Stables Quest

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Stables Quest

Quest Giver: Fancy
Starting Location: The Stables
Starting Event: ignoredmemo
Creator: SarokCat

Flag Restrictions

Flags: ??

Stables Quest

In order to find The Stables you must locate the event Stabled Situation (twice) and then give the guards outside of the stables a bag of chips and some soda in order to gain passage.

There is a quest to take charge of the Stables, currently undetailed. The quest still requires some reworking and repairs, and also has portions of missing content.

Step 1 - Getting the Memo

  1. Locate the Stables be encountering the Stabled Situation event twice in Outside Exploration. The second time you can bribe the guards for entry with chips and soda
  2. Encounter the Ignored Memos event
  3. Speak with Fancy about the memo
  4. Bring Fancy 5x Tiger Patch and 5x Wyvern Goop
Obtaining the Leather Duster (armour).
Access to part 2 of the quest

Step 2 - Hardware Problems

  1. Speak with Fancy following Step 1 and she will ask you to find larger construction materials.
  2. Seek the Hardware Fort event in Outside Exploration
  3. Pass a successful Dexterity check or take damage
  4. Defeat the two Wolverine Guards
  5. Defend the site from two random mobs while the Horsemen gather supplies
  6. Protect the Horsemen two further random enemies
  7. Stave off a raid by several flying creatures (Hermaphrodite Gryphons, Wyverns, Harpies and/or Hawkmen)
  8. A successful Dexterity check will avoid the final encounter. If not, fight off three final attackers, task completed successfully regardless of outcome.
  9. Return to the Stables

Note: Partial completion of this assault will be remembered, allowing you to pick up roughly where you left off. Be advised that fleeing or repeated failures during later parts may result in the remainder of the quest being locked out to you.

Medium Sledge
Granted the first Nightmare mutation: the tail (+5 Dexterity). This form will revert any other tail mutation back to it.

Step 3 - Returning Power

  1. Speak with Fancy after using the Nightmare Vial and gaining the first Nightmare Transformation
  2. Fancy asks you to help fix their generator to restore power
  3. Hunt for the technicalbookstore event in Outside Exploration twice
  4. Defeat the random guardian to recover the books
  5. Return to the Stables and search for the horsepowering event
  6. Requires a successful Intelligence check followed by a successful Dexterity check
  7. Return to Fancy to get the next Nightmare Vial
Granted the second Nightmare mutation: the head (+4 Perception +3 Intelligence). This form will revert any other head mutation back to it.

Step 4 - Hyena Negotiations

  1. Return to Fancy following the Nightmare head transformation
  2. Hunt for the hyenegotiation event in Outside Exploration
  3. Fight the Wolftaur and Leopardman (Failure results in a Hyena orgy and massive Sanity loss)
  4. Return to the Stables with the signed agreement
  5. Search for the Horsepitfight event
  6. Defeat 3 Horsemen (Warning: Failure results in a Bad End)
  7. Return to Fancy to get the next Nightmare Vial
Granted the third Nightmare mutation: the fur (+4 Charisma +4 Stamina). This form will revert any other skin mutation back to it.

Step 5 - Final Preparations

  1. Return to Fancy following the Nightmare fur transformation
  2. Visit Nermine at the Mysterious Shop
  3. Go to the Museum and find the goldenfocushunt event
  4. Fight off the powerful guardian of the focus
  5. Nermine will send you to meet Harold at the Palomino
  6. You must help Harold find Kara if you haven't already
  7. Return to Nermine
  8. Head back to Fancy
Granted the fourth Nightmare mutations: the body (+4 Strength +4 Stamina +4 Charisma). This form will revert any other body mutation back to it.

Step 6 - Showdown

  1. Speak with Fancy to begin her plan
  2. Defeat the Horseman lieutenant
  3. End the Stablemaster's reign of tyranny
Access to the Master's Office in the Stables
Two submissive mares to handle your needs

Optional: Onyx

Inside of the Stables you can locate a young equine-human crossbred named Onyx who is currently having an identity crisis. If you chose to you can help the young transforming horseboi to figure out who he is/was and then subsequently help him to escape...or stay in the Stables, whichever you feel is best. Helping him is unrelated to the main quest.

  1. First, the player must find Onyx by going northeast then south until they get to the Holding Pens where Onyx is currently being held prisoner.
  2. Upon doing so the player will come across a slightly confused young equine-like youth who seems out-of-sorts with the things happening both to him, and around him. Onyx will ask you to help him out of his current predicament by going to find the guards and getting the keys to his cell, though he seems a bit confused about why he wants you to a second later.
  3. If the player chooses to help the young man then they must go north and then southwest back to the main area of the Stables and then hunt Equineguardpost to find the keys to Onyx's cell. You'll have to fight the guards (two Stallionbois) therein to obtain the keys.
  4. Defeating the guards and then obtaining the keys head back to Onxy who is currently becoming more and more like a equine-like and losing himself to his lusts. Free him and then Onyx will ask you to help him figure out what he should do next by finding someone within the Stables who he knows he should remember. Dia...something or another??
  5. Head up North two times in order to find a young girl named Daisy in the Main Office whose becoming a mare in and of herself. Talking with her opens up the possibility of either getting Onyx -- whose name is actually Oscar -- out of the Stables...or otherwise persuading him to stay.
  • If player chooses to aid Onyx in his escape then Daisy will tell you to go and find a special locket that Onyx gave to her and then show it to the transforming horse-boy. If player chooses to do this then go back to the Main area of the Stables and hunt for Stablestoreroom to find the leaf patterned locket that Oscar/Onyx gave to Daisy.
  1. Entering the storeroom the player will have to search around for the locket (dexterity check). If you fail the first go round you will have to fight a random enemy and the search again to find the locket. This repeats until the item in question is found. Once you do find it head back to Onyx to give him the locket. The young stallion will remember who he is and then ask you to get him out of here. At this point you will return to the Bunker with Onyx in tow automatically.
  • If player chooses to get Onyx to stay in the Stables then head back to Onyx and then tell him that he should stay and become a good horsey. At this point you can choose to have sex with Onyx, who will offer to "show you how good it feels to be saddled up and ridden." Choosing yes will turn Onyx into a full stallion who turns the player into a Mareslut. (Possibility of having an ending with Onyx seems to be coded so you may get an ending if you are a Mareslut and have fucked Onyx enough.) Choosing no turns Onyx into a Mareslut that gives the PC with the Horseman infection.