Plush Lion

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Plush Lion sequence by Anymouse1968
Plush Lion

Location: State Fair
Level: 8
HP: 70
Damage: 12
Target Gender: Female

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Sarokcat

Danger Level: 8, Typical Environment: State Fair


A life size plush lion toy approaches down the midway, its furry body seeming both cute and threatening. It's large leonine brown mane sticks out dramatically from around its yellow furred neck, making it seem larger and more impressive, and definitely leaving no doubt as to the gender of the stuffed toy. Not that you could have much doubt after you caught a glimpse of its stiff cock, hanging out of its furry sheath beneath its belly, leaving no doubt as to the creatures intentions as it focuses its stuffed leonine eyes on you.


  • Extra-Infectious: Loss results in double-infection.
  • This ending is also tied into both Sven and Candy.