Invigorating Oviposition

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Invigorating Oviposition stats
Type Buff Custom Private Talk Target Single Ally NotUser NoAoE
Description Several young eggs rapidly implanted deep into your ally's body aids them in absorbing life-giving energy for quite some time, though at the cost of being slowed due to the bloating it causes, as well as causing their body's reproductive systems to go into overdrive. Eventually, the host's own nanites will be able to break down and absorb the eggs, giving a final surge of healing in the process.
Based on Template Invigorating Oviposition Slot:
Cooldown 30000 Charge time 1000
Energy 30 Accuracy 75%
Damage 5 Healing at level 0
100% chance of Charge at magnitude -10 for 30 rounds.
100% chance of HealGain at magnitude 10 for 30 rounds.
100% chance of Regen at magnitude 1 for 30 rounds.
100% chance of EnergyModDelayed30 at magnitude 100 for 1 rounds.
100% chance of RegenDelayed30 at magnitude 20 for 1 rounds.
100% chance of Fertility at magnitude 10 for 10 rounds.
100% chance of Gravid at magnitude 30 for 30 rounds.
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage 2 Healing at level 0
Secondary Type Healing Buff Secondary Target Self NoAoE
Secondary Statuses
100% chance of EnergyMod at magnitude 3 for 5 rounds.

Found On:

  • No infections found.

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