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The Stables is an equine-themed whorehouse that a large herd of equines have created. Best be careful around here, lest you become another of the many slutty staff.


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North from the Stable Entry leads into the Stable hunting area.


  • Ballsy Hung Horseman: Meet an exceptionally strong horseman with a very large bulge.
  • Encountering Jana: Meet an anthropomorphic horse lady built like an amazon goddess.
  • Horsegarden: (background)
  • Horsepitfight: (background)
  • Horsepowering: (background)
  • Hyenahorsemeet: (background)
  • Ignoredmemo: (background)
  • Kitchenkegger: Yes = -10 humanity
  • Lupine visit: (background)
  • Nightmarish Horse Business
  • Onyxroom: (background)
  • Satisfied customer: (background)
  • Soldierstabling: Multiple instances, results in humanity loss and mareslut infection.
  • Tack room: Chance to obtain horse whip.
  • Transformationledger: -15 humanity (background)
  • Unlucky elevator: (background)
  • Videoshow: Xp gain and humanity loss.
  • Waitingcustomer: Random fight.


  • In order to find the Stables you must locate the event Stabled Situation (twice) and then give the guards outside of the stables a bag of chips and some soda in order to gain passage.
  • Stables Quest starts here by finding Onyx inside.