Einherjar (dedication)

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Directly from Valhalla.


When you reach the Dais on the Golden Goat, you can dedicate and become one of the Einherjar for 50 Mako.


Einherjar (dedication)

Arms: Bear Hug, Wild Swing
Head: Endocrine Overdrive, Keen Vision
Legs: Adrenaline Boost
Skin: Thick Hide
Torso: Muscle Mass, Tooth and Nail

An Einherjar is an Eternal Warrior, and they don't go down easily. Plus they can call upon the Hand of Justice, debilitating their opponent.

The dedication form itself has some customization options, with three variables:

@set me=custom/Einherjar/hair:<Number>

0: Glorious shoulder length! (Default)
1: Glam Metal length
2: Short and a little wavy
3: Medium length
4: Curly
5: Rock a 'hawk
6: Horseshoe-shaped

@set me=custom/Einherjar/color:<Color>

Allowed colors: dirty blonde, auburn, red, black, brown, light brown, green, blue, and purple
Any other color just sets it to the default, a light blonde.

@set me=custom/Einherjar/beard:<Number>

0: Wild Viking (default)
1: Stubble
2: Scruffy
3: Riker Beard
4: Long beard
5: Long enough to tuck into a belt
6: No beard

Thematic Information

In Norse mythology, the einherjar are those who have died in glorious battle, chosen by the valkyries to ascend to Valhalla. There they fight every day as they prepare for Ragnarok, the Battle at the End of Days, and those who survive to the night feast on endless supplies of meat and mead. Of course, the modern einherjar have never died; however, in this world of constant fighting, glorious quests, and lost causes they may as well be in Valhalla. Blessed by Tyr, the bloody-handed god of War, Justice, Courage, and Wisdom, the new einherjar are blessed with great power and ride forth to do battle in his name, spreading tales of their furious rage, heroic sacrifices, and unfailing courage.


To head off and find great glory and story! Of finding your own epic, and of course belting it out from the rooftops about your conquests and accomplishments. The great powers of Tyr and his einherjar are delighted in seeing their numbers swell, the mead flow, and each glorious tale surpassing the last.