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Major Factions/Groups

Zephyr Inc

Zephyr, in partnership with RSX, was one of the companies involved in the creation of the Promethean Nanites. Zephyr is headquartered in Fairhaven, California, and is no longer in operational partnership with RSX. They were a civilian corporation, and focused the nanite production for industrial/consumer purposes.

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RSX, in partnership with Zephyr, was one of the two corporations involved in the creation of the Promethean Nanites. They are headquartered in Woodfield, Washington State, and are currently no longer in partnership with Zephyr. The primary thing that RSX was known for previously to the advent of the nanites was military weapons and technology contracts.

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The Prometheans are the result of some mutants holding to their sanity despite the mental rewiring of the Prometheus virus. This can happen for a variety of reason. Sheer willpower, simple mild defects in the brain causing a failure in pattern matching, and perhaps a dash of luck. The Prometheans seperate themselves from other 'mutant societies' by not being limited to a specific species or location. However, many have congregated northwest of Fairhaven, California, creating their own Haven. They abide by a set of moralities and a communal goal that binds them. The Prometheans have a leader, a charasmatic female mutant that leads with motivational speeches and firm tactical acumen.

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Other Factions/Groups


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