Multiplayer Updates/May 2012

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  • Story mode updates:
    • Downtown now has monsters levels 2-7.
    • Peregrine Girl added to downtown.
    • Sandra added, with fun for boys and girls of all ages.
      • Females are given the bunny boy infection so they can have more fun.
  • Talk script now supports string parsing in the random block.
  • Liberty Leopard added to the token shop for 100 tokens. Limited time only!
  • Thick Shell adjusted, gaining a little physical damageresist in exchange for a little less healgain and a little more penalty to healing dealt. Upgrades were left unchanged.
  • Fiery Hide damage upgrade buffed.
  • All three Crushing Field-based powers gained a little extra base power. Upgrades unchanged.
  • Field of Dread gained a little power in the same vein; both the base power and the upgrades were tuned upwards.
  • Extreme Omnivore lost a little charge time, going down from 1250 to 800. Someone's learned to eat a little faster.
  • Becoming a Man added to the token shop for 150 tokens. Removes feral mode.


  • Distills no longer come from +reward unless they are high-octane rewards.
    • On the plus side, the ones that come out of those high-octane +rewards should be bigger now.
  • Encounter Editor added to the web interface, allowing people to write situations for Story mode, as well as working on talk script in a sandboxed environment.
  • Want a new web mission? Course ya do! This one's got a minimum level, though. Just in case.
  • Enduring Spirit coded.


  • All Natural buffed. You now get +10% to all effects from distills, the Intense Training skill, and at level 12 Cure.
    • Intense Training now gives a little scaling StatusBoost.
  • Walking Vagina now appears on the grid, in one room of the graveyard. Sneaky!


  • You can now view your perks while in story mode.
  • Inventory code optimized for searches.
  • You can now use mako batteries in your possession. Two batteries becomes one mako.
  • +mako/reward now adds a shot of 'high octane' to you before it rolls your reward. The amount of octane can be viewed with '+prove/silent high reward'
    • If you get an eligible reward, a shot of octane is consumed and the reward becomes awesome. The mako reward becomes much bigger, the distills could be much bigger, etc.
    • If the reward is not or cannot be boosted, you save the octane for later.
    • You can also buy the high-octane shots directly from the token shop for 10 tokens.



  • Story mode updates continue.
    • A few new perks coded.
    • Leveling up now works.
    • Fleeing works.
    • Pregnancy works.
  • Reinforced Skeleton coded.
  • Penetration now applies before resists are capped, and is spread between DamageResist and typed resists.
  • When using the Prepackaged perk, you are now given an option to spend mako to increase the max level of monsters you pick from.
    • Spending 1+ mako will give you the form mastered
    • Spending 5+ will let you start with it nativized
    • Spending 20+ will give you the recursive badge for it, plus the Recursion dedication.
  • Story Mode approval added to the monster editor. Get your creature certified for story mode and receive an extra 2 mako.
    • Oh, and there are 3 badges related to getting monsters approved for story mode.
  • If you have already used enough boss vials to level, you will be given a brightly colored warning message that you've got that taken care of when you try to down another.


  • Story Mode officially released. Access it from the web interface! Or here!
    • Story mode now has its own inventory.
    • Beating up mutants yield 'infection memories', which allow you to infect body parts. These show up as items in said inventory.
      • Sometimes, you get them from losses or submissions. Sometimes.
  • Both Front and Back Row combat skills now properly jump in effectiveness at rank 3.
  • While in feral mode, all powers appropriate to your form are considered nativized; they are +5% more effective, both in damage and status mags.
  • Rainbow Quills and Prismatic Bolt coded.
  • Both the Basic and Extreme Spread recipe mods no longer make things heavier, but they do lower the effectiveness of a power a little.
    • This applies to the Spread distillation, as well.
  • While any subscription level gives you +1 character slots, Wasteland Warriors now get an extra +2 on top of that.


  • The cred price of reward tokens (in the mall) has been turned up a bit.
  • The findall/wf/who command has been upgraded. It's now faster, and can be customized slightly
    • You can do this by setting a local stat. For example, to sort first by name, do "@set me=_who/sortmode:Name"
      • You can sort by several different factors, as well. For example, "@set me=_who/sortmode: Name Location Faction"
  • Those zombies in the graveyard are now only minions.
  • Another web mission has shown its face.
  • Three new fields added to creatures in the monster creator.
    • You defeat this mutant
    • This mutant attacks you (you are encouraged to use string parsing to make this randomized)
    • The mutant appears in front of you
    • All three of these are in the first-person perspective, and will be used in the Story mode. Which is still in progress.
  • Players in Feral Mode also get Feral Recovery at level 25; it's a version of Rest that upgrades as you level.


  • The rest of the Solar Dragon questline has been put into place. Hopefully it's going to stick this time.
    • As a result, the dedication can no longer be purchased directly from the web interface.
  • A brand new flaw has been introduced: Feral Mode!
    • No roles.
    • No picking your power upgrades.
    • Severely reduced loadout and upkeep: 10 of each, with no way to boost them.
    • No crafting skills.
    • You are significantly more powerful than a regular agent, to make up for all these shortcomings.
      • At level 8, you gain Feral Regeneration, a powerful self-heal.
        • Which starts upgrading itself as you gain levels, starting around level 23.
      • +1 Attack (scaling) to all attacks.
      • There are other buffs that we don't have documented yet.
    • You also do not need boss vials to level.
  • The lottery now pays out in three tiers: 50% of the pot, 30% of the pot, and 20% of the pot.
  • Nuku carols, "HUGE CHANGE: Your energy recover is now percent based. If you have more max energy, you recover it faster."
  • Prepackaged perk added.


  • Feesh got a little smarter.
  • New players will now find their first infection ripping right through their system, leaving you fully mutated on that first hit. Afterward, you're like everyone else, though.
  • Combat should hopefully go a little faster now.
  • Another piece of the Solar Dragon questline got fixed today.


  • Using a nanite sorter now tells you how much cred it burned doing its job.
  • Perplexing primes should now actually confuse people.
  • Ravenous Hunger added to the elite store. It's for the Once Cursed dedication, though.
  • Items can now require a status in order to work, in much the same way that What is Mine requires nanites on hand.
  • Singleplayer Extension added to the elite store.


  • Nanite Stimulant Injector added to the token shop for 1000 tokens. Basically a NERU without the slot to chug vials. This makes it more or less just a second aerobics training. It does not stack with NERU, but does stack with training.
  • Reward Token Purchase added to the elite store for 1 mako. Use item, receive 5+ tokens! Based on the market value of things.
  • ANSI codes are now stripped from custom power names. No more shiny purple/orange/blue skills.
  • Recipes can now be marked 'no commission', preventing them from being made in the web interface, keeping them private.
  • Nuku Plot added to the token store for 1500 tokens.
  • New combo: Rage/Reactive/Outnumbered now work together, giving you a stacking aggro, menace, and debuff resist buff, stacking up to 3/6/9 times.
  • Ferals with the Readiness or Technical combat skills are now given a suit of armor, giving them a little extra damage resistance.
  • Defeating anything labeled as a Final Boss (like, say, prime ferals) now gives everyone a reward token.
    • In the interest of sanity, this is on diminishing returns. You have 100% for the first token, then 95% for the second token, 90% for the third, etc.
    • What the hell, let's throw in two badges for getting tokens from bosses like this.
  • The 'Speed' combat skill has been buffed. It now shortens that 1000-point delay between turns by 100 per point.
  • Both small and large distill vials have been added to the token shop. Buy the vial, get a random distill. Bigger is better!
  • The rate of racer bucks to tokens has been lowered.
  • '+mako/jobnuke all' is free for the next few days, to let people respec in the wake of the changes to tokens.


  • Objects without any proper scents now smell uninteresting, instead of like people.
  • +mpool now does partial matching when looking for pools.
  • The description for Talakai has been clarified; the time after pregnancy before you are fertile again is halved, not 'in a matter of hours'.
  • The [% %] string parsing (modulus) now works.
  • New string parsing command: [cunt of target] -- returns the cunt description set in the monster creator for a target.
  • The return of Mako Pool Madness!
    • Big Boss combat role added as a mako pool, then added for reals in like 5 minutes.
      • Endurance, Scavenger, Mastermind
    • Older Sibling combat role completed, as well.
      • Rage, Reactive, Support
    • AI - Energy 50 completed and placed in the token store.
  • Massive token overhaul time!
    • There is now a token market; buy and sell your tokens for mako!
    • Mako removed from the token store and the elite stores. Sorry, can't game it that easily!
    • The following things have been removed from the elite store, and added to the token shop:
    • The following have been added to the token shop, but are still in the elite store:
    • The token store prices are no longer negotiable; they are flat no matter how much Socializing, Underworld, or Intimidation you may have.
      • Upshot? Prices were slashed. Hard. No more alts for buying things from the token shop!
    • Reward tokens can now be purchased from the mall. For freecred. :o
    • Dedications can now be purchased for 25 times the mako price worth of tokens. 50 mako dedications cost 1250 tokens, for example.
      • You can do partial payments, as well. Paying 500 tokens and 30 mako is totally okay!
      • Yes, this applies to Recursion forms, too. Buy 'em with tokens if that's what makes you happy.
  • What the hell, let's overhaul support skills while we're at it.
    • The Healing combat skill has been buffed, increasing all healing effects by 5/10/15%, and granting the target of a heal 2/4/6 (scaled) damage resistance and 1/2/3 healgain. The duration of the last two varies by how powerful a heal you throw.
    • Support and Lingering Kindness now work on yourself, but no longer work on passives or toggles.
    • Combo! The lowest rating of healing, lingering kindness, and support is used to produce a 10/20/30% hpbuffer on those you heal. If all three skills are at 3, and you throw a 100-point heal, you'll give a 30-magnitude, 5-round hp buffer.


  • now shows your mastered forms. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
  • You can now set your title to any infection you've mastered through the new +forms/title command.
  • You can also, for 5% battery charge, set your title to be "<infection> mother" for five mako, using +mother/title.
    • 'list mother' shows what maternal options you've unlocked so far.
  • Lifegiving Armor was given a slight boost, and now only uses uncommon salvage.
  • The Regenerating distill was dropped slightly in effectiveness.
  • Desiccate mutant power coded, for use in a later creature.
  • Two new web missions! Oh hey, and badges!
  • Two new recipes! Vuvuzela and Liquid Courage!
    • Both have been put into the elite store for 20 mako apiece.
  • Guarding Stance is now a minor AoE, with AoE upgrades.


  • The ranks of all monsters in web missions have been knocked down a peg, to make them doable by less solo-friendly builds.
  • Statuses can now be delayed, taking effect after a set number of rounds.
    • What's that mean? Check out the +rpinfo of invigorating oviposition!
    • You know what? Let's make this more awesome. Nova Meteor just got redesigned to use delayed, and reskinned to be a big rock from the 'bove.
  • RP XP ticks are now a little more forgiving of people who take forever to pose, or scenes that take a while.


  • Instances no longer let you walk away freely from combat. You must flee instead. Make sure to choose a direction!
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Defense and Accuracy now have the same soft caps as DamageBuff"
    • Damaged softly churrs, "Pre size mod, and it is indeed 50(half) 100(quarter) 150(eighth)"
  • Lifegiving Armor coded, with the schematic placed in the elite store.
  • You can now use the child gender reassignment on all kids, not just ones with neuter groins.


  • Children of the new apocalypse! The Native Fine Tuner is here to let you shift just your head (or other single body parts) while leaving the rest alone. Costs 10 mako, requires Nanite Fine Tuner.
  • Nuku Scene now for sale in the elite store. Insert mako, receive canon.
  • Some scientists in the living quarters of Zephyr want you to go get fucked. Talk to them for details!
  • +lotto now tells you how long before the next drawing.


  • Web combat has even more colors, showing enemy difficulties like direct control.
  • Mousing over a web combat enemy will show its statuses.


  • Frenzy was slightly upgraded, gaining a little bit of damage resistance.
  • Directed recipe modifier buffed, now reducing energy cost along with everything else.


  • You can now look in a direction (ex: look east) to see what's over that way.
  • Drinking an infection vial (to recover energy while equipped with a NERU) now causes your turn to be spent. No more chain-chugging.


  • You can now 'tag' infections, marking their contents. Please see 'help tags' for details.
    • tl;dr: You can now mark victory messages that contain things that hurt your delicate sensibilities as things you dislike or hate, preventing the game from showing them to you.



  • Alarming distillation added, gives raw aggro.
  • Focusing distillation reworked, magnifies the aggro the item generates.
  • The referral bonus now works for the new Trialpay options.
  • Nekomatas can sniff out what Nanomagics a player possesses, the sparklehunters.
  • New Dawn finally remembered to unlock the front gate. Sorry about that.


  • '+census nanomagic' added.
  • Nuku carols, "Looking for more ways to support the game? Of course you are! You can now pay via mobile phone, or even take up with various offers from other places to get you some sweet sweet mako! Proceed to the usual mako buying page: and scroll to the bottom, click the 'here' link and there it is. Ignore that it says 'Engel Batteries'."


  • "TrinketBonus" status coded. Improves odds of finding shinies!
  • Bleeding damage (from the role of the same name) now is per-power, instead of just in general. Multiple attacks can cause multiple bleeds!
  • All nanomagic now has an effect!
  • BioChemistry Nanomagic is now a toggle.
  • The colorful invasion continues. DoTs and knockback are now colored.
  • Quad Punch and Prism Storm now do slightly less damage, to make them less aggro-tacular.


  • The colors! Heals are now green, hits are shades of red, those of you with 256 color support will see all kinds of red now!
  • Poke and all powers based on Crushing Swipe got more aggro. More annoying now than ever before.
  • More nanomagic doing useful things!


  • The collection rate on the Ultimate Nanite Collector boosted to bring it closer to pre-adjustment levels.
  • Oh crap, Coyote is available and on the grid now. Someone's going to be busy...
  • Technical and Bleeding combat roles added. The former makes you better with gear, but worse with mutant powers, while the latter makes all direct damage cause additional damage over the next round.
    • Four roles added for Technical:
      • Erudite Speaker: Also has Healing and Bewitched
      • Firebrand: Also has Tactician and Readiness
      • Requisitioner: Also has Scavenger and Sacrificial Fury
      • Weaponsmith: Also has Rage and Fast Loading
    • Five roles for Bleeding:
      • Bloodmonger: Bleeding, Sacrificial Fury, Tar Baby
      • Bloodsport Contender: Bleeding, Fast Loading, Tactician
      • Courier: Bleeding, Accuracy, Endurance
      • Shrike: Bleeding, Vampiric, Controlled Burst
      • Undertaker: Bleeding, Damage, Scavenger
  • Nanomagic is being filled in with powers. Uh, give me a bit to organize this one, okay?
    • Anti Nanomagic demolishes status effects, healgain, and debuffs damage for everyone in the area.
    • BioChemistry Nanomagic makes it easier to find chemical salvage (one supposes you're excreting them when you have no better ideas), and gives a bit of statusboost.
    • Counter Nanomagic is a carefully-directed version of Anti Nanomagic, targetting only one enemy for a long period of time.
    • Earth Nanomagic is a repeat attack that hits many, many, many times.
    • Emotional Aura Nanomagic confuses everyone in a fight, enemies and allies alike.
    • Illusion Nanomagic wrecks enemy accuracy and impairs their successful hits.
    • Techno Nanomagic gives you a chance for you or your allies to not need to repair today when it comes time to repair.


  • Nanomagic. Woah.
  • Something was apparently wrong with the Pregnancy Simulator that has been fixed.
  • Some of the Weapon Master weapons do more damage and the Sword does less.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Restricted more punctuation from being used in character names. Only ' and - are permissible now."
  • Paypal offers $30 per month rate!
  • Seriously, nanomagic. It's a work in progress, but it contains all those fancy RP tricks you were teaching nanites to do beforehand.
    • Now with justification!


  • How about a little more theme info?
  • Flamethrower Soldier mako pool complete! Tactician, Readiness and Health. Because those things are big and kinda on fire.
  • Fishing for another role to suggest? Try the new 'overlaps' command to see what's possible! 'overlaps rage' will get a large list, while 'overlaps tactician' gets precisely one at the time of this writing.



  • When you are defeated in web combat the action menu will reappear, allowing you to use Hero Revive and postmortem powers.
  • List Perks command won't show merits you have through group upgrades as personally owned.
  • Players idle for more than 30 minutes won't be included in +pj rewards for that room.
  • Wielding multiple Nanite Collectors (of different base recipes) will stack.
    • Nuku carols, "NaniteCollectRate is now a modifier, not a starting point. Values for the collectors adjusted appropriately. It should all work together much more intuitively"
    • Also incidentally fixes a bug in Clever Paws and the like.
  • Recipe modifiers like Fast were not getting their properties reported by the Wikibot properly. It should report doing something instead of nothing!
  • You have one day to go out and grab a free copy of the Flexible Survival novel. Head to for details!