%! You'll now earn much more XP from RPing!


  • Plated Hide improved to be in line with other passive powers.
  • You can now mark people and rooms with your scent. Be possessive!
  • Optimized added to Redd's shop, one north of 2500 3rd Street in Fairhaven.
  • Insulating added to Skize's shop, upstairs in the Fairhaven mall.
  • Salvage downgrading added and upgrading widened in scope. 100 common -> 1 uncommon, 25 uncommon -> 1 rare. Downgrades go 1 rare -> 20 uncommon, 1 uncommon -> 90 common.



  • Equipment now decays every 24 OOC hours. All Natural, Readiness, and the new Neat Freak perk increase the time between decay ticks.
    • Decayed equipment functions at 1 level lower than its true level per tick, and must be repaired to restore full capability. Repairing costs freecred and common salvage (for player-crafted items).
    • There is a new item available at the Mall that will automatically repair your equipment when it decays, provided you have the necessary freecred and salvage.
  • Medicinal recipe and Medicated recipe modifiers added to the reward shop.
  • Train Remove now functions with innate powers like Rest and Nova Meteor. Mako spent is refunded.


  • The Mall Rat Salvage Exchange is now open for business! Accessible via the web interface on the Shops page.
    • Recipe salvage costs have been increased to compensate for the increased ease of trade.


  • Auxilium went crazy and glued flags to all the mutants who have fur, feathers, or scales.


  • The recipe for Health Snack has been added to the magazine rack in the mall.
  • The Training Respecializer now only consumes one hero point (instead of two) when used in any triage area.
  • Distill purchasing on the web site has been changed! You now have about half the purchasing power as before; Underworld 3, Academics 3, and level 37 are required to reach cap at this time.
  • Cover should no longer accidentally cover enemies.
  • The Single Sexed perk now destroys all parts of the opposite gender on mutation. Growing a dick causes your vagina(s) to disappear completely, and vice-versa.


  • Mothering Instinct coded.
  • String Parsing now allows checking for badges! For example: [if Total Skunk Girl is owned by [player]]
  • [Public] Nuku squawks, "BEWARE"
  • [Public] Nuku squawks, "DANGER DANGER"
  • [Public] Nuku squawks, "NEW PRIME MUTANT DETECTED"
    • This would be the "Prickly" type. Early sightings gave it 15 PhysicalDamageReturn and 8 EnergyDamageReturn.
    • "Strong" types were added shortly thereafter. They hit much harder (50 DamageBuff, 16 Attack) and are very difficult to knock over (10 Knockdown resist).



  • Children and eggs now summon at Minion rank, up from Mook. This does not raise the maximum rank of your minions, so that third point of Mastermind is much more optional than it was.
  • Legends, Arcane, and History updated.
    • Legends reduces freecred and vials required to summon Prime mutants, and improves the quality of trinkets found after battle.
    • Arcane improves the quality of trinkets.
    • History improves the quality of trinkets.
  • By the way, you now also find Trinkets after battle once in a while. They are a freecred bonus, and never actually enter your inventory. An alternative to Economics!
  • A strange machine has been added to the Old Warehouse (From Zephyr's lobby, go Out, West, West, South, South, West, North, and finally West). It's free -- check it out!


  • No updates today on account of Skyrim.


  • Ammo Carrier role added. Thanks, Sil! They have Durability, Speed, and Back Row.
  • The 'cover' mechanic now works. Output now resembles the following:
    • <Cover> Paladin intercepts 135 damage meant for White Mage and takes 75 damage.
  • Hypothetically, kids will now always summon with full HP.
  • Minor rebalancing has occurred across multiple dedications. Updates pending.
    • Giant Pound gained a little bit more cooldown, but also hits harder now.
    • Forest Wisp now summons a stronger spirit.
  • Effects list now shows the sum of all active effects as well as listing them.


  • Rebirth power changed to a self-revive, with a large damage and debuff AoE as well.
  • Spread Distillation now also reduces damage and increases energy cost slightly.
  • Fiery Feathers, Divine Mercy, Everliving all buffed to varying degrees. Shred the Moon energy cost reduced slightly.
  • Several new roles added:
    • Surgeon General: Mastermind, Support, and Health
    • Battle Commander: Enduring Minions, Front Row, Reactive
    • Field Captain: Front Row, Mastermind, Warded


  • King Cobra added, but not yet placed.
  • Crimson Pegasus added to the East Highway.
  • An aviary has been added to the zoo, stocked with Dandy Peacock, and the new Eagle Girl and Parrot Lady mutants.
  • Duration of Distracting Lure's healresist effect reduced from its previous value of 100.
  • Distills now have a 'side' that can be affected by powers. Burning armor no long incinerates its user, and putting regenerating on a gun will not make a medigun.
    • Distills work on children and kangaroo pets now. :0






  • Controlled Burst modified, it now reduces the damage dilution of Spread type powers as well.
  • Fontanelle power added, but not yet placed.
  • Royal Delight charge halved, effects reduced.
  • Children are now exponentially less effective when used in groups of more than 0. Exact mechanics still pending.