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Species: Human/See notes
Gender: Male (when met), Female (post-TFTG)
Changes gender: Yes
Location: Grey Abbey Library
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Meeting Sidney
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


During the event, Sidney starts out as human, but the player is able to help him choose one of three female forms to change into.

Red Fox Vixen:

The soldier-turned-vixen is quite the sexy female. She's got a sleek, feminine body with foxy curves and an alluring sway in her step. She's got lovely blue eyes that stand out against her rich, crimson fur. Her vulpine muzzle ends in luscious lips that are an even brighter shade of red. She's got large, shapely breasts with dark areolae half-hidden under the white fluff of her chest. Sidney has acquired a silvery gown that fits the new her very nicely and has even added a hole at the back for her big, fluffy tail.";


The soldier-turned-otteress is quite the sexy female. She's got a sleek, feminine body with streamlined curves and smallish breasts with perky nipples. Her brown fur has a glossy sheen to it that is quite pretty. She's got lovely brown eyes that match her fur. Her otter-like head has a mane of flowing brown hair that she's left draping over she shoulders rather than in the tight ponytail that her [if level of Sidney is 22]donor twin[otherwise]body doppelganger[end if] had. She combs it repeatedly, clearly loving having such long, beautiful hair. Sidney's acquired a sunshine yellow swimsuit that fits the new her very nicely and has even added a hole at the back for her thick, rudder-like tail.";

Feral Wusky:

The soldier-turned-wusky is quite the pretty dog. She's got a strong physique from her husky heritage and increased overall size from the feral wolf side of her. Her fur's a deep black with a white underbelly. There's a few traces of dark grey on the head and wherever the black changes to white, slightly blending the transition. Her canine head has some lupine touches, such as pointier ears and a stronger jaw, but still has the bright blue eyes common in huskies. Being four-footed now and having only limited use of her paws, she's forgone wearing clothing beyond a pink shawl and instead simply does her best to keep herself well-groomed.";


Sidney is a male soldier who can be found during Outside Exploration via the 'Meeting Sidney' event. During the event, the player must first pass a Charisma check to convince Sidney to open up, at which point he'll explain his desire to become female using a special device he has. He'll present three options of possible candidates, each of which requires passing some kind of test. Success results in TFTG to female of the chosen form and return to the library.

  • Red Fox Vixen: A sultry red vixen. Requires a Dexterity roll-off to catch her in a parcour chase.
  • Ottress: A sleek otter femme. Requires either a Charisma check to convince her or a Strength check to grab her.
  • Feral Wusky: A four-footed feral wolf/husky hybrid. Requires defeated a Feral Wolf. Not available if 'guy' is banned.


  • The transformed Sidney is open to sex with the player. She is non-infectious, regardless of form.
  • Sidney can be impregnated, resulting in children which add to her description and dialog scenes.
  • Wusky Sidney has a sex scene with Fang