Automated Response Kit

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Automated Response Kit stats
Description Set and go, this thing repeatedly fixes allies once set loose.
Cred Cost 40000 Ingredients Nanite Power Brick X 1
Battery X 1
Mako Battery X 1
Salvage Uncommon Mechanical X 1
Crafting Skills Energy of at least 30
Mechanical of at least 30
Item Stats Aggro Rate of 50
Charge of 650
Cooldown of 10000
Damage of 8
Damage Type of Healing
Energy of 24
Linked of Automated Response Kit
Loadout of 20
100% chance of RepeatAttack at magnitude 4 for 8 rounds.
100% chance of DebuffClear at magnitude 10 for 1 rounds.
Target of AoE Ally
Type of Repeat, HoT
Upkeep of 10

Mall Rat-only recipe. Edit notes