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  • The Perk Room +jnote example now "Displays" the perks you own, instead of "Displacing" them.
    • this was the fault of a silly, but amusing mispelling in the menu.
  • Fluffy Kitten Girl should now use the feline avatar.
  • A bunch of birds now have an avian head.
    • In clearly unrelated news, fixed some up with the 'beaked' flag.
  • You can now type sapuzzle to get a recap of a puzzle in progress.


  • Attempting to apply a modification with no modifiers will warn you about it instead of just crashing.
  • Dropped craftmods will now list, in their name, what tier they are.
  • When combat ends due to any reason apart from a code recompile, combat should report the fight complete properly.
  • Feral Mode players should have Durability 4 and Health 4 at level 60. No one knows if this works yet.
  • While ovulating, pregnant women also smell 'amazingly fertile'
    • Males, herms and neuters will too.
      • Herms make sense. But why would males and neuters ovulate much less have such a scent?
  • Functionality of underwear enhanced. If given a custom description, that custom description will appear on you, with the phrase of '(pronoun) is wearing (custom description).'
  • Anti Nanomagic now gives the "totalchangeimmunity" status, preventing infections while on.
  • Surge of Vengeance and Rebirth both now gives wounds to the user.


  • Soldier job adjusted with the other jobs's rewards.
  • Psychologist Job fixed and upgraded a bit.
  • Hunter Job (Surival) added to Eureka's Eastern Gate.
  • PBRD's effect on offline pregnancy now calculated in +pregtime if you have one.
  • PBRD is now calulcated in all fields of +pregtime.
  • Pregnancy time accelerated while RPing, calcualting added to +pregtime.
  • If Nuku did his math right, all future pregnancies will be capped at 9 months time, assuming a pregnant player falls offline and doesn't come back.
  • You are no longer spammed about 0 quantity salvage results from RPing.


  • Time birthday made more user friendly.
  • New merit: Selective Reality.
  • You can now activate map view in editplayer, option 24.


  • When doing social actions in game, you are now informed of how many patrol points are regained while doing it.
  • Children have lowered Loadout requirements(from 25 to 20)
  • Upkeep for children lowered(from 5 to 4). Overall cost to equip lowered by 20%.
  • Feral Mode characters now have 20 loadout, instead of 10. Twice the loadout to stretch into!
  • Edible Nanomagic now has a power.
  • Pregnancy time reduced significantly(from 216 to 144 days)
  • Matriarch merit added and coded.


  • Combat tweaked. Should (hopefully) fix the haste issue and a few minor slowdowns in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where adding craftmods to salvage sources wasn't increasing the 'oomph' of the resulting site's source.
  • New global research: Power the Pregnancy Tower.
  • Having a PBRD (Pregnancy Broadcast Research Device) will now have an ongoing passive effect based on the influence level of the power the tower research.
    • This is in addition to the burst had when people use +mako/pregcast.
  • MSPA infection removed from the database.
    • It was retired by its creator.
      • Meaning you can't find vials for it nor find it in the wild.
        • It is still available to those that already own the form. MSPA is now gone-gone.
  • Ashen have chosen a new name for themselves, as they rise towards civility.
    • They are now collectively called the Ember, and the Renders now call themselves Warriors.
      • Note that you will have to re-master the "new" Ember forms.
  • All room descs with Ashen have been updated (read: fixed).
  • Level 1 and 2 actions for Engineer added.
  • Farmer job buffed and level 1 and 2 actions added.


  • Fixed link on web site to no longer have an errant /w
  • Pets that have equipment (clone pets) now get all the benefits of such equipment and can use it according to the AI set.
  • Social actions now prompt with the command to do an action with mako, instead of a yes/no prompt. (sa actionhere mako)
  • +totalkills all now lists your total at the bottom.
  • Click on game on the page, there's a new option waiting for you, story mode.
  • The Ragnarok Beast has caught up with the masses and is upgraded to present a new challenge.
  • Two new nanomagics, edible nanomagic and clothing nanomagic!
  • New global research: Soldier Interrogation
  • When doing the mastermind puzzle, spaces at the start or end are now ignored.
  • Debug added to ATB that says when it's someone's turn in ATB tick time.
    • Debug is now removed.
  • New item, Outpost Equipment: Relocation, allows you to get your existing realestate moved.
  • Fixed bug that was causing some Invalid Turn Goers.
  • Pregnancy timer temporarily set to 14 days until it can be troubleshooted (it was setting pregnancy timers to 216 days).


  • New player-crafted avatar accessory: the ceremonial black dagger.
    • Costs 2 Mako to purchase. Account-wide purchase.
  • 'inherent' statuses will no longer get applied to powers/items that have 'dispersing' in their target list.
  • Automated Weapon recipe buffed significantly.
  • The latex factory is now web accessible, which also means you can do dailies there.
  • New merit: Resourceful
  • If you have enough xp to level, you will not get an xp reward out of +reward.
  • Don't want to RP? There's a new RP flag just for you!
  • Big update! You can now RP in the wild for salvage.
    • Any place that has mineral abundance(type mine) counts as a source!
      • What you get out of it depends on what the area has, and how abundant it is.
  • Fixed a typo in the Shopkeeper job. Now the experience is set for the right job.
  • Librarian job fixed and working with the History skill.
  • Modified players can now see what craftmod Bonus is on them when typing eq.
  • Players not involved with a fight (in a different party) will not get 'locked in' to the currant combat.


  • Influence salvage should start to show up.
  • The ocean is now a source of chemicals, getting richer as you go further down.
    • The floor even has wrecks worth salvaging for mechanical resources.
  • Influence salvage fixed to count in-game battles.
  • Two badges added for influence related salvage gains.


  • Repeat Attacks should fire their repeats just a tiny bit faster, resulting in more even spread of their firings.
  • Haste/Charge status now makes repeat attacks tick faster
    • Soft capped at 30% off, hard capped at 40% normal time to tick.
  • Renew condition now works no matter if the target is self, ally or enemy.
  • 'Renew Target' AI added.
    • This will select a random target for you that does NOT have an effect on them from your selected power/item.
  • +account now also works as a synonym for +register for players.
  • Level 1 and 2 actions for the Guard job added.
  • Lawyer job added to Eureka's Town Hall.
  • Mining has greatly expanded due to research. Type mine to find places that have abundant resources.
    • You may then expend social favor to invest in the area, on top of mining the place.
      • See help influence.
  • Social favor invested in a place with abundant materials will yield that material as other people adventure there.
  • Result set on global research subject "Resource Location".
  • Social actions that cost money to perform will now correctly check to see you have enough money to do them.


  • +prove judge will now return a 1 (meaning the player is a judge) or 0 (meaning the player isn't)
  • help director/rewards updated.
    • Judges are asked to check the adjustments made to the rules.
  • The XP gained when exploring new rooms has increased dramatically.
    • The XP will get higher as you explore more and more."
  • 2 new badges for exploring have been made.
  • Room calculation changed.
    • Exploration rate now runs based on a percentage of the total grid explored, rather than arbitary numbers.
      • When you explore a new room, you will be told how much of the game you've explored.
  • "List powers" is fixed.


  • Only Prime Boss battles give token rewards now.
  • Busty Labrador now uses the canine avatar.
  • Loan Shark job (intimidation) added to Eureka's Back Alley.
  • The line break code (%r) is now fixed and usable in logged scenes again.


  • The duration on the spatial recalculator has been extended.
  • Subscriptions from paypal now persist 6 hours longer
    • This is to avoid subscription dead zones for subscribed people.
  • XP gained by RPing has been increased.
  • When mastering a power, its XP cost can now never be more than half the XP you need to level.
  • When below level 30, you will automatically advance in a level if your XP is 1.5x (or greater) than the amount needed to level.
    • If you do not have enough money, it will instead check if you have enough XP to convert to cash and adjust accordingly.
      • It will do this over continually until your XP is down below 1.5x OR you are lvl 30 OR you just can't afford it (with the xp->cash conversion).
        • If you are still over cap, it will spend the remaining XP into cash until you are at 1.6x the XP needed to level.
  • Street Lord and Thief jobs added to Eureka's Back Alley.
    • Beware, these jobs are influenced by the local Security.
  • +rooms are now accessible to to level 1 judges.
  • For the near opening, Clairmont's hotel offers a renting room to the pioneers.
  • Busty Labrador, is available as a holiday form in the mako store.
  • Monster Maker page added to the Wiki.
    • Should provide some helpful insight into the process of monster creation and help those new to monster making in having their ideas brought to life.
  • Only Prime Bosses give token rewards.


  • Notice about things expiring when setting tax rate or crafting through commission removed.
  • +census command has been re-enabled.
    • However, "+census Forms" will take several hours to finish updating its cache.
  • Converters have been added to the token store. 5 tokens each.
    • As a result of them becoming more commonplace, the Mako shop has reduced their price to 1 Mako each.
  • Doctor Browning has constructed an apparatus in RSX's Secure Lab that is rumored to be able to cleanse humans of their infections and make them pure once again. The only noted side effect is a loss of memory.
    • Use of the machine makes you lose one level.
    • Players with the UIR perk cannot use the machine.
    • Rage follows on Pubchat. This machine contradicts established lore and canon ("there's no such thing as a "pure" human.")
  • Level 2 action for the Cow Girl job added. Plus an extra one if you have a trained Chock Milk power.
  • Worker Level 0 action adjusted. Added Level 1 and Level 2 actions added.
  • Eureka's city stats are correctly capped at 100 now
    • Raising the cap will be available as city upgrades.
  • Trader Job added to Eureka's landing spot.
  • Teacher and Librarian jobs (academics) added to Eureka's School.
  • The price of the husky pill in the elite store lowered to 2 mako.
  • When you defeat a monster, it should, in theory, use its original name in the defeat message.


  • "Help RP/RP-logging" created.
  • Combat Energizer added to the mall for Botmode users.
  • Research topic "Packmind Tactics" is available.
  • Feral mode characters can no longer purchase professions from the web.
  • New reward option: gain half your potential rested XP. Not considered high octane.
  • The Nanite Hypo reward is retired.
  • You no longer gain +rest xp if already at 75% or greater capacity.
  • A huge error in floating point spending for premium currency was found and fixed.
  • New Mako Pool: Upgraded Pets.
  • MSPA Series 6 is retired as a monster.
  • Self Powered recipe modifier added to token shop.
  • In celebration of Mother's Day, a new form has been released: Siphospes. Whatever that is. Its in the Mako Store!
  • Liberty Leopard available in the elite shop (popular demand).


  • New avatar accessory created: brown spiked collar.
  • The northern domicile of New Dawn now allows players to rent rooms.
  • The way players file +requests changed. Now they are shown a preview of their +request asked to confirm if they want to post it.
  • Butthurt command added to find out how many times you have been picked on by fish.
  • When staff use +account, if they have notes on their account it warns them in the listing
  • Judge levels are now account based and have been totaled all of Nuku's games."
  • Players who have the judge accounts can now type either "+pj #on" to enable Judge mode or "+pj #off" to turn it off.
    • This lets you keep your alts a bit more anonymous.
  • Udderizer Mako item is created.
  • Some social actions now require builder nanites. This comes on the heels of new code allowing social actions to use them.
  • "+help alts" updated.
  • Accessories are now sorted alphabetically.
  • +help alts has been updated."
  • Social Paragon Merit is created.


  • Social actions can no longer push the player into negative cash.
  • Help files for birthdays, loadout, equipment, and upkeep all updated/created.
  • Display bug in infectious womb fixed.
  • You should no longer be able to transform UIR agents.
  • +census has been disabled for now
  • Fixed bug in tag editor (for hate/dislike tags)
  • As project pools finish, a request is now auto-generated for them.


  • Nanite Vaporizer added to the elite store, enjoy!"
  • In game puzzles tell you, now, how much xp you have gained and in what jobs
  • in game puzzles now use the rested xp system
  • The display of xp gained from social actions edited to make rested xp's contribution more clear.
  • +account shows the proper account level again.
  • The 'Inorganic' and 'Candy' flags have been added to existing forms for their flag listings. If any forms that should be otherwise are not made so, please drop a request or page Glitch.
  • Rested XP takes a 10 minute break from building up after you use it (since you are not resting).
  • Social actions now employ rested XP.
  • Low Ranked AI target should now be usable from web site.
  • There is now a command, wound, that allows you to get rid of all your wounds for one half a mako.
  • If you pay premium currency to do a social action, you are NOT charged patrol points in addition.
  • Withering Kiss now functions.
  • If you try to do a social action while out of patrol points, you are now offered a small mako fee to do it anyway.
  • New command, jobs, admire your jobs, xp, and their levels.
  • +birthdays more accurate.
  • Several of the chandler hospital NPCs have chilled out over time. The gate guard remains a complete jerk.
  • With the feline presence in the Mall Rat's mall, a new bar has opened, The Scratching Post.
  • The defeated should no longer be wandering freely.
  • research command no longer shows crazy precision in your available favor.
  • When performing social actions, you are now informed of what job gets jobxp, and how much it got.
  • Droprange should be less spammy.
  • Rest XP now shows up in +xp.
  • New research entered, but not yet available (requires another topic be completed).
  • Project pools now work properly again.
  • Added more caching to reduce SQL hits.
  • Talakai males now use the same breeding timer as everyone else.
    • However, they get 10 breedings which they can do all at once or space them out across the hour.
  • Exploit in pools fixed
  • Spending premium currency in pools now generates a log entry.
  • Miner job tweaked a bit.
  • RP XP is now boosted by Rest XP just like monster killin'.
  • The rate at which rested xp refreshes is now based on your sub level (higher subs refresh faster).


  • Rested XP can no longer be negative.
    • Rested XP should no longer cause spam while web fighting either.
  • Tremendous lag, fixed!
  • Fixed the rested xp to not require that you be wounded(wha?) to get rested xp.
  • Your Rested XP should now display on the page with the rest of your XP.
  • If you have any subscription level at all above base, you now receive 'rested' xp. Rested XP is expended as you earn xp in battle, doubling it and burning itself out. If you've ever played any MMO that has a rested mechanic, you know how it works.
  • AI: Low Ranked added to the game
  • Fixed side-based targeting of offensive equipment


  • Doing in game puzzles for social actions will now actually award xp and cash as it should.
  • Three new accessories, drawn by hand by a player, now available for avatar customization in the avatar editor for 2 apop.
  • Fixed bug with daily mission completion


  • Talakai males now have a 5 minute cooldown(vs 60 minutes for default) rather than 0 cooldown, to prevent theories of cum hoses and infinite mass production.
  • Offering mako royalties for accessory art! for details
  • Judges of level 3+ can now +pj #boot name to send a player to their home location. Use responsibly please.
  • Engineer first action added to the Eureka's factory


  • Today is a breastacular day! A new, player copyrighted, item, the Breast Magnifier! For 5 mako, your breasts will all be the same perfect size.
  • New mako item. For 5 mako, the Breast Consolidator will reduce all breasts past the first pair to nipples.
  • If your breasts become small enough to be just nipples, the desc will be condensed more logically, instead of 'row 4 is nipples, row 5 is nipples, row 6...'
  • Blue Collar and Puzzler Hat are now added to the new, much improved, avatar accessory store, and removed from the generic store. Both are still only 1 mako.
  • Staff Pet Fauna sultrily growls, In light of recent developments, help Craftmod, help mission and help prime specimen given a slight buff.
  • Surge of Vengeance damage updated so monsters should properly regain full HP when using.
  • New accessory, tactical vest, now available for only 2 mako on the avatar edit page.
    • One good vest deserves another!
  • The accessory list in the avatar editor is now much cleaner, showing the name of avatars instead of their file name.
  • A nice black dress can be yours for all your characters for just 3 mako.
  • New perk, Lay Master. Works kind of like a permanent monotreme activator but only lets you carry one egg (monotreme activator will unlock the full 10 eggs)
  • +pjvote can now be given as often as you want, but only once to a given judge per 2 days. If two different judges run scenes for you within the same day or two, no problem, you can reward both!


  • Job training (sa train) should now attempt full matches before partial matches.
  • You can now purchase avatar accessories directly from the page on the avatar edit. Preview, adjust, resize, admire, then grab for a few premium points. Accessories purchased are purchased by -account- so all of your characters gain access to any you obtain. Copyright holders rejoice, for the code is already in place to get you a cut of the action when others partake of your accessory.


  • New template added, Rabbid
  • The rate at which cred required scales past 50 has been lowered.
  • New +pj option, #token, which gives out reward tokens! Enjoy.
  • Training tokens now function when using ingame train command.
  • Training tokens now function when levelling up via 'level up' button on right sidebar of the page.
  • All lost Job XP is now recovered, enjoy!
  • Bug fixed that caused jobxp to not accrue.
  • Front Row now grants 1/2 a point of Damage when entirely solo.
  • There is now a minimum on the difficulty ratio in how it affects your xp bonus, preventing you from getting no, or even negative, xp for a daily.
  • Modified players who use an Modification that has Bonus stat will gain that stat themselves.
  • Pets spawned from items with a Bonus stat (from craftmods) will now gain that feature.
  • Tier 6 builder vials should now drop as 'blinding'
  • Overflow bug with train cred fixed
  • Research Petition for Truth -- Result is entered.
    • Updated with a global effect for completion.

Cannot fetch updates earlier than April 6th.