Multiplayer Updates/February 2013

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  • Passive statuses on crafted items are now a little longer-lasting, to help ensure that they never wear off (again).


  • +fprompt can now be used to replace your standard HP/Energy bars in combat (the option is in editplayer).
    • It's also had a reversed-energy bug fixed.


  • Unpredictable is now balanced, and shares a slot with Improved/Overcharged.
  • Recipes that yield passive abilities should now actually remain on all the time, even with Light on them.
  • Each status from an item now has its magnitudes calculated separately, rather than all at once.
  • Viewing an item now shows the skills of the person who made it.
    • Yes, this means that if someone makes an item or craftmod, then ups their skill, the item retroactively gets credit for the new value.
    • There were like three updates about bugs regarding this being fixed. I think it works now.


  • DebuffClear effects should stop accidentally increasing the magnitudes of debuffs. Heh.
  • Characters with the destined flag now get slightly better odds on finding craft mods.
  • Prize Finder merit created, which more or less does the above.
  • Staff list pruned for inactivity. :<
  • Wedding Band now in the elite shop. 5 mako, finished item.
    • By the way, recipes can now be made public by putting the finished item, instead of selling the recipe.
    • Lucky Charm works that way now, too.


  • Did I say 20 mako yesterday? I meant 50. The various declassified recipes are 50 mako.
  • Craft bounties will stop asking for things that get made in multiples, like Energy Snack.
  • quests now properly account for higher difficulties when reporting progress.
  • Overcharged added to the elite store for 20 mako. (Yes, actually 20 mako.)
    • Please note that this mod cannot be used alongside Improved. Modifiers can have slots, too!


  • Laser Scope got a little more laser-y.
  • The salvage market is now zippier, and no longer has a delay before adjusting prices.
  • You can now only turn in a specific crafting bounty once.
  • Consumable item overhauls!
  • New Crafting Tester added to the web interface, in the 'Game' menu. Allows you to do a 'what if' using any combination of items and mods.
  • New help file for what you can and cannot keep to yourself. Yeah, go buy your stupid Rabbit Pill and Slutty mods from the elite store now.
    • Oh yeah, both of those are now in the elite store for 20 mako apiece.
    • So is Lucky Charm, which was buffed to make it less of a joke item.
    • Please note that this only applies to actual mechanical things. Private forms can stay private, so long as they do not keep any unique powers away from the playerbase at large.
  • If you have a skill at level 3, and your group has the skill, you will no longer imply that you have 4 points when you +prove the skill.
  • A bug that was keeping higher-end daily rewards from showing up has been squashed.
  • The display on g who has more room to show contributions now.
  • Ferals will no longer have random dedications on them.


  • Craft bounties will stop asking for annoyingly hard-to-produce modifiers, like Sucking.
  • Craftmod objects will stop giving incorrect values when dropped, and now are just 0-1 freecred.
  • Jelly Bean rebalanced to be more of a self-buffing item, as itended.
    • Health Snack currently being rebalanced to be relevant again.
  • Binoculars now do something, seeing as how instances are long gone.


  • Posing or saying somethign while OOC or IDL will now mark you as IC automatically.
  • The XP reward from +reward has been buffed for those of levels 30-.
    • No, I don't know if that was a typo.


  • Crafting things in-game now remembers that it's supposed to use salvage. Whoops!
  • Cred energy should stop suffering from crippling overflow errors. Also whoops!
  • Infinite salvage bug fixed.


  • fprompt created. Works like mprompt, but shows the HP/energy of all targets in the room.
    • If you lack Xeno skill, then these stats are shown as percentages, as per normal.
  • @room now supports container locks. They work just like normal locks, only they work on containers in the room.
  • Monsters can now drop crafting mods.
    • These mods will always be at least (maximum level) + 20 skill, so they'll be neat enough to craft an extra mod onto what things can normally be created with.
    • They're pretty hard to find.
    • They will not drop if anyone in the party is mentored, or if you're fighting enemies at less than 90% of the level cap.
    • Primes may drop them, too!
  • New monster template: Front and Center. Only appears when Pheromones are set up to 3 or higher. They keep their buddies safe!
  • Diseased template now actually works, only appearing on monsters level 41+, and only if Danger is set to 0 or higher.
  • Token rewards are now slower to gather, but the token cap is now 20, instead of 12, for a single daily mission.
    • quest tracking has been updated to compensate.


  • test now gives the proper readout.
  • The negative stats on items is no longer boosted by All Natural.
  • Perk exclusions updated, please open a +request if any spots were missed.
  • Billing code had another bug fixed; if your subscription lapsed in error please open a +request.
  • Fenrir is now more accepting of people with too many arms.
  • Rolling code altered to behave differently when rolling just a number(which tends to be when rolling an NPC). NPCs are now assumed to have 1/2 their dice or their dice - 20, whichever is higher, in actual skill.


  • Help file written on MUD clients, for people tired of the web interface.
  • Looking at a modifier in your inventory now tells you important information, such as what it is, what level it is, what skills were used to create it, and if it was dropped from a monster.
  • People should no longer be set IDL, though the change requires you to go through one fight, first.
  • Monsters with the 'Rugged' template should now properly award +60% more xp and cash.
  • Fixed an infinite mako bug.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "Influence in research now degrades over time(a major hit was noticed as all degradation owed was smacked into). Rate is 1% of the invested pool per 12 hours."
    • If anyone knows what this means, please feel free to write your local wiki updater.


  • Web crafting should now show accurate numbers. No, really. Stop laughing, you guys.
  • The Puzzler is back on his meds, and should stop constantly giving out an order of magnitude too much loot for the tiny little puzzles.
    • Up next, the 'Puzzler's Meds' avatar item, for when you steal those from him, too. You horrible person.


  • The succubus option for Pack Leader is now properly implemented.
  • Oh, crap. More crafting changes!
    • You can no longer stack identical modifiers on crafted gear; you do not need a light light light light mechanical drone.
      • You can also no longer make level 0 modifiers.
    • You can no longer go over your energy cap through the use of crafted items.
    • When applying a modifier to an item, the cost in adding the modifier is the cost between making the item and making the item with the modifier you're trying to add.
    • Applying craftmods will now remember to use group crafting perks.
  • Effects that alter your energy use now impact passives properly.
  • Intense Training now functions as stated on the +rpinfo.
  • The odds of getting two puzzles in a row are now drastically reduced.
  • The Promethean Studies Labs (the guys who want gryphon ass all the time) will stop asking for things marked noreward.


  • Charismatic merit coded.
  • Oh crap, item overhauls in process.
    • You can now remove unwanted modifiers from items by talking to an old soldier (he will be standing about somewhere) CAUTION: This process is unreversible.
    • New command: craftmod. Will let people craft 'modifiers' that can then be useed and applied to existing items (the skill for 'crafting' this will take the mean of the skills of the items crafter, or the modifiers crafter, or just use the player doing the work, if theirs is higher.)
    • Items with distills on them cannot be modified.
    • More stuff is coming!




  • Help file for RP etiquette added.
  • When confused, a heal now only has a (magnitude)/100% chance to turn into damage against your party.
  • New commands, sa train and sa train list added FOR SEKRIT NEW STUFF!
    • sa is no longer an alias for say.


  • Help file for roleplay-related commands added.
  • You can now pour as much mako into research as you want.
    • Please keep in mind that you cannot proceed the research past either the money or materials percentage.
  • Looks like we finally figured out what that Alaskan transmission was all about. Commies! Enemies everywhere!


  • Illusion Nanomagic has been revised, making it a little harder to mimic detailed illusions.
  • wpot command added. Acts like the pot command, only involves wombs. If you use it from the outside of one, and have a Womb for Rent, it shows what's been going on inside. If you are inside of one, it lets you know what's been going on in the world outside.


  • Horny agents will no longer rub phantom dicks.
  • Tomatoes are no longer counted when you +finger a staffer. You can still thrown them if you really want, but it's now even more meaningless than it was. :D
  • Help file updates for combat status and cookies (removing the references to tomatoes), while a new help file for chat-titles has been written.
  • Metamorphosis has been set to NoAoE. It probably should have been set like that the whole time.


  • When contributing to a mako pool started on your own behalf, you will now receive fewer supporter points. This is to discourage people from opening pools just to fill them for free supporter points.
  • Okay, NOW you will no longer be shunted to the idle room.
    • You will, however, be set IDL if you fail to do anything for 60 minutes.


  • You can no longer go to JDG (Judge) status when not actually a judge.
  • Helpfiles added for in-character status and buffclearing.
  • Incidentally, you can only use buffclear on things that are listed as a buff in their +rpinfo.
  • Clydesdale Stud added to Were Equine patterns.


  • You can now, when using a boss vial, elect to have it compressed into a generic vial. This will strip it of its proper name and infection, round its level to the nearest 5, and allow you to stack it with others of its kind.
    • Upside: Many more boss vials in far less space. Rounding may work in your favor for leveling purposes.
    • Downside: With no actual infection, it cannot be used for upgrading a power to epic.
  • You can now daily restart (area) to restart your daily to match up with your teammates.
  • You are no longer shunted to the idle room when idle. Take that, grues! Not sure the update was misinterpreted. More later.


  • The skill requirement for the Pregnancy Broadcaster global research has been stealthily lowered from 3/3 Computers/Medicine to 2/2.