Mechanical Mephit

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Mechanical Mephit

Arms: Power Massage
Tail: Electric Field, Skunk Spray
Head: Keen Vision
Skin: Metal Hide
Torso: Solid Frame, System Fault


The Horny Mechanical Mephit's body is covered in shiny black, fur-like latex, complete with a white stripe down the center. Hir head is drawn out into a skunk-like muzzle, complete with small, triangular ears sticking out on top. The whole is covered in a layer of shiny black and white, fur-like latex flesh, hiding a metallic finish underneath. Hir eyes seem to have been replaced by an electronic analogue, complete with glowing irises around a fake pupil, functioning much like a mood ring. Behind the right ear, a series of lights blink red, blue, yellow and green, some a lot more active than others. Set into the metallic head is an intricate pattern of lines, glowing a soft purple color. Hir body is somewhere in between masculine and feminine, with a hour-glass figure and just the slightest hint of muscle-tone. When looking closely, one would find that hir shiny black and white, fur-like latex flesh sits atop a metallic casing of sorts, hiding the seams that the flexible, segmented design incorporates. As the eye wanders further, one would notice that hir chest is decorated by a quad of breasts, the top pair larger than the bottom two. In addition, a pattern of softly purple-glowing lines traces its way across hir body, with concentric rings around hir breasts, illuminating each of them from the side. In fact, it would almost look like a glowing harness when viewed in the dark. Hir arms are sleek and somewhere between feminine and masculine, coming with a mixture of soft padding and light muscle-tone. Running from the shoulders to hir hands is an array of softly glowing, purple lines, only faintly visible through hir shiny black and white, fur-like latex flesh. As the lines converge on hir hands, it becomes apparent that each one runs in a spiral along its own pawpad, with even thinner lines bridging them. Finally, each digit is tipped with a small, metallic claw, fitting neatly into the whole picture. Hir legs are sleek yet curvy in build, with very light muscle-tone visible through hir shiny black and white, fur-like latex flesh. Underneath that is a soft layer of padding, covering the metal casing giving them their shape. Embedded within the casing are softly glowing, purple lines, all connected to the markings on hir torso and running down from hir thighs to hir heels, only to duck underneath and swirl around the pawpads beneath hir skunk-like paws. Tracing the lines back up again, it quickly becomes apparent that they encircle hir privates, going so far as to run up along hir prick and into hir folds, almost as if indicating a target of sorts. Behind hir sways a large, metallic tail, segmented into many slices to allow a full range of motion, with a thin layer of padding to make it feel 'real'. In addition, the appendage is covered in shiny black and white, fur-like latex flesh, a duo of dimly glowing purple lines running along the middle, embedded within the metal casing. Whenever the tail is raised, it becomes apparent that those same lines are connected to a pair of concentric rings surrounding hir tailhole, with four glowing lines nearing and even entering it. Oddly enough, they almost seem to form a target-like shape. A private peek would reveal that: Shi has an above average purple glowing, pointed and knotted maleness. Shi has small balls. Shi has a spacious purple glowing, animalistic, puffy and dripping cunt.