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Species: Viper Behemoth
Gender: Male
Location: Dry Plains, Red Rock Lair
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Four Leg Wrath
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Male, Feral


The unique example of the Viper Behemoth subspecies that Diavoborg is features a dark red fur, his main characteristic, and it greatly distinguishes him from the remaining beasts of his kind. He still has teeth like razors, albeit shorter in length, and he is about the same size as other Behemoths, with the same amount of hide covering his hulking sixteen foot long frame, a generous white mane adorning his enormous head just like them, sharing the shape of his cousins regarding his two onyx horns that jut from his scalp, and equally clawed paws that scrap the ground beneath his monstrous form. The only exception is his tail, which while retaining the usual nine foot long size, its spikes are longer and stretch forward, the ones towards the center arching downwards, resembling scythes, and are venomous. He's laying it at ease for now, merely sitting in front of you as his four and a half foot long cock and basketball-sized nuts rest between his four legs, but fully exposed.


The player can encounter the Four Leg Wrath event a few times in the Dry Plains, which will eventually open up the location Red Rock Lair. During the events the player will come across the option to help fight an enemy Behemoth, and depending on the players choices or battle outcome will determine Diavoborg's starting trust with the player, or remove him from the game.



Talking to Diavoborg about various topics helps the player learn more about him and eventually open up his sex options.


The player may engage in the following actions with Diavoborg:

  • Massage his balls
  • Get smothered under his balls
  • 'Milk' his shaft
  • Give BJ (if same size as Diavoborg)


  • Ask him to play with the player using his mouth
  • Enter his cock


GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/c354754791785fbdd985c1bfdf7c5d09ee2a0deb/Gherod/Diavoborg.i7x