House cat pet

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House cat pet

Species: House Cat
Gender: male
Level: 1
Dexterity: 9
Damage: 5
Event Location: Outside Exploration
Event Name: Lost House Cat
Sex With Pet?: False
Infection Strain: NONE
Target Gender: NONE

Flag Categories

Flags: NONE


The house cat is covered in soft calico fur, and seems to be happy enough to just follow you along and see what happens, and perhaps take care of any extra milk you might come across. Its whiskers twitch as it smells the area for anything of interest.


  • Quantity of Events: 1
  • Required Items: some form of milk


1.) Outside Exploration - "Lost House Cat" - Feed the kitty some milk.


  • The house cat has an ending of his own, but no known ending interactions.
  • There is a special scene with Beverly the Mouse at Brookstone Books in the Smith Haven Mall if the house cat is tamed.
  • The house cat responds favourably to R&B, Rock 'n Roll and Ocean music from the Old Boombox.