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As a result of global real estate developments, it is now possible to rent a room pretty much anywhere in the world, even in hostile areas. The same +re command that used to be limited to specific locations is now available much more widely. If renting in hostile areas the rented room will be safe, unless in possession of the Private Hunter item, when the hazard level of the area will be kept for the rented room as well. Note that renting a room outside a rental hub will be significantly more expensive than at a designated hub.

Rental hubs are distributed throughout the world, and are still excellent places to set up home while in-character. Many such locations are available, including faction bases such as Zephyr Inc. Headquarters, New Dawn, and the RSX building. There are also several inns and hotels such as the Wet Bitch on the west edge of Fairhaven, or La Maison d'Etre further east. In some locations, players may also rent and create "hubs" that then may be used to rent out rooms to other players. Existing hubs are listed in the rental directory, displayed with +re #directory command.

Anyone who wishes to rent an apartment or dorm room should take into consideration theming their description to fit the surroundings, with guidance for some areas given below. Note: The guidelines are just that - they are suggestions, not absolute rules.

For help with the room management commands in game, see the +re command.

If a more permanent or larger, more complex, or multi-room residence is required, land deeds are available from the Mako Shop that can be used to create new locations on the map that are entirely under the player's control.

Features and limitations

If two or more people want to share a room or apartment, the room rental system allows for this. Once one person has rented a room, they can use +re #co-owner <name> to assign co-ownership of the room to another player, allowing them to both lock and unlock the door, and change the room's name and description.

There are limitations though - The rental payments will always be charged to the main renter, so if the owners wish to share the costs, they will have to manually transfer funds between themselves to compensate the rent payer. The second limitation is that while all co-owners will be able to lock and unlock the room from inside, only the rent payer will be able to lock and unlock the room from the outside. This means that if co-owners want access to the room when the rent payer is unavailable, the room must be left unlocked when unoccupied. There are few, if any, problems that would be caused by this, but it is worth noting.

Locations with rooms for rent

New Dawn

If you wish to rent a place in New Dawn, you should be expected to live in a 1-3 room apartment, with little plumbing and no electricity. Candles are essential to have set up in your apartment, while you should probably take your pick between a shower or a toilet. Furnishings are similarly restricted, try to take simple, wooden items, or other things that you might find at any old superstore. Having new, hand-built but rustic furniture is also an option.

RSX Building (Woodfield)

RSX's barracks are designed with the American Military person in mind. They are to be simple, 1-2 story town houses with 3-5 rooms, and should be decorated simply with an all-american theme. Think suburban home in a neighborhood you'd leave your doors unlocked in, if not for the constant threat of others stealing your food. While running water and space is plentiful here, furniture is mostly supplied by RSX, and is quite samey from building to building.

Sagan Memorial Observatory

The accommodation is housed in several rooms off the planetarium, which has been restored to a reasonable standard and maintained by an unknown party. The rooms are most likely re-purposed offices, storerooms, or possibly classrooms, and likely consist of a single main room each, although the lobby description does mention additional walls have been added. It has functioning electricity and plumbing, and also a small makeshift medical facility in the basement. The area is surrounded by forest which would provide a good supply of wood for furniture, and there is a nearby abandoned strip mall, presumably long since looted of most things but which could potentially still be a source of other building materials. Due to its distance from the city, most furnishings would likely be crafted here from local materials, or be repurposed items from amongst the scientific/academic environment of the area.

Rooms here are more expensive than most at 2000 freecreds a day plus a 6000 freecred deposit, and there's also limited availability with a maximum of five rooms available.

Wet Bitch (Fairhaven)

The Wet Bitch was once a country club, and now offers the comfort of many studio apartments. Similar to Zephyr Inc, this location allows a greater freedom in the rental of rooms. While your room is/should be only that, one room with the addition of a bathroom, you have the freedom to use whatever furniture you can scavenge, and the comforts of a nice, hotel quality bed and running water.

Zephyr Inc. (Fairhaven)

Zephyr Inc's dormitories should be 1-3 room apartments at the most, although you have much more freedom in the way of decoration. Being the most resourceful corporation still around after p-day, their ability to scavenge new furnishings and set up plumbing and electricity is state renowned. If you're looking for lots of freedom in the creation of your dorm or apartment, Zephyr is the area to set up.