Little Lost Lamb

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Little Lost Lamb

Quest Giver: Leon the Ram
Starting Event: New Ewe Store
Event Area: Outside Exploration
Creator: Sarokcat

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Furry

Lost Lamb (New Ewe Store)

  1. Find the 'New Ewe Store' and convince them to let you in with a charisma check. Agree to the quest.
  2. Search for the same 'New Ewe Store' event again. You will get one of two variations. The first variation has you coming back to the store and telling the sheep that you haven't found her yet, then leaving. The second has you hearing a voice from underground. If you pass a charisma check, you convince the lost lamb to trust you and tell you her location. You can then progress.
  3. Go to the Smith Haven Mall and search for the lamb underground (look for the 'Little Lost Lamb' event). Passing a perception check will allow you to find her and escort her out.
  4. Go back to the outside and search for the 'New Ewe Store' one last time and they will allow you into their storeroom.

The player is given a water bottle and soda for bringing Mary back. The storeroom itself has a Food, water bottle, chips, and soda the player may loot. Talking to Mary will also earn you the 'Three Bags Full' feat, which gives you a +1 to all scavenging rolls (both finding and succeeding the stat check).


Once the player has access to the storeroom, the player may also choose to have sex with either Leon or Mary, but choosing one eliminates the possibility of the other. Both are infectious and will turn the player towards the sheep form opposite of that sheep's gender.