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Information on file with US Hard Corps records. Most are transcribed from various combined video clips and notes on napkins left around the base, A seemingly scrawling account of events with little time references. Great work has been put forth to assemble a probable time-line and synopsis.

A Biological engineer, Saviante (Sav-ee-on-tay) spent most of her time as an adult working in one lab or another, most with names like phone numbers and some without names at all. P-day was no different. With memory of the time between then and now blanketed in the, now, partially fragmented psyche of a living plant it is unsure how long after that time she was forced into her the form she carried when she entered the zephyr lobby for the first time.

What is clear is by the time Savi, as she likes to be called, received her first inoculation, her form was already fully plant-like. Additionally the combination of her low tolerance to medicine and her already plant form has locked Saviante into this shape, seemingly only allowing for variation within the plant strain. This however seems to extend to the extreme, accepting end range plant byproducts like rubber or latex.

Being absent minded and childlike, the small (around a foot in height)self professed 'flower' presents herself as a deceptively friendly and meek persona, relishing physical contact and bright cheerful conversation. This combination often causes others to forget they are dealing with a full grown predatory man eating plant with periods of genius level reasoning skills. Fighting her inner natures Savi varies from completely inert (often standing in a beam of sunlight for hours on end), to sexually enticing with little to no warning, but is shown to be fiercely loyal to those kind to her.

Befriended by Cerris and initially taken into the Hard Corps as a sort of mascot, the tiny plant has shown aptitude for stealth and direct combat, with more and more frequent periods of lucent thought brought on by constant interaction with her team-mates Savi has since been upgraded to a full patrolling member of a combat team.

Having adapted and evolved through selected use of vials, Saviante has grown, both physically and mentally. Being more mature and focused on her position, Savi is currently dedicating most of her time, that is not spent on patrol, to maintaining her Greenhouse to help provide a constant food source to the Hard Corps Base.

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Saviante is a slick latex flower.

Her body is covered in black and white, skunk striped latex rubber. All the patterns, however, look painted on, and as you pay more attention, you notice even their mouth, eyes and nose are just a different tone in the latex. Her head is shaped normally but with trailing willow-like hair. Her mouth is a thin vertical slit, which seems to fill them with a craving for cum. Their body is smooth and curvy, the nipples looking almost like small flower buds. Her arms are delicate and smooth, with long nail-less fingers. Her legs are more like multiple long vines keeping them suspended off the ground. When standing in one spot to long it tend to dig in and root themselves. The lower body seems to be emerging from a giant flower from the waist down.

Savi's custom made bondage gear crisscrosses her body and wraps around her waist, breasts and groin. While not covering anything worth covering, it provides metal rings and access points for connections or additional straps. Wristbands provide the same strap support for both arms and smaller straps encircle her vines, allowing for full restraint of her agile body.

Wrapped in bondage gear and a face covering Shemagh, Savi's plant like form drips sexual enticement, while still radiating an aura of danger. Her constant smile is tinged with the haunted look of a pet without an owner.

When worn Savi's long coat covers most of her form, everything but her vine like lower half, which keeps her discrete.

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People Savi is not supposed to eat.
This list was composed of notes found in various pieces on numerous napkins left randomly around the zephyr lobby, all were signed with a picture of a daisy.

Cerris: My first friend and Boss, I do not think I could fit him in my mouth in one piece. Warm, soft. IMPORTANT! Changes a lot so anyone can be Cerris, ask before you eat someone to make sure.

Glein: The pretty Dragon lady. Friend! You are supposed to follow the Dragon around on patrols to make sure she does NOT get eaten. This is your job. Warm, scaly soft (NOT SLIMY ask about this) <This note is decorated with happy faces and a shopping list>

Edel: I saw this one at Hard Corps base. Was told not to eat. Nice. No info on feels yet, must feel and update napkin. Must find more napkins. Must also remember where I left all the other napkins.

Saviante: This is you. When people say this, they are talking to you. Don't eat. Put this in your pocket.

Frakkle: Changing, gooey, see through lady. Feels like Savi. Do not eat!! Seems fun to tickle. Changes if you touch her. Must see what happens when a group touches her.

Aimee: Puppy! Much blood was shed to keep puppy safe. Eating now would be wasteful.

Dio: Helped-help free puppy from food things. Thinks you are his bitch. Ask about mental problems. Tall, looks like a kitty, but fuzzier. They called him Deeoh.

Cookies: Smells like a kitty people, not a cookie FIND OUT WHY. Deeohs bitch according to Deeoh. Fun, does vine things without vines. Carries giant gun that blinds things.

Angus: Twins. Possible to eat one but still have one!

Miora: Bringer of light! Many questions, must know what feels like.

Nutshell: Savi sized flying guy. Carries hammer, runs fast, apparently dislikes large computers.

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Things Savi finds useful
How to use social points:Social Actions,

Some useful Plugins for MUSHclient via Tyra: User:Tyra,
Those little plastic things on the end of your shoelaces,
Guide to Fishing
How to use the Monster Maker

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Alt text
Savi pre-latex skin

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Height : 46 inches/ 1.1684 meters

species : Parasitic Plant/Venus Mantrap/Latex Skunk

Group : US Hard Corps

Faction : Survivor

Gender : Unknown, but refers to self as SHE

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RP Hooks
Breeder, Multiple, Exhibitionism, Exploration, Submissive, Available, Bondage, Crowds, Casual, Fat, Romance, Good Loser, Ferals, Taurs, Switch, Horny, Non-Consensual

Saviante is currently without a Mistress and is open to Rp involving gaining one. Pages accepted.

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6-bladed Urimi

This multi bladed whip like weapon flails and flashes through the air making it's exact line of impact hard to determine often confusing an enemy. This particular weapon has a line of diodes running through the blades to impart energy damage. When not in use this weapon is often worn like a belt by the plant-girl Saviante.
Ripping Talons
These elaborate weapons are designed to slide over the tips of Saviante's numerous vines. An improvement over her previous versions, these wickedly jagged blades are better formed to allow multiple strikes against multiple enemies. As an additional benefit, the talons are coated in a thin layer of latex to blend in almost seamlessly with Savi's skin.
A simple cloth keffiyeh, in a simple black/white tartan-style pattern, commonly used by by US troops in the Middle East due to it's effectiveness in keeping sand out of the face,without hindering breathing, and if worn wrapped around the head, help mitigate sun. This makes it a very practical element of remaining operational in arid environments, as well as helping to ward off wind chill from rapidly moving vehicles, or even self-powered flight in more temperate climates.
Savi is seriously possessive of her shemagh, seldom removing the item.
Bondage Straps
Savi's custom made bondage gear crisscrosses her body and wraps around her waist, breasts and groin. While not covering anything worth covering, it provides metal rings and access points for connections or additional straps. Wristbands provide the same strap support for both arms and smaller straps encircle her vines, allowing for full restraint of her agile body.
Armored Corset
This corset does nothing to hide any extra breasts, but due to skillful design, nanite enhancement and an amazing amount of leatherwork, it does a surprisingly decent job of stopping damage.

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